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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So what happened why I was out of town

Since I was out of town for the last 5 days some interesting things have developed:

1. Chairman Frderick has retained lawyers to represent him him in the RPV Chairman's ouster vote scheduled for this Saturday's specially convened session of the Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee.
2. POTUS actually fired a private citizen (GM CEO Rick Wagoner) from his post even though the issues with GM started loooong before his tenure.
3. Bill has been proposed that would allow the government to regulate ALL salaries for companies that received bailout money (this is really scarey)
4. Tougher gun control laws proposed that threaten the very nature of the 2nd Amendment
5. CC Maximus is either getting funnier or loosing his mind depending on your perspective
6. Jersey Boys is a really great show for no other reason than the guy who play Joe Pesci is a spazz
7. CNN finally asked some serious questions to the "Automotive task force" of the Obama administration since there isn't anyone on that task force with any automotive experience
8. The House has approved a bill to give limited protection in federal court to reporters who decline to reveal confidential information or sources
9. Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius has corrected three years of tax returns and paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding errors
10. A federal judge, Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle, has ordered the United States to release prisoner Yasin Muhammed Basardh, a 33-year-old from Yemen from the Guantanamo detention center.

Patriots Lead the Charge at Opening of Rusty McGuire's Headquarters

(Pictured from L to R) WRVA Radio Personality Scott Lee, John McGuire, Rusty McGuire and former POW Paul Galanti, Commander, United States Navy (Ret.)

Posted by MAXIMUS

Mechanicsville, VA- Saturday morning over 100 Hanover residents turned out to mark the opening of the Rusty McGuire for Delegate campaign headquarters. Commander Paul Galanti (Navy, Ret.) opened the event by endorsing McGuire and asking residents of the 55th District to lead a renaissance of common-sense conservative ideals. CDR Galanti, a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton for seven years said: “I normally don’t get involved in politics. I only do so when I can support someone who I know will stand strong for the values our great nation was founded upon. It starts here, only a few miles from the birthplace of Patrick Henry, by supporting a leader like Rusty who can bring his background of service to our nation and commonwealth with the intelligence and common-sense conservatism necessary to rein in government. I call on the residents of the 55th District to elect Rusty McGuire to the House of Delegates.”

Talk radio personality Scott Lee then spoke, highlighting McGuire’s record of service before self and leadership before turning to the key conservative values important to Hanoverians. “Rusty is a Virginia citizen and an American hero. With his background as a soldier and a prosecutor, there could be no better representative for the citizens of the 55th District. We need a leader like Rusty who can stand up to special interests and big government on behalf of the citizens of this great commonwealth.”

McGuire closed the rally by firing up the crowd with his speech saying, “I am pleased to see so many friendly faces here this morning. I am proud to have veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom supporting our campaign. Most of you have heard my background before but growing up, I could never have imagined standing here before you, asking for you to help me become your next delegate. I will stand strong for conservative values such as the right to bear arms, fighting against tax increases and working to create innovative new jobs for Hanover residents.”

The campaign headquarters will be open 9a.m. to 8p.m. Monday through Friday, 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday and it will be closed on Sundays. You can contact the office by going to or calling (804) 519-6617.


Posted by MAXIMUS

Word comes that J-Fred has lawyered up with not one, but two barristers to defend him in the RPV Chairman's ouster vote scheduled for this Saturday's specially convened session of the Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee.

When you are the Chairman, why lawyer up for a political vote by a political body over political issues centering on ethics? Something is definitely amiss. Lets think about this and the possible reasons, to wit:

1. Are Federal Contractors allowed to give, donate, or otherwise contribute "in-kind" political services directly to political parties during Federal election cycles?

2. Is the Frederick company "GSX Strategies Inc." a federal contractor?

3. If federal contractors are prohibited from performing "in kind" services to political parties during Federal election cycles and if a federal contractor does so anyway, what law, statute, rule, or regulation has been violated, if any?

4. In the words of Heath Ledger's Joker character in the Dark Knight, "Why so Serious Jeff?"

5. From the Federal Election Commission's website:

"Government Contractors"
Contributions from federal government contractors are prohibited. The prohibition applies to contributions from the personal or business funds of individuals or sole proprietors who have entered into a contract with the federal government. It does not apply, however, to personal contributions by employees, partners, shareholders or officers of businesses with government contracts; nor does it apply to separate segregated funds established by corporations or labor organizations with government contracts.
11 CFR Part 115.

