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Monday, March 16, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

For the most part, Bloggers in VA have a mutual respect for one another, however at times this notion can change on a dime. This concept generally extends from Conservative Bloggers amongst themselves to Liberal Bloggers amongst themselves to other blogs mixed in.

We all read each others smack. At times we comment on posts, at times we don't. Sometimes the comments are moderated, sometimes they are not. Sometimes Blog operators act like Palpatine and strangle contrary yet logical and respectul arguments against their Posts from appearing in the commentse section they actively "moderate." This is censorship. This is how Tim Boyer operates his Blog.

For all you who read this blog, I want you to know this: Tim Boyer has a blog up. What kind of blog is it? I'm not really sure. He doesn't appear to be a true conservative because he can't seem to find more than one conservative candidate that he'll support in all of Virginia in any given election cycle.

It's as if Boyer picks more than ONE candidate to support at any given time, he'll forget how to walk. Same story, different person--when provided with more than two simultaneous situations (or candidates to support), their brain simply isn't large enough to absorb it all so parts of it selectively shut down else it will blow up.

Tim Boyer has a post up critiquing the Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee for NOT allowing an "INDEPENDENT" investigation to be conducted into the charges against Jeff Frederick. Republicans, and Conservatives in particular, are disciples of the written word. Boyer is a complete unvarnished idiot for parroting this concept straight out of Jeff Frederick's talking points. Why?

The Plan of Organization (PO) for the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) only allows for the State Central Committee (SCC) itself to dispose of a Chairman with 3/4 vote of the members. Within the PO, there is no provision for an independent investigation to be conducted by anyone other than RPV.

Any strict constructionist of the RPV PO realizes that the purview of disposing of a Chairman rests strictly with the SCC itself. For Boyer to suggest otherwise reminds me of liberal federal judges who suddenly "read" or "fleetingly observe" certain rights in our own Constitution that aren't actually written in there. In his recent Post, Boyer is actually saying that an Independent Investigation should be conducted against RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. He is suggesting that the elected members of SCC abrogate their duties under the PO while yielding those duties to an unaccountable, unelected body. Apparently, Tim Boyer "sees" something written into the RPV POV that allows this action---even when no other strict constructionists of the RPV PO agree with his reading.

Tim Boyer is just like those liberal Federal Judges in that only he "sees" written procedures or remedies that seemingly authorize certain procedures in the RPV PO to deal with situations of his choosing when in fact these procedures or remedies aren't written into the RPV PO at all. That my friends defines a Liberal who is not living by the rule of law but rather wants to invent remedies not authorized under the RPV PO.

Welcome to the arena Tim Boyer. Hope you brought your B game cause I doubt you ever made an A in your life.

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Lee Talley said...

Wow Tim you must have a very large behind... because Tucker Watkins has been beating your ass for years but apparently there was plenty left over for Maximus to beat on too.

Tim and you other liberals like Bob Marshall... Have any of you read (or can you read for that matter) the party plan. Its a simple document that simple people can follow. Read it and get back to us adult conservatives who actually have some respect for the rule of law.