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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making mealtime prayer Illegal and the 1st Amendment

A misnomer of the separation of church and state is that this ideal prevents Christians, Muslims, and Jews etc from prayer in government sponsored institutions (e.g. schools, government offices.) What the principle of separation of church and state states is that the government should be prevented from endorsing or sponsoring a particular religious belief or sect of religion (i.e. the Church of England during our Revolution) over another one. It was put in place to foster discussion between sects of religions and between various religious beliefs; it was never meant to stifle religious expression as dictated in the 1st Amendment…in a nutshell separation of church and state was put into affect to protect religion from the government not the other way around….. The ACLU recently went after Santa Rosa County, Florida, school Principal Frank Lay and Athletic
Director Robert Freeman for a prayer over a meal at an appreciation luncheon with booster club members and other adults. The case against the Principal and A.D. stems from an ACLU lawsuit filed last year against Santa Rosa County schools where a federal judge ruled to a broad court order that banned any prayer or religious activities by school employees before, during or after school….which is unconstitutional, please refer to the 1st Amendment……… and without hearing any legal argument, U.S. District Court Judge Casey Rodgers initiated criminal contempt proceedings and referred the case to the U.S. Attorney's office…yes that’s right the principal and the A.D. could got to jail for praying over a meal….the funny thing is in San Francisco , the school district is allowing Muslim students time to observe their prayer right (which they do several times a day) in a room set up for just this practice… this separation of church and state or Christianity and State? In a free society we need to be tolerant of all beliefs, creeds, colors and the like but this shouldn’t mean that the public expression of those ideal should be suppressed for the sake of political correctness or not offending those that believe to the contrary of the views expressed. I tolerate everything (and listen to it all trust me), accept less than I tolerate and believe what my heart, mind and soul leads me too. If I have to tolerate you then you have to tolerate me…that’s how it works in a supposed free society…..we’re not free if we hide our beliefs and only take them out when we’re alone or with like minded people we feel safe with…..We may not WANT to hear opposing views and beliefs but we must, at the very least, let those beliefs be heard hence we all loose our right to express our own views and beliefs……it's a two sided coin we always should be mindful of.

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