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Friday, March 27, 2009

BREAKING....Jeff Frederick destroyed at last night's Hopewell Mass Meeting

Posted by MAXIMUS

Multiple sources who attended last night's Mass Meeting in the City of Hopewell, VA all report the same things:

1. Delegates were elected to attend the state GOP Convention;

2. These same Delegates were irate that Jeff Frederick used one of his companies as a Vendor
for RPV in an effort to personally enrich himself;

3. These Delegates found it highly unethical that Frederick used a committee of himself to
decide to award his own company a no-bid contract for RPV services;

4. These Delegates were happy with the Conservative choices they had in the candidates
running for the AG nomination;

5. These Delegates were livid to lean that Jeff Frederick received "mileage reimbursement"
from RPV for political purposes while the Virginia General Assembly was in session. The
Delegates were wondering why Jeff's "expenses" were being double paid---first through his
General Assembly per-diem allowance during session, and then through RPV. This was
widely viewed as double dipping by Frederick and the assembled folks were wondering why
Frederick holds himself out to be a conservative during harsh economic times when he is
gaming the system for personal financial gain.

6. There was a large amount of pity for RPV donors--the grassroots folks who give money to
RPV. It was stated that these folks should not be paying for Frederick's mileage
reimbursement when Jeff is receiving a per-diem living expense while the legislature is in

7. The campaigns of Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling were well received and the grassroots
Delegates in attendance were happy to see both working as a team to be elected this

8. The only impediment that these Delegates talked about was the failed, ethically challenged
tenure of RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. All Delegates support a change in leadership at RPV.
These folks know something about effective RPV leadership when they see it in action as
their Congressman J. Randy Forbes provided the road map for commonsense, conservative
leadership based on principals in the late 90's for our State Party. To say Frederick is off that
map is an understatement.

9. It is not a power play when grassroots republicans demand a competent, conservative leader
in the position of RPV Chairman just as they enjoy competent, conservative leadership in Bob
McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor. Sources indicate that this was the
message from last night's Mass Meeting in Hopewell, VA.


Anonymous said...

In another 9 days our long Virginia nightmare will be over and we can get about the business of Party Unity and electing Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling and their ticketmate to statewide office.

Why doensn't Jeff make it easy on himself and do the morally and ethically correct thing and resign? Why? Because for Jeff it isn't about principles or Party, it's about Jeff. That is sad.

Let's move forward with Principled and ethical new and effective leadership. The grassroots are clearly asking for NEW leadership.

Anonymous said...

So Chairman J-Fraud continues to steal money from the grassroots contributors?? Why in the world would he reimburse himself for expenses with RPV money during the General Assembly when he had already voted himself an official government per diem which covers expenses for the time period in question? This on top of skimming 7% off the top of grassroots contributors to his own processing company with no executive committee review or approval? In any business situation this would be cause for immediate termination. Why are we waiting for April 4th? Jeff should go away today.

Loudoun Insider said...

He should, but he won't. He's all about himself - what a great "conservative".

F MCDONALD said...

How many delegates did Hopewell elect this year?

ccMAXIMUS said...

F McDonald:

Hopewell carries 135 Delegate votes at the convention. The source did not relay the total number of Delegates that attended the Mass Meeting.