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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jeff Frederick "claims" his HOD office in Dumfries is also a Satellite Office for RPV

Posted by MAXIMUS

A picture says what 10,000 words cannot. If Jeff Frederick is making RPV pay for Office space that is co-located in the same building as his Legislative District Office in Dumfries, VA, why doesn't "RPV Satellite Office" or "RPV NOVA Office" appear on the Office Directory in said building? A picture says what 10,000 words cannot.

Jeff Frederick claims that it is okay for him to charge the Republican Party of Virginia ("RPV")rent for a *NOVA SATELLITE OFFICE* because RPV staff uses Frederick's legislative constituent service office space in Dumfries, VA. Let's look to Count 3 of the Bill of Particulars against Frederick for basis of removal and then let's look at Frederick's response.

Charge 3 (of 10) to remove Jeff Frederick:

Unauthorized expenditures of RPV funds for unbudgeted activities without either State Central Committee or Executive Committee consent.

Jeff Frederick's Response to Charge 3:

"While there is no specific allegation in this charge, it has been suggested by more than one Executive Committee member that the Chairman’s procurement of office space in Northern Virginia was a breach of his authority.The Chairman rented space at a rate of $600 per month for an office in Prince William County to serve as a Northern Virginia satellite office for RPV and for his legislative constituent service office. It was his intention to use the office space for himself for donor meetings and for other business to be conducted by RPV’s Northern Virginia Field Director and its Finance Director. For the period beginning 15 October 2008 and ending 15 June 2009, Friends of Jeff Frederick paid $2,400 for its portion of the office and RPV paid $2,400.00 for its portion. All payments were made directly to the landlord.The Party Plan grants the Chairman authority to operate the State Headquarters within the approved budgets for personnel, but makes no other restrictions on the Chairman’s ability to authorize expenditures."

Why is this *man of the grassroots* hiding the accessibility of RPV's supposed NOVA field office by not listing it on the building directory? Does RPV's NOVA field office truly exist?


Anonymous said...

J-Fraud's explanation doesn't hold any water at all. Why hasn't he disclosed exactly how many donor meetings he has held in the alleged RPV office, the names of the prospective donors, the dates the meetings were held, and the $$ results of those meetings? Why? Because it isnt an RPV office and he hasn't held any donor meetings there.

Why isnt RPV's name on the lobby directory? Because this is a J-Fraud office the rent for which he is skimming from the RPV treasury to save his personal campaign treasury a few dollars so he can give it as a gift to his wife. There are ethical ways of doing this, so why does J-Fraud choose the unethical and "conceal the facts" way? Because that is the way J-Fraud works. We NEED a hew chairman.

Anonymous said...

If they put RPV's name in the lobby, they would likely spell it VRP.

Loudoun Insider said...

Why can't this fool spell his own name correctly?

Nice photo, maximus, I was trying to find someone to get down there and get that. I'm going to post it at TC with a link. Unbelievable.