6. From Jeff Frederick's own response to the RPV Bill of Particulars against him, he states this:

"To summarize Charge 1, the Chairman’s company [GSX Strategies, Inc.] donated $17,717.61 in-kind to the RPV. During the period this company was used, RPV netted $19,655.58 from its online donations. The Chairman’s company provided interim services for 91 days, and the Executive Committee and RPV staff had a full accounting of the fundraising." Link here:

7. Why so serious Jeff Frederick? WHY SO SERIOUS?

Monday, March 30, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS


March 27, 2009

Chairman Jeff Frederick
Republican Party of Virginia
901 East Grace Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Jeff:

As fellow conservative grassroots Republican leaders, we join the congressional delegation, our gubernatorial nominee, the General Assembly leadership, ¾ of our elected state central representatives and our fellow Republican county chairs in urging you to resign as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

For the sake of partyunity and to ensure that we can win in November, we believe this isthe proper course of action. There is much to be done in the coming weeks and months, and webelieve this is the right time for new leadership.


Evans Thomas Chairman, Appomattox County GOP
John Wood Chairman, Colonial Heights City GOP
Don Lawson Chairman, Henry County GOP
John Hubbard Chairman, King William County GOP
Colin Cowling Chairman, Northampton County GOP
John Anderson Chairman, Poquoson City GOP Chairman,
Debbie Harper Chairman, Richmond County GOP
Rear Admiral Robert Fountain (ret.) Chairman, Westmoreland County GOP
Jeff Sili, Chairman, Caroline County GOP
Blake Hite Slusser, Chairman, Essex County GOP
Bill Rilee, Chairman, King & Queen County GOP
Lee Davis, Chairman, Middlesex County GOP
Linas Kojelis, Chairman, Petersburg City GOP
John Marsden, Chairman, Prince Edward County GOP
Stephen Trent, Chairman, Suffolk County GOP
Doug Meade, Chairman, York County GOP

Saturday, March 28, 2009

McDonnell announces new initiative at kickoff: "GREEN JOBZ"

Posted by MAXIMUS

Interesting news from Bob McDonnell at today's kickoff about energy. First the text of his speech about Virginia's energy needs and potential energy supplies that lay off the continential shelf:

"We have the unprecedented opportunity to be the leading energy producing state on the East Coast and I will spend four years making that happen.

I support drilling for oil and gas 50 miles off our coast. Virginia has the opportunity to become the first state on the eastern seaboard to allow for offshore exploration and drilling. It is environmentally safe and will create thousands of jobs and tens of billions in investment, and hundreds of millions in tax revenues.

Let’s put ideology aside, and be comprehensive when it comes to our energy future - Yes, we must develop new technologies for wind, solar, biomass, and other renewables. But we also need oil and natural gas, and to speed up the approval and permitting process for nuclear and clean-coal plants. I will be a Governor who develops all of Virginia’s energy resources to make life better for all of our citizens.

We will make it easier for entrepreneurs to protect our environment, while creating good jobs. We will establish “Green JOBZ” tax free zones to incentivize renewable energy technologies."

McDonnell's Green JOBZ initiative is modeled after Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's proposal, link here:

What would a Virginia Green JOBZ tax free zone look like? Don't know yet, but let's take a look at what the plan is for Minnesota to see what McDonnell's Green JOBZ program may look like in Virginia:

"Green JOBZ Governor Pawlenty proposes creation of a new "Green JOBZ" program aimed at attracting investments in projects that further the state's renewable energy goals and grow jobs.
Businesses qualifying for Green JOBZ will be those that support Minnesota's 25 x '25 renewable energy standard by improving energy efficiency and conservation, and by reducing emissions, pollution and greenhouse gases. This may include:

Renewable energy creation from a variety of sources
Increased transportation fuel-source alternatives
Production of green building components
Manufacturing of products, services or research that support renewable industries such as wind turbine components, plug-in electric vehicles and the like.

