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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I agee with Jon Stewart???? Hahahahahahahaa now That is Funny

Yes, I find Jon Stewart funny, rarely agree but find him hilarious. I think the below excerpts from his last show tells us a lot of why the Obama administration seems destined to implode if it doesn’t, at the very least, slow the pace down of what they think needs to be done. The Obama campaign was built on trying to be all things to all people (from blue dog DEMS to ultra left crazies) and now all these groups want their pay back and they want it now…..there’s just one problem most of these groups can’t find a common path for which to travel, let alone those of us of a conservative bent. Health Care is becoming the boondoggle of all boondoggles because of the vagueness (yes I’m starting to sound like a broken record) and that it goes too far for some and yet not far enough for other’s leaving everyone pissy at the one guy that seems need our love and acceotance (by the fact that if is unable to say no if it effects his pol numbers), President Obama. Stewart has one thing right in his little tirade that I agree with wholeheartedly…..this administration looks more and more undisciplined and overwhelmed…... I also don’t think they could sell insulation to an Eskimo :)…From Mike Allen's POLITICO Playbook

JON STEWART opened 'The Daily Show' by playing a clip of the president saying, 'the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it.' Stewart feigns surprise: 'Wait a second! What did you just say?! ... No public option? ... Did you just drop public option? ... Mr. President, I CAN'T TELL IF YOU'RE A JEDI -- 10 STEPS AHEAD OF EVERYTHING -- OR IF THIS WHOLE HEALTH-CARE THING IS KICKIN' YOUR ASS JUST A LITTLE BIT. Why is this so hard? Why can't you guys just stay on message? Remember the Bush team? Little bit of discipline, little bit of repetition. They sold us a WAR nobody wanted and nobody needed. [Clips of President Bush, Secretary Powell, Condi Rice, Secretary Rumsfeld, Vice President Cheney, Mrs. Bush all echoing each others' language in the run-up to Iraq.] Salesmanship! THOSE GUYS could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. The Democrats, I don't even think could sell Eskimos BEEP they need -- insulation, heating apparatus. ... Yes, we can! [pause] Unless you don't think we should!

More proof that the press, at least, is getting tired of the undisciplined Obama admin:
ED SCHULTZ, front-row regular at White House press conferences, opening his MSNBC show: '[T]he White House, I think, is dazed and confused ... They don't know what page they're on. I mean, they don't have a playbook. You can't go over to the White House and say, can we have your plan for health care, and boom, there's a 200-pager right there. They don't have that. Now, what they have is a bunch of bullet points and a bunch of ideas, but the bottom line here is that the president I think needs to be more direct and start doing some arm-twisting with some folks that aren't listening to him.'

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