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Sunday, April 12, 2009

President Obama kills the Captain Crunch Pirates

Posted by MAXIMUS

This is the international incident that Vice President Joe Biden promised us last year on the campaign trail. Nobody believed smokin' Joe--we couldn't see this day coming. The international community is testing our President! Somkin' Joe was right all along.

The vicious Captain Crunch Pirates of Somalia tested the will of President Obama and lost (thanks to the Navy Seals). Four or five days into the incident, President Obama acted decisively and ordered the execution of the Captain Crunch Pirates! Great first step in an international incident! This proves the Obama Administration didn't act on Contingency Plan "A" from his friends at the ACLU---to swap the captive Skipper for a gallon of milk, a bowl, and four spoons. Aye Matie!

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Mark B said...

Short memory. April 2001. EP3E-II Reconnaisamce plane skirts Chinese airspace. Bumps and downs chinese jet shadowing it.

Painful, confusing, slow, embarrasing international incident unfolds. White House is mute, rudderless. No good answers in the face of Chinese indignance. Radio silence, except for this: "Do the members of the crew have Bibles? Why don't they have Bibles? Can we get them Bibles? Would they like Bibles?" "Are they getting any exercise?" Impressive.

My viewing and listening has Limbaugh, Gingrich et al literally anticipating failure - licking their lips, rubbing their hands anticipation - for failure of Navy, Spec Ops, DoD, and especially Obama. Nicely done. A classic example of projection and a public relations disaster. Especially compared with Hainan, China, circa 2001. Outcome? George Bush sends China a letter of regret, they get to keep/examine our side-scan surveillance tech.

FFW to 2009, Obama gave SpecOps whatever timeframe they needed to plan and execute which they were doing as Newt and Co were trashing our "response." Captain Phillips is free and has a spotlight seat at the next state of the union. Are pirates the Chinese? No. So why play up what is one of hundreds of incidents like this in those waters as if it *were* some kind of global test of wills? FAIL.