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Friday, April 3, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

From the comments section of Willie Deutsch's blog (Willie Deutsch is a Frederick Supporter) comes the below threat from Tim Boyer, a blogger from the 5th Congressional District, against State Central Committee Members who plan on voting Jeff Frederick out of office LINK HERE:

"TIM BOYER said...

The Party Plan does NOT allow for ANY meeting of ANY committee of RPV to be closed to the public (Article VII, section G.).As such, the accusers do not have the authority under the Party Plan to make any rules antithetical to rules already spoken to in the Plan.They are usurping the authority of the Plan to allow them to do their evil deeds under the cover of darkness.We should all be offended and angry that the usurpers actually dare tell us that we do not have the right, given to us in the Plan, to come see them attempt to deny us our right, given to us by the Plan, to elect our own leaders!!
We must make them all pay the ultimate price for this coup against us."
April 3, 2009 11:57 AM

There is a problem here. This has moved past civil discourse. We will not be intimidated by the Kool-Aid drinking supporters of Jim Jones....I mean Jeff Frederick. Unstable man, unstable situation at this point.


Lee Talley said...

I think we should have people from the local law enforcement there to remove anyone who becomes agitated or violent. This is disgusting. Personally I think it warrants his removal from the Party entirely

Loudoun Insider said...

Agreed. I emailed several Eexc. Com. members about this telling them to be prepared.

But you do know these fine individuals are fighting against this JIHAD against Jeff Frederick, don't you? (see TC for details)

Anonymous said...

Boyer has been unstable for quite some time. It is a shame his county was the one with one of the biggest drops in raw numbers last year in the Goode race. What kind of a vice chair is he anyway ?

Citizen Tom said...

You made a post out of comment that you clearly did not try to understand. What is the ultimate price? Has it occurred to any of you that the ultimate price for an elected official is to not be reelected?

No. Instead, we get BS attacking the man's reputation by suggesting he has "moved past civil discourse." Are you so determined to be heroes that you have to demonize your opponents?

ccMinimus said...

Who cares? It's Tim Boyer...nuff said

RPV Lover said...

I just want to correct Tucker's assertion that Campbell took one of the biggest drops for Virgil.
Here are the actual numbers:

2006- 60%
2008- 59%

2008- Campbell delivered the highest percentage vote total for Virgil of any locality in the district including Franklin and Halifax, Virgil and Tucker's counties respectively.

ccMAXIMUS said...

Citizen Tom:

There is no mention in Tim Boyer's comment about elected officials. The only ones mentioned in Boyer's statement are, "accusers" who were the ones presenting the case in the party. Again, unstable whackjob. And you? Go ahead and let Boyer babysit your kids.

Anonymous said...

Maximus, give us a break. If you read Tim's blog at all, you'll see it's political commentary recommending that frightful process known as representative democracy. He is so radical as to call for the election of candidates he supports and the defeat of those he opposes.

The "ultimate price" to any politician is to lose his seat. If you take Tim's sentence in the context of the rest of the article, let alone his numerous other postings, it's clear enough.

If what we're interested in is civil discourse and intelligent debate, you'll have to stop your own wild inflation of political disagreement into some sort of jihad. Can we all cool down and take a few deep breaths? The tenor of your comments only degrades your own credibility.

I recommend a cool shower.