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Friday, April 17, 2009

Rusty McGuire's fundraising beats opponents in 55th District GOP nomination contest

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Rusty McGuire Fundraising Outpaces Opponents in 55th District

- McGuire has 3x more donors and an advantage in fundraising -

- Closest Opponent Shows 48% of campaign war chest is loans -

Mechanicsville, VA- Rusty McGuire, the only prosecutor and Iraq War veteran in the Republican primary for the 55th House of Delegates seat, announced today that his campaign had raised more money and had three times as many donors as both of his opponents.

“We made a decision early on to run a grassroots, issues based campaign,” said Rusty McGuire. “We are truly excited by the amount of support we have received from across Hanover.”

McGuire out-raised both of his opponents for the first quarter of 2009 with $27,571 from 154 donors. In contrast to McGuire, his opponents had 47 and 43 donors apiece. McGuire’s closest opponent in fundraising also reported that 48% of his campaign war chest is a loan from himself.

“The strength of a campaign can be seen in yard signs, volunteers, hard work and, yes, fundraising,” said McGuire campaign manager Adam Ward. “By every single one of these standards we are finding support throughout the district and outpacing our opponents to win in June.”

Below is a breakdown of the fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2009:


$13,782 39 donors over $100
$7,204 107 donors under $100
$6,405 5 in kind over $100
$180 3 in kind under $100

$27,571 total donated

$5,200 personal loan to campaign


$25,900 33 donors over $100
$1,100 14 donors under $100
$0 in kind over $100
$0 in kind under $100
$2 Miscellaneous Receipts

$27,002 total donated

$25,000 personal loan to campaign


$3,560 9 donors over $100
$1,100 18 donors under $100
$9,051 11 in kind over $100
$216 5 in kind under $100

$13,927 total donated

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