Qualifying projects would receive the same package of tax exemptions available to companies in the state's JOBZ program (exemption from corporate franchise tax; income tax for operators or investors, including capital gains tax; sales tax on goods and services used in the zone if the goods and services were purchased during the duration of the zone; property tax on commercial and industrial improvements but not on land; wind energy production tax, and; employment tax credit for high paying jobs) for 12 years on any agreements executed through 2015.
Projects could be located anywhere in Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Investments would be required to be new to the state, not expansions of existing facilities. The estimated cost of the tax incentives to the general fund would be $3.65 million in Fiscal Years 2010-11 and $6.6 million in Fiscal Years 2012-13."

Sounds reasonable. This Green Jobz proposal Sounds like a solid job creation plan without throwing traditional sources of energy under the bus which means the pricing of our energy will not go through the roof. The technologies do not yet exist, REPEAT, the technologies do not yet exist that would enable our power grid to fully harness solar and other green renewable technologies. All of the experts agree on that.

The question with McDonnell's new Green JOBZ initiative is this: Will this initiative prove to be the sort of business incubator needed to help nurture the growth and advancement of research and development for useable technologies in the renewable energy field? Seems like a responsible start to me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

BREAKING....Jeff Frederick destroyed at last night's Hopewell Mass Meeting

Posted by MAXIMUS

Multiple sources who attended last night's Mass Meeting in the City of Hopewell, VA all report the same things:

1. Delegates were elected to attend the state GOP Convention;

2. These same Delegates were irate that Jeff Frederick used one of his companies as a Vendor
for RPV in an effort to personally enrich himself;

3. These Delegates found it highly unethical that Frederick used a committee of himself to
decide to award his own company a no-bid contract for RPV services;

4. These Delegates were happy with the Conservative choices they had in the candidates
running for the AG nomination;

5. These Delegates were livid to lean that Jeff Frederick received "mileage reimbursement"
from RPV for political purposes while the Virginia General Assembly was in session. The
Delegates were wondering why Jeff's "expenses" were being double paid---first through his
General Assembly per-diem allowance during session, and then through RPV. This was
widely viewed as double dipping by Frederick and the assembled folks were wondering why
Frederick holds himself out to be a conservative during harsh economic times when he is
gaming the system for personal financial gain.

6. There was a large amount of pity for RPV donors--the grassroots folks who give money to
RPV. It was stated that these folks should not be paying for Frederick's mileage
reimbursement when Jeff is receiving a per-diem living expense while the legislature is in

7. The campaigns of Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling were well received and the grassroots
Delegates in attendance were happy to see both working as a team to be elected this

8. The only impediment that these Delegates talked about was the failed, ethically challenged
tenure of RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. All Delegates support a change in leadership at RPV.
These folks know something about effective RPV leadership when they see it in action as
their Congressman J. Randy Forbes provided the road map for commonsense, conservative
leadership based on principals in the late 90's for our State Party. To say Frederick is off that
map is an understatement.

9. It is not a power play when grassroots republicans demand a competent, conservative leader
in the position of RPV Chairman just as they enjoy competent, conservative leadership in Bob
McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor. Sources indicate that this was the
message from last night's Mass Meeting in Hopewell, VA.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The POT(US) hosts online forum on decriminalization of marijuana

Posted by MAXIMUS

Earlier today, President Barack Obama, aka the POT(US) held an online forum to discuss "issues" of concern to liberal democrats such as Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and young college democrats.

The topic that wouldn't go away in the discussion? The decriminalization of marijuana.
Link here:

The purpose of online forums for the POT(US) just took on a new meaning. Dude.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RUSTY "SHOE LEATHER" McGUIRE obtains bokoo signatures in the GOP's 55th HOD nomination contest


Posted by MAXIMUS

FOR THOSE OF YOU THINKING: that the GOP has regained its soul, that the GOP has rediscovered how to compete, that the GOP has once again embraced grassroots politics, that the GOP is fielding excellent candidates in nomination contests for open seats in House of Delegates, that GOP candidates are running on principals, that the statewide Republican candidacies of Bob McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor are on track to succeed this November, I offer you Rusty McGuire's candidacy for the Republican nomination in the Hanover based 55th House of Delegates District as chief exhibit number one to support your beliefs.

