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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Patrick Muldoon--The Inconsistent Conservative Candidate for Lt. Gov.

Posted by MAXIMUS

Patrick Muldoon's campaign is selectively inconsistent at worst and just plain old hypocritical at best. Who is Patrick Muldoon? The title of inconsistent conservative fits best. Why?
First, Muldoon attacks Bill Bolling over accepting Barr Pharmaceutical donations with this missive:

Muldoon Criticizes Bolling’s Funding Sources
For Immediate Release
January 15, 2009
Contact: 1-804-317-4997

Alexandria, VA - Patrick Muldoon today questioned donations accepted by his GOP opponent’s campaign.

“Bill Bolling has funded his political races, including this Lt. Governor’s race, with almost $40,000 from Barr Laboratories, the maker of the morning after abortion pill. He has also accepted $6,000 from manufacturer of Gardasil,” said Steve Waters, Muldoon’s spokesperson. Merck, the HPV vaccine’s manufacturer, donated heavily to Virginia legislators. In 2007, the General Assembly mandated that all Virginia school girls over the age of eleven receive the vaccine.

“Bolling continued to solicit funds from the Barr Labs even after the company’s involvement in the abortion industry drew controversy in the recent campaign’s of Jim Gilmore and George Allen,” said Waters. “Bolling raised even more funds from Merck for the National Republican Lt. Governor’s Association,” continued Waters. “The Republican Lt. Governor’s Association later made mandating Merck’s vaccine a legislative priority. Conservatives believe that health decisions for children should be made by caring parents. I suspect they will not look kindly on Bolling soliciting this money, Waters commented.”

“I was disappointed to learn of this questionable funding” said Muldoon. “I hope Lt. Governor Bolling will immediately return these funds and demonstrate his commitment to the basic GOP principles of limited government and the protection of innocent human life.”

Muldoon kicked off fund raising for his Lt Governor’s campaign after the 1st of January. “I have been greatly encouraged by the response I have received since beginning active fund raising,” said Muldoon. “I am even more heartened by the energetic response of grassroots activists to my campaign. It is apparent that Republicans across the Commonwealth are ready to wage a vigorous and victorious battle in our statewide races.”

Muldoon supporters had previously set up Muldoon Victory PAC to fund the effort to obtain ballot access for Muldoon at the Republican Convention. Muldoon’s PAC was largely self funded, and will report receipts of $26,620. “I refused to solicit funds from family, friends and activists until we successfully made it on the ballot for the convention” said Muldoon,” “We were very pleased to meet all RPV filing requirements,” continued Muldoon.

Muldoon surprised much of the party establishment by qualifying for the GOP nomination contest. “The state party had set unusually high filing requirements this year,” noted Waters.
“I strongly believe that the Republican Party needs a vigorous debate about the direction of this Commonwealth. In these difficult economic times, ordinary Virginians are cutting their budgets. We need to do the same. I fear a coronation by the Party elites will not lead to such a discussion,” said Muldoon.

Link here:

Okay, the above statement stands on its own. However, when given the opportunity to criticize former RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick for taking donations from Barr Pharmaceuticals, Patrick Muldoon takes a pass. Why the hypocrisy? For the last 3 and 1/2 years, Barr Pharmaceuticals has donated $400 to Jeff Frederick, Link here:

Muldoon says and does nothing on Frederick's acceptance of this money while castigating Bolling for it. However, Muldoon does manage to criticize the removal of Jeff Frederick from the position of RPV Chairman, to wit:

Muldoon Statement on RPV Leadership
For Immediate Release
Contact: 1-703-509-1730

Patrick Muldoon, candidate for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, said today: “The ham-handed way a relative few in the Republican Party have gone about their attempt to remove the chairman of the State Party has damaged the Party’s position and that of all of its candidates for public office this year. Without consulting the rank-and-file of the Party that elected Frederick to office less than a year ago, these few have presented charges that, to many Party members, appear to be a pretext. At a minimum, Frederick deserves an independent investigation to determine if the charges have substance. If the actual motivation is to replace Frederick with a moderate Republican who is more in agreement with the few who want to compromise the Party’s principles in the mistaken view that such a compromise will enhance the prospects for electoral success this fall, those who are behind this removal effort should make their case openly so that the issue can be determined where it should be — at the May 29-30 State Convention.”
link here:

This much is clear: Patrick Muldoon loves him some J-FRED even though Frederick accepts money from pro-abortion drug manufacturers. Concurrently, Patrick Muldoon just can't stand Bill Bolling for taking the same donations. Why the hypocrisy from Camp Muldoon? If Bolling is fit to be hogtied over accepting these contributions, then why not Frederick?

In this episode, Patrick Muldoon has proven himself to be an inconsistent conservative. How long until Patrick Muldoon dumps his support of Jeff Frederick for taking Barr Pharmaceutical money?


Anonymous said...

I don't care for Muldoon or JFRED, but your reasoning is childish.

What he said was that the process for removing JFred was done poorly. He didn't even say that JFred shouldn't have been removed.

I think your urgency to criticize Muldoon - for anything and everything you can imagine - undercuts your credibility.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Patrick is worth talking about. Truth is, Patrick Muldoon is not only a viable candidate, but would make an outstanding Lt. Governor. Patrick brings an excitement to the air in that he is energetic, enthusiastic, loves the Party, and loves this Commonwealth with all his heart. Hope more folks realize the good he can bring to the Party with his integrity and determination. Throw more money toward Patrick, It's a good investment.

Anonymous said...

So, nine years later and knowing what Bolling did during the 2013 gubernatorial campaign (and the difference between $40,000 and $400), are you still hating on Muldoon for hating on Bolling?