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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Wife has Suffer interrogation techniques “unauthorized” to CIA Operatives and lives to tell about it

I love a good cigar, right or wrong, and probably over the last 17 plus years of marriage I might have happened to blow smoke in her face while talking to her…..lucky she’s no terrorist and I’m not a CIA operative otherwise it would be an “unauthorized” interrogation technique…..YIKES! I'm glad we’re happily married since I wouldn’t want that coming out in divorce proceedings. According to the 9-11 commission report, Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri, the man behind the U.S.S. Cole attack in 200 (that killed 17 U.S. sailors) described what the report (this is also in CIA Inspector General’s report) as “unauthorized” interrogation including blowing smoke in his eyes from……wait for it……CIGARS!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaah, not the slow death of second hand smoke which has been proven time and again as a wives tale. I will admit some of the things they did were rough but where do we draw the line when inrrogating terrorists to get information that may porevent another U.S.S Cole or 9_11.. Per CSNNews:

CIA officers blew smoke in Nashiri's face, according to the report, and they used cigars…..The IG's office described this smoke-blowing as one of several "unauthorized or undocumented techniques" it discovered had been used in isolated incidents by CIA employees interrogating high-level al-Qaida terrorists….."An Agency (redacted phrase) interrogator admitted that, in December 2002, he and another (redacted phrase) smoked cigars and blew cigar smoke in al-Nashiri's face during the interrogation," said the IG report….The IG, however, was unable to clearly establish that the smoke-blowing was intended to force Nashiri to cough up what he knew about al-Qaida's plans…."The interrogator claimed they did this to 'cover the stench' in the room and to help keep the interrogators alert late at night," said the IG report. "This interrogator said he would not do this again based on 'perceived criticism.' Another agency interrogator admitted that he also smoked cigars during two sessions with al-Nashiri to mask the stench in the room. He claimed he did not deliberately force smoke into al-Nashiri's face." The interrogators learned their lesson: Don't blow smoke at terrorists. ….Other reported instances in which CIA interrogators used unauthorized techniques did not merit a separate IG investigation, according to the report. "These included the making of threats, blowing cigar smoke, employing certain stress positions, the use of a stiff brush on a detainee and stepping on a detainee's ankle shackles," said the report. "For all of the instances, the allegations were disputed or too ambiguous to reach any authoritative determination regarding the facts."…..But CIA interrogations of detainees, according to the report, did uncover plots against the U.S., including plans to "loosen spikes in an attempt to derail a train," "blow up several gas stations to create panic and havoc," "hijack and fly an airplane into the tallest building in California in a west coast (sic) version of the World Trade Center attack" and "cut the lines of suspension bridges in New York in an effort to make them collapse."…..In the eight years since Sept. 11, 2001, al-Qaida has not managed to strike America again. As a reward for the CIA's part in this success, President Obama has now stripped the agency of its lead role in questioning terrorists and Attorney General Eric Holder has named a special prosecutor to investigate its interrogation practices.

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Max said...

The CIA brings us nothing but shame.