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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

For the past several weeks, MULTIPLE SOURCES have relayed to me that a site called "RPV Network" has been working to energize support for Jeff Frederick in the coming bid to force his outster as RPV Chairman. That effort has resulted in a dismal failure and members leaving in disgust the network that was founded to build a solid grassroots communication community. The statement of purpose for the RPV Network is: " To let them (members) share information concerning events, campaigns and issues in order to build a stronger more unified party going into the future. O.P. Ditch, the founder, has made a mockery of that statement with his recent actions.

What the founders of the RPV Network are now doing is dividing the party and becoming little but a tool that shows how little real grassroots support Jeff Frederick has. Mr. Ditch has allowed a group on the RPV Network to form that calls themselves "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" and allowed inflammatory language to be used in the description of purpose for that group.

Mr. Ditch has allowed the group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to send out a mass email out to every member, that's each and every member of the RPV NETWORK. This action is unprecedented and something no other group on the RPV NETWORK has ever been given permission to do. The RPV NETWORK is allowing "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to recruit for the specific purpose of supporting FREDERICK.

When some other members of the RPV NETWORK felt there should be a group for the NON SUPPORTERS OF JEFF FREDERICK, Mr. Ditch, the creator of the RPV NETWORK, first allowed it and then suddenly deleted the group altogether. Mr. Ditch shut off the opportunity for people to make a visible choice using an official resource that is sanctioned by RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick.

That is what it is. However, something interesting was discovered in the process: the depth of lack of support for Jeff Frederick to remain as chairman of RPV is revealed by the sheer lack of "RPV NETWORK" members that have signed up NOT to support Frederick.

Frederick's supporters on the RPV Network have gotten fewer than 8% of RPV NETWORK members to actually sign up to ask for Jeff to stay in the position of Chairman.

The bullies running the site have cut off communication with anyone who does not support Jeff and are allowing those who do support him to hide behind a screen so no one can know who they are or if they really even exist. Who knows if they aren't inflating the numbers by adding unknown people. WHAT and WHY are they hiding ?

It is time for the group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to be cut off from any link to the RPV since this group is clearly not the grassroots group they profess in their pledge. The group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" should not be allowed to use the RPV logo nor be linked to from the official VA GOP site.


VASocialConservative said...

For the sake of accuracy the group has topped 10% of the network is the biggest group there, and was only started at 3:54 PM last Friday.

Freddie said...

The pro-Frederick group has a secret membership. For all we know, they could be sock puppets.

Lee Talley said...

No.... Midget Sock Puppets!!! with Lollypops!!!

Anonymous said...

Go look at the new members who have joined RPV network. It is clear that a number of the are not real names. Guess you have to make em up when you don't have them. That would be like what Frederick has done with everything else !

So what if it's 90-10- it is clearly the grassroots don't want Jeff

Support said...

I support Jeff but I say let the anti-Jeff forces who would rather fight our chairman than Democrats have their say. The charges against Jeff are weak at best and petty at the worst. I thought we had some risen stars in the RPV but what I'm seeing from our headlining politicians is embarrassing. This should not be happening and the person or persons who coordinated this campaign against Jeff because they did not feel respected should be removed. This is not the way you remove an elected chairman you disagree with. If only these same individuals were nearly as committed to defeating Democrats as they are their own chairman whose only offense appears to be that he didn't kiss their posteriors.