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Thursday, April 16, 2009

McDonnell beats McAuliffe at yesterday's Shad Planking

Posted by MAXIMUS

From Intel reports....

1. Bob McDonnell had lapel stickers on over 60% of the folks that actually attended the Shad Planking.

2. Terry McAuliffe had his staffers (on leave from their Unions) out intimidating folks from 10 pm on Tuesday night through to 4 am on Wednesday morning. McAuliffe had ten roving patrols of sedans and SUV's--each vehicle had three or four New Englanders riding inside. McAuliffe did not use Virginia talent for his sign deployment efforts in the wee hours of the morning of April 15, 2009. McAuliffe imports his staff like he imports his cheese. McAuliffe's sign folks had D.C. license plates, Massachusetts license plates, and Maryland license plates.

3. On private properties leading into the Shad Plank venue, McDonnell won the sign war hands down. Median strips don't vote, property owners do.

4. McAuliffe did win the sign war. However, McDonnell won the lapel sticker war. McDonnell had his lapel stickers on close to 60% of the folks who were inside of the Shad Planking. Signs don't vote, people do. Heck, John Bowerbank and Jody Wagner had more lapel stickers on attendees that Terry McAuliffe did. Delegate Brian Moran is beating McAuliffe in the polls right now for the Democratic nomination by two percentage points and Moran didn't even participate in the sign war at the Shad Planking.

5. Final Analysis: Gaging from the McAuliffe performance from yesterday, voters don't know McAuliffe and they don't want to get to know him.


FanGuy said...

So much about Virginia politics reminds me of a bad grade school election. This event is just another example. Amateur hour.

Alter of Freedom said...

I take exception with the previous comment in the context that the Shad Planking is a Virginia tradition. I am sure that there are many as we have repeatedly witnessed that would like to do away with all of Virginia's traditions, but this years was no less or more than any other Planking. The faces center stage change frequently, though the ones in the shadows or just off to the left or right never seem change but regardless I would hate to see it disappear like say tobacco, coal mines and god knows what else those on the far left have in store for stripping Virginia of its long standing traditions.