Why? In the above captioned picture, Rusty McGuire is proudly holding up a pair of shoes that he has worn holes into going door to door to obtain over 1,000 petition signatures to qualify his name to appear on ballot for the nomination contest. Folks, this is actually the third pair of shoes that Rusty has worn out going door to door in the District.

How is it that Rusty obtained so many petition signatures? Rusty McGuire did not rely on push button campaigning to get the job done. Rusty McGuire didn't pay for Robo Calls to get the job done. Rusty McGuire didn't pay for slick direct mail pieces to get the job done. How did Rusty do it? Grassroots campaigning. Rusty "Shoe Leather" McGuire needs new bobo's to prove it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BREAKING...New Frederick Video....Authentic Sequel to the Hitler Parody

Posted by MAXIMUS

No, I did not create the "Hitler" video that appeared here and elsewhere on Frederick a few months back, but I have authenticated the below sequal as being from THE original source.

I did not hat tip or reveal who gave me the original copy because I was threatened. The threat went something like this: if I revealed the identity of the source, a mean person would visit me late at night with the following surprises: an adult guniea pig writhing about inside of a thick winter sock; duct tape: zip ties; eight really bright halogen lamps; aqua fresh, and loud Kenny G *muzak* playing from a boom box while undignified things are done to me.

With that said, click on the below video link that IS Video Part Deux in L'affaire Frederick.....This video is authenticated by me as being created by the same person who created the Hitler/J-Fred Video. Called: "The Trial of Jeffrey M. Frederick"

H/T several people, but Rappahannock Red deserves Credit (please, no guniea pigs now right?):

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A balanced view on Jeff Frederick from RPV State Central Committee Member Bill Flanagan

Posted by MAXIMUS

Bill Flanagan, of Colonial Heights, VA, is a long time member of RPV's State Central Committee. He is a retired full bird Army Colonel---a Vietnam Veteran who calls it like it is. Flanagan is as straight a shooter as anyone you will ever meet. He has served on the RPV SCC for over years, two of which were as a District Chairman from the 4th Congressional District.

About two years ago, Col. Flanagan won the RPV award for best Precinct Captain in Virginia. Also under the leadership of Col. Flanagan, the Colonial Heights City Committee won the RPV award for Unit of the Year. Col. Flanagan is as conservative as they come. He has done yeoman's work for George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Randy Forbes, Vance Wilkins, and the Republican Caucus in the House of Delegates. This is Col. Flanagan's letter regarding Jeff Frederick. It is the most articulate spot on passage that I have read regarding Jeff Frederick. Here it is:

"Over the last 10 days or so, I have received several emails – some in support of the RPV Chairman and others supporting a special State Central Committee meeting to consider removing the Chairman. Those supporting the Chairman have advanced the case: (1) those in favor of removing the Chair have been out to remove him from the start; (2) veterans know the meaning of loyalty: (3) this is not a grassroots effort; (4) a newspaper said this action will be bad for our candidate for Governor. As I have some understanding of the aforementioned areas, I felt I should share my views.

First, full disclosure - I voted against Jeff Frederick. Before I left the convention however, I shook his hand, congratulated him on his victory, and said I would do what I could to help him be a success. I also stated that I expected much from him and I expected him to make good on his campaign pledges. For the rest of 2008, I sent him many emails with suggestions and feedback on his initiatives and, to his credit, he answered each in some detail. In late November, just before the Republican Advance, I was asked to support his removal. I declined and advised against it. Since that time, more things have been brought to my attention. Only after separate meetings at the end of February, with three members of the Executive Committee and detailed questions and answers, did I sign on to ask the Chairman to step down or to be removed. You can’t say that everyone supporting this action was against the Chairman from the start.

Second, I note that some email writers are veterans, as I am, and they cite their military service and the need for loyalty to the commander. There is some validity to that point, but in the military we also relieve commanders from command for cause. I say that as a 30-year Army veteran who has been a commander and a Chief of Staff for a 10,000 member field organization in Europe and a Chief of Staff for a 22,000 member organization based in the US with elements around the world. We expect our commanders and leaders to meet certain standards and to succeed in their mission. When necessary, we have to relieve them of their responsibilities to protect the welfare of our soldiers and for the good of the service. Our State Central Committee has the responsibility to hold our Chairman accountable and, in accordance with our party plan, is following the proper procedures for relief for cause for the good of our party, elected Republican officials and candidates.

