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Monday, March 23, 2009

BREAKING...New Frederick Video....Authentic Sequel to the Hitler Parody

Posted by MAXIMUS

No, I did not create the "Hitler" video that appeared here and elsewhere on Frederick a few months back, but I have authenticated the below sequal as being from THE original source.

I did not hat tip or reveal who gave me the original copy because I was threatened. The threat went something like this: if I revealed the identity of the source, a mean person would visit me late at night with the following surprises: an adult guniea pig writhing about inside of a thick winter sock; duct tape: zip ties; eight really bright halogen lamps; aqua fresh, and loud Kenny G *muzak* playing from a boom box while undignified things are done to me.

With that said, click on the below video link that IS Video Part Deux in L'affaire Frederick.....This video is authenticated by me as being created by the same person who created the Hitler/J-Fred Video. Called: "The Trial of Jeffrey M. Frederick"

H/T several people, but Rappahannock Red deserves Credit (please, no guniea pigs now right?):


Eric Martin said...

Delicately put! No h/t required for Red, I'm just the messenger... I wonder if your source as reliable as my source?

I have it on good authority that the two videos were not made by the same person(s), so now I'm curious if I got it second or third generation, or you did.

Not that it really matters- they're both fricken hysterical!

ccMAXIMUS said...

My source is a straight shooter, and I strongly suspect this person is your source as well.