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Thursday, August 13, 2009

H.R, 3200 Health Care Reform Act

Have almost completed reading the entire House health care bill H.R.3200 (on page 1012 of the total 1018 pages) many representatives, that are ACTUALLY paid to be in the House, can say the same.... :) The biggest problem is actually the bill itself (let’s leave the idea of socialized medicine on table for a sec and discuss what the text of H.R. 3200 actually states.) This bill is bad because it tries to give everything to everybody and thus reads very vague. There are many sections in this bill that could be, and have been, interpreted numerous ways depending on the person reading it and this is what seems to be causing (and should cause) the unrest…….If you trust government to give you what you don’t have, you infer one thing, if you have issues in letting government have power over your decisions you’ll definitely read it another….this problem has marred Medicare and Medicaid since they were passed(read those bills when you have a chance.) I really don’t want a government bureaucrat interpreting a provision in this bill with my wife, mom, sister, niece’s health in the balance……this is just a bad bill…… we can debate the need for reform but House Bill 3200 is not the bill to start those discussion…throw it out and let’s get the American people involved in the process and create something we can all be proud of and that meets the needs of those that need help.

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webfeet said...

Bill, I am a citizen that decided to try to read this bill to find out if all of the rumours that are flying around (both left & right) are true. I need to find the part that says the age will determine if you get coverage as stated on the right wing media. My father says it isn't true, but I keep wondering where the info is coming from. Being that this bill is 1017 pages long, would you help me?