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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jody Wagner is delusional - One of the reasons I hate my name!

Since most of you that read here also read Virgnia Virtucon you have probably seen the raving and ranting of a mad woman, Jody Wagner. if you haven't take a look below:

Yes it looks, and sounds, like Ms. Wagner (I refused to type her first name any longer) directly contradicted her current Governor and fellow party crony “Big Daddy Kaine”. I would actually go as far as to say she proved him a liar based on “Big Daddy Kaine's” public statement that it wasn't Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling that worried “Big Daddy Kaine” but that fact that he took an oath and is a man of his word(he is a funny man, I'll give him that.) By actually letting us in on the REAL reason “Big Daddy Kaine” is still our governor, Ms. Wagner just stated something we all knew intuitively, having a great conservative like Bill Bolling as Governor of a pivotal state like Virgina scared the DEM party so much that they could ill afford “Big Daddy Kaine” leaving his post for the Obama administration. Bolling is such a force in the Republican Party and the conservative movement here in Virginia (and across the U.S.) that the DEMS fear that his leadership would show how inept “Big Daddy Kaine” has been as governor and that if given the chance to replace “Big Daddy Kaine” would actually be bringing the Virginia Deficit under control, as we speak, through the long term conservative principles that the Lt. Governor believes in and acts on and bringing our state back to prosperity...Ms. Wagner really needs to change her first name and make my life easier….either she’s lying or “Big Daddy Kaine” is lying and what ever way you cut it that means they know two things: 1. they have to use smear and fear tactics with Bolling because they know how successful he has been as Lt. Gov and Ms. Wagner doesn’t know what the heck is going on with her party, her Governor or how to speak intelligently and thus would make a terrible Lt. Governor on that along ..this is besides all the liberal crap and “foot –in-mouth” rhetoric she normally says and does. Ms. Wagner might have just sealed her fate as a candidate for Lt. Gov and they both better answer this question as to whom is telling the truth ...I have a feeling that compared with “Big Daddy Kaine”, Ms. Wagner may have to apologize and bow out of the race since I at least wouldn’t support a candidate that insinuated, either rightly or wrongly, that I lied to Virginia, the state I govern ...then again they are Liberal Democrats and lying (or changing the truth) is fastly becoming their M.O.

On a side note I request that if you like this blog please Boycott the use Ms. Wagner's first name out of respect for your merry little captain on this little tug boat of conservative ideals called The Contemporary Conservative....I can't stand bad Jodys'.

H/T Virginia Virtucon - Jody-wagner-returns-to-fantasyland-or-else-is-calling-gov-timmy-a-liar

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Fp1 said...

Why are you so negative? The only ranting and raving I see is your post above.