Third, regarding the role of our grassroots supporters that are vital to our party, I know something about that issue. I have been a grassroots guy for 15 years, serving as a precinct captain, a city committee chairman, a congressional district chairman and I am currently serving as a member of the State Central Committee and a legislative district chairman. Over this period, I have been recognized at the congressional district level as the volunteer of the year. Our unit has been selected as the outstanding unit by RPV and I was designated by RPV as the Outstanding Precinct Captain of the year at our 2006 Republican Advance. This is not ancient history as our city election results always reflect some of the highest – in the top 5- voter percentages for Republican candidates in Virginia. Last November was no exception, with a 71 percent vote for McCain and over 50 percent for Gilmore. The grassroots people I work for have elected me at least 6 times for various positions to include 3 times to the State Central Committee. Republican grassroots supporters have elected almost every member of the State Central Committee, to include the executive committee. As most of you know, State Central Committee members are not appointed by an all powerful person working in opposition to our grassroots members. The State Central Committee members are elected to represent the grassroots supporters in their cities and counties, the people that are out there with them working the polls, stuffing the envelopes and making the calls, year in and year out. The grassroots members elect their State Central Committee members, for the most part, at their district conventions. The grassroots people who have elected me several times, elected me to use my best judgment to advance their interests and the Republican Party’s interest. That is what I try to do, and I am sure other members of the State Central Committee, regardless of what side of this issue they are on, are trying to do the same thing. When we hear from our Congressional delegation, Virginia Senators and Delegates – we know they were all elected by the people and would not be where they are without our grassroots supporters. I see the representatives of our grassroots – the State Central Committee - meeting their responsibilities to make decisions in the best interest of the grassroots, the Republican Party, elected Republicans and Republican candidates.

Finally, a Washington Post story is cited as it states the removal action under consideration by the State Central Committee could do harm to our candidate for Governor. This is the same newspaper that is probably the most anti-Republican paper in Virginia. This is the same newspaper that led the charge to oust Senator George Allen based on a one word slip. As I review political news clippings from 3 sources as part of my daytime job, I can tell you there are other papers out there that support this action and the remarks by our candidate for Governor. The Richmond Times Dispatch for example, one of the few major papers to support Republican candidates, ran a favorable OP-ED on our gubernatorial candidate’s stance on this issue. Other papers have been extremely sarcastic and critical of our Chairman. What I see in the wide range of press relating to our Chairman tells me he is in a no win situation. There is such a loss of respect and credibility that I believe our Chairman could put out a statement saying “it is a nice day” and he would be criticized for emphasizing nice more than day. One of the Chairman’s major tasks is to be the spokesperson for our party. Do you think he can be an effective spokesperson? Even before the removal action and the public statements of no-confidence, I had my doubts. Now there is no doubt – he can’t accomplish that mission.

I wish our Chairman would be a great spokesperson for our party; I wish we had not lost the many elections that we lost on his watch in November 08; I wish our Chairman had the confidence of our Republican elected officials from Washington to the courthouse; I wish that all our Chairman’s actions were beyond reproach; I wish we were not where we are now; I wish our Chairman would recognize he cannot effectively lead our party and step down for the good of the party; and I wish I did not have to support his removal. But we are where we are and I support the call for a special State Central Committee meeting to remove the Chairman.

I respect those who feel otherwise. Whatever the results, I pledge to be out there with our grassroots supporters working to elect our Republican candidates on November 3, 2009."


Bill Flanagan
4th District State Central Representative

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poll to remove Jeff Frederick...Go vote

Posted by MAXIMUS

Please click on the link below and cast your vote to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman:

Special Olympics bowler: I can beat the president!

Posted by MAXIMUS

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (Wire Reports)– So President Barack Obama thinks he bowls like a competitor in the Special Olympics?

He's obviously never met Kolan McConiughey, a mentally disabled man considered one of the nation's top Special Olympics bowlers, with five perfect games to his credit. He'd like to go to the White House and show the president a thing or two about how to roll strikes.

"He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily," McConiughey said Friday.
His challenge to Obama followed the president's offhand remark on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" Thursday comparing his famously inept bowling to "the Special Olympics or something." Recognizing his blunder, Obama apologized to the chairman of the Special Olympics before the show aired.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Friday said the president believes that the Special Olympics are "a triumph of the human spirit." Gibbs added that Obama understands that the athletes "deserve a lot better than the thoughtless joke that he made last night."

During an interview with The Associated Press, the 35-year-old McConiughey quickly rolled several strikes with his left-handed hook in a short demonstration of his prowess at Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor.

In addition to five perfect games since 2005, McConiughey has also had an 800 series and carries a 212 average. He laughed as he joked about the popular president's apparently poor game.

"I'd tell him to get a new bowling ball, new shoes and bring him down to the lane," said McConiughey, who speaks with a serious stutter. "Keep his body straight, his arm straight and keep his steps straight. He has to practice every single day."

Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver was quick to respond to the president's apology: "I think it's important to see that words hurt, and words do matter. And these words that in some respect can be seen as humiliating or a put-down to people with special needs do cause pain, and they do result in stereotypes."

Shriver is the son of Eunice Kennedy-Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics and has championed the rights of the mentally disabled.

His sister, Maria Shriver, wife of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and a longtime Obama supporter, said the president's comments "hurts millions of people throughout the world. People with special needs are great athletes and productive citizens," Shriver said.

With an IQ less than half of the 100 considered average, McConiughey lives with his foster mother and has held the same job at a grocery store for 16 years. He greets customers, sweeps floors and maintains the store's break room.

"He can't read much, can't do math, can't do bill-paying," said his foster mother, Jan Pardy.
"Kolan faces all these challenges, but he has an area of genius, and his genius is bowling."
McConiughey has been bowling since about age 8. And he still finds time to bowl in three leagues.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RPV is to Jeff Frederick as the Federal Treasury is to AIG

Posted by MAXIMUS

In honor of Jeff Frederick's response to the allegations wherein Frederick admits he used his own company as a vendor for RPV, the Contemporary Conservative has obtained exclusive video of "SOMEBODY" visiting the RPV Headquarters on his/her first day as Chairman:

See this post which includes a payment to Frederick's company.

Hundreds protest Against Global Warming

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RPV Chair responds to the charges against him

Below is the response to the charges against RPV Chair Frederick

Notice of Intent to Remove Jeff Frederick as
State Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia
Initial Response to Charges - Summary

The Call to remove Chairman Frederick consists of ten charges. Charges 1, 2, and 3 concern the Chairman’s management of RPV finances. Of those three charges, Charge 1 is the most specific, while Charges 2 and 3 are widely ambiguous, lacking specific references detailing the allegations. The remaining seven charges in the Call concern alleged infractions of the Party Plan or specific interpretations of the Party Plan.

Charge 1:
Failure to transmit, in a timely manner, online contributions made to the Republican Party of Virginia and processed by his own company. Withholding 7% of online contributions made to the RPV for a period of weeks during the summer of 2008 after repeatedly assuring the Executive Committee that he was not using his company as a vendor for RPV.

Response to Charge 1:
While waiting for a newly contracted vendor to complete work on a new RPV website and for a new online donation vendor to complete its setup requirements, the Chairman established a “place holding” website through his own firm, GXS Strategies, Inc., also using its online donation company and subsidiary,, for a period of 91 days. In return for a 7% discount fee, it was expected that would cover all incidental expenses related to any transactions, including payments to merchant banks and credit cards

Key facts:
• This “place holder” approach was immediately successful. Under the previous chairman, the Party raised only $2,000 online for the first five months of 2008 combined. After the Chairman and RPV staff set up an efficient, yet temporary system, the Party raised over $21,000 online in just three months at no cost to the Party. The funds collected by the RPV website were deposited into a non-interest bearing escrow account for distribution to the Party. Distributions were made on 8 July and 1 October.
• The “place holder” page automatically reported contributions to the RPV employees’ responsible for fundraising supervision, and, providing redundant transparency, the entire account was accessible to RPV employees.
• Of the $21,135.00 in contributions collected for RPV by, the company retained 7% of the total, or $1,479.45, to cover incidental expenses and required remittances to merchant banks, credit card companies, and an online processing service. After fulfilling obligations to merchant banks and credit card companies, retained a maximum total of $581.62 to cover other incidental expenses associated with the credit card collection process.
• In order to fully comply with Virginia campaign finance disclosure law regarding the work it did on behalf of RPV in constructing the “place holder” website and donation page, GXS Strategies, Inc., of which is a subsidiary, reported an in-kind contribution to RPV in the amount of $17,717.61 on 8 September.
• Far from withholding money from RPV to benefit himself, Chairman Frederick’s company provided free services to the Party in an amount that was 30 times greater than the total of the alleged monetary compensation received by his company.
• All records, documentation, and filings verifying this information and detailing these transactions can be accessed via the Virginia Public Access Project, The State Board of Elections, the Federal Elections Committee, and internal RPV documents.

To summarize Charge 1, the Chairman’s company donated $17,717.61 in-kind to the RPV. During the period this company was used, RPV netted $19,655.58 from its online donations. The Chairman’s company provided interim services for 91 days, and the Executive Committee and RPV staff had a full accounting of the fundraising.

Charge 2:
Repeated failure to fully comply with a July 22, 2008 directive unanimously adopted by the RPV Executive Committee to disclose existing and pending contracts with vendors.

Response to Charge 2:
A search of existing contracts reveals that the Executive Director of the RPV provided every known contract to members of the Executive Committee, and that a good-faith effort was made to inform members of future contracts. The Executive Committee itself acknowledged in September 2008 that they were in possession of those records, and no member has indicated to RPV, in writing or otherwise, of the existence of any contract or agreement by which we have not fully complied with this directive, let alone repeatedly so

Charge 3:
Unauthorized expenditures of RPV funds for unbudgeted activities without either State Central Committee or Executive Committee consent.

Response to Charge 3:
While there is no specific allegation in this charge, it has been suggested by more than one Executive Committee member that the Chairman’s procurement of office space in Northern Virginia was a breach of his authority.
The Chairman rented space at a rate of $600 per month for an office in Prince William County to serve as a Northern Virginia satellite office for RPV and for his legislative constituent service office. It was his intention to use the office space for himself for donor meetings and for other business to be conducted by RPV’s Northern Virginia Field Director and its Finance Director. For the period beginning 15 October 2008 and ending 15 June 2009, Friends of Jeff Frederick paid $2,400 for its portion of the office and RPV paid $2,400.00 for its portion. All payments were made directly to the landlord.

The Party Plan grants the Chairman authority to operate the State Headquarters within the approved budgets for personnel, but makes no other restrictions on the Chairman’s ability to authorize expenditures.

Charge 4:
Failure to provide members of the State Central Committee with a reasonable time to review and consider the proposed 2009 budget prior to proposed adoption by the State Central Committee. Failure to provide one or more members of the State Central Committee with any opportunity to see the proposed budget prior to the meeting.
Charge 5:
Disregard for the minimal rights of members of the State Central Committee to participate in discussion and debate at the December 2008 meeting by refusing to recognize numerous members attempting to speak and failing to ascertain the required 2/3 vote necessary to end debate. Lack of transparency in the budget process by giving members less than 36 hours to consider the budget rather than the usual three weeks.
Charge 6:
Corruption of process by failing to conduct a proper vote on 2009 budget by (1) beginning, but not completing, either a hand count or roll call vote, both properly called for; and (2) unilaterally declaring the vote result without even a partial count of those in favor and no count whatsoever of those opposed.

Response to Charges 4, 5, and 6:
These charges all refer to the approval of the 2009 RPV Budget at the 5 December meeting of the State Central Committee. They state that Chairman Frederick demonstrated a less than firm grasp on the proceedings at various SCC meetings by failing to provide adequate time for budget review, or by failing to recognize various members during debate. More accurately, though, they reflect the disappointment of some State Central members in the outcome of this meeting.

The Executive Committee recommended against approval of the budget by the State Central Committee. But after a prolonged and contentious debate, the State Central Committee voted to approve the budget, which is now in force.

Robert’s Rules of Order and the Party Plan provide every member the opportunity to object and to challenge the Chair on rulings and by raising points of order. Further, Robert’s is clear that it is the responsibility of each member to guard the process by interaction and objection. In this case, no objections were made to the rulings, votes, and procedures described in these charges at the time of the meeting.

Charge 7:
Failure to “promptly convene” the Appeals Committee upon timely receipt of an appeal of a ruling by the General Counsel.

Response to Charge 7:
The “Appeals Committee” is not recognized by the Party Plan, so it not subject to any specific timeline. Moreover, decisions of the Appeals Committee must be affirmed by State Central if they overturn the ruling of RPV General Counsel. The appeal in question was filed specifically to the Appeals Committee the day before the December 2008 meeting of the State Central Committee. Because of an amendment made to the RPV Budget at the December 2008 State Central Committee meeting, the Party’s then-General Counsel stepped down. A meeting of the Appeals Committee could not be scheduled until after a new General Counsel accepted the post.

After a new General Counsel accepted the post, several attempts were made to schedule this meeting to comply with the availability of all participants. Despite these difficulties, the Appeals Committee is scheduled to meet on 20 March 2008, two weeks prior to the first State Central Committee meeting since December.

Charge 8:
Circumventing the State Central Committee by appointing committee and otherwise assuming Duties clearly prescribed in Article III, Section D, as duties of the State Central Committee without consultation or authorization.

Response to Charge 8:
There is ample and long-standing precedent for the Chairman to establish ad hoc committees without SCC approval. In fact, members of the Executive Committee and the SCC both offered positive feedback on the establishment of these committees, and further, no member lodged any objections. Further one of the established committees was specifically requested by a District Chairman on the Executive Committee.

Charge 9:
Damage to the reputation and effectiveness of the Republican Party of Virginia through refusal to coordinate activities, including campaign messages, with Republican nominees for public office.

Response to Charge 9:
Evidence to the contrary on this charge is extensive and heavily documented. In fact, the Chairman and RPV staff undertook several sensitive assignments from both federal and state elected officials and nominees.

Since Chairman Frederick assumed his current position, RPV staff works cooperatively, frequently, and regularly with Republican nominees, candidates, and elected officials. There are numerous examples to support this fact.

[NOTE: Since much of the evidence contradicting this charge contains sensitive internal campaign documents, supporting documentation is being offered exclusively to members of the State Central Committee.]

Charge 10:
Failure to notify the Executive Committee of a possible breach of security and/or compromise of security of data residing on servers and failure to act promptly to investigate potential breach when requested to do so.

Response to Charge 10:
In November 2008, some members of the Executive Committee alleged that there had been a breach of RPV’s e-mail lists. Less than 24 hours after the breach was alleged, Chairman Frederick utilized experts in his firm to investigate the possibility of any breach. After an extensive system analysis, which included an examination of log files, no evidence of a breach was found and the Executive Committee was so informed.


Posted by MAXIMUS

Big time Liberal Democratic Bloggers are falling over themselves to support and keep Jeff Frederick in office as RPV Chairman. Why? Read the Liberals declarations of love and support for Frederick below:

“In short: God bless Jeff Frederick. I should send him a Christmas card or something.” ---Waldo Jaquith, liberal Democrat Blogger whose comments can be found here:

“As a Democrat, I can only hope that the executive committee members fail and that Jeff Frederick stays on indefinitely. The guy is perfect for us: polarizing, inept, extreme, nasty, and...well, let's just say "not a rocket scientist." (also, jsut look at that face; who wouldn't love that?!?) Perhaps we Democrats should start a "Save Jeff Frederick as RVP Chair" movement? Seriously, it's tempting.” ---LOWELL FELD, UBER liberal blogger who helped Tim Kaine, Jim Webb, and Mark Warner beat Conservative Republicans and whose comments can be found here:

“I desperately want Jeff Frederick to somehow survive this challenge. I know it’s a lost cause, and he’s almost sure to be booted early next month. But please, VA GOP, for the sake of comedy and failure, keep Jeff Frederick.” liberal anti-conservative Eric Cantor blogger whose comments can be found here:

Liberal