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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

Big time Liberal Democratic Bloggers are falling over themselves to support and keep Jeff Frederick in office as RPV Chairman. Why? Read the Liberals declarations of love and support for Frederick below:

“In short: God bless Jeff Frederick. I should send him a Christmas card or something.” ---Waldo Jaquith, liberal Democrat Blogger whose comments can be found here:

“As a Democrat, I can only hope that the executive committee members fail and that Jeff Frederick stays on indefinitely. The guy is perfect for us: polarizing, inept, extreme, nasty, and...well, let's just say "not a rocket scientist." (also, jsut look at that face; who wouldn't love that?!?) Perhaps we Democrats should start a "Save Jeff Frederick as RVP Chair" movement? Seriously, it's tempting.” ---LOWELL FELD, UBER liberal blogger who helped Tim Kaine, Jim Webb, and Mark Warner beat Conservative Republicans and whose comments can be found here:

“I desperately want Jeff Frederick to somehow survive this challenge. I know it’s a lost cause, and he’s almost sure to be booted early next month. But please, VA GOP, for the sake of comedy and failure, keep Jeff Frederick.” liberal anti-conservative Eric Cantor blogger whose comments can be found here:


Anonymous said...

Using liberal talking points to make your point now. What is this the outer limits or the twilight zone. Give us a break. True conservatives do not use the opposition to bring down one of its own or did you not learn anything by the character of the likes of Ronald Reagan.
Thanks for turning the Republican Party in Virginia to Democrat-Liberal-lite. I think you might be a closet liberal.

Loudoun Insider said...

Hilarious! Once again the dimwit Frederick lemmings try to invoke Ronald Reagan in his defense. Reagan would vomit were he presented with Frederick as any kind of Republican "leader".

Lowes Island Crusader said...

Loudoun Outsider- posts alot at Too Conservative which is supposed to be the "Northern Virginia Republican Viewpoint" but Loudoun is a shill for the NOVA Democrats.
No truth in labeling with Loudoun Outsider. Look at Loudoun County where it used to be one of the last strongholds of Republicans, but now thanks to people like Loudoun Outsider professing to be a Republican and bashing all conservatives all the time he has worked to undermine the local Party there for going on three years now and to great effect.
Reagan dealt with much worse than J.F. when he came to washington in 1980 within the GOP itself and never never sold out fellow leaders whether he disagreed with them or not publically, but what does Loudound Outsider care about Reagan anyway given he holds zero values or beliefs of him.
Loudoun Outsider as to venture off the reservation of Loudoun because he has succeeded there in working to destroy the local GOP there; next after J.F. will be his blogging onslaught of Mike Steele and Newt Gingrich with the occaisional backslap of Sarah Palin.
Watch and learn folks. Loudoun "Benedict Arnold" Outsider wears blue in private and only dawns red on when he wants to smear the GOP!!!!!

Loudoun Insider said...

What a bunch of BS. The last semi-corrupt republican lead Board was tossed out on their rears because of the their boorish behavior and non-stop development attitude. They were clobberred by 15-17 points, HUGE margins. I like to think of my blogs as being somehwat influential and widely read, but give me a break, those guys were dead meat electorally any way you look at it. I gave people hope that not all Republicans are blind lemmings following their crooked "leaders". Now go and get back on the Frederick Train to Nowhere.