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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jeff Frederick, the Officious Charlatan of Virginia

Posted by MAXIMUS

The charges against RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick as damning. They finally unmask Frederick an Officious Charlatan whose adept at using his mousy hands to dip into the cookie jar of online donations made to RPV. Who are these donations from? The Conservative Virginia grassroots activists that believed in him. Instead of raising your taxes, Frederick has found another way to empty the wallets of donors (who also happen to be Virginia taxpayers). Link here for the charges:

Frederick intentionally sought to profit from the volunteer office of RPV Chairman. The charges indicated that Jeff Frederick took advantage of the very trust that the grassroots activists invested in him as they elected him Chairman of the Virginia GOP. Frederick states the charges are false? The gig is up.

Frederick was asked to go nicely and quietly. Virginia's Narcissistic Officious Charlatan has chosen a different path. So be it.


Anonymous said...

Not only did he take money, he did so while outright dishonest.

He was asked in a an RPV meeting by one of his friends and a major supporter for RPV if he had any conflicts of interest. He told him he did not and that that was one of the things he ran for chairman to eliminate.

Wonder why that man later quit his appointed position ? Could it have something to do with Jeff taking a huge cut out of his donation to RPV ? I don't know but it is clear that he was not happy at all when he resigned.

Walter is a solid, no nonsense,conservative. Could it be he was fed up with Jeff's not being truthful to him or anyone else ?

Anonymous said...

What a filthy liar.