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Monday, March 16, 2009

Conservative Delegates Kirk Cox, Sam Nixon, and Speaker Howell support removal of Jeff Frederick

Posted by MAXIMUS

In a letter dated March 13, 2009, House of Delegates Chief Whip Kirk Cox along with House Caucus Chairman Sam Nixon and Speaker of the House Bill Howell weighed in on the side of removing Jeff Frederick from the position of Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Bearing Drift broke the story here:

Here is the relevent clause:

"Recently, we have become aware of a grass-roots effort by many of you to remove the current party chairman. We agree with those advocating for a change in leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia."

See any names missing above? Let's just call it the Curious Case of House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith. Why so curious? Because after RPV evacuated itself of the eavesdropping drama, Morgan Griffith recently allowed Jeff Ryer to go on RPV payroll to help Jeff Frederick save his job as Party Chairman.

Who is Jeff Ryer? Here's a refresher segment from the WashPo:

"[Claudia Duck] Tucker, who had joined Matricardi and another legislative aide, Jeff Ryer, in listening to the second Democratic conference call, sought Wilkins's counsel after learning of the investigation [into the eavesdropping]." link here for the story:

Why is Griffith supporting Frederick when nobody else is? Why so Curious Morgan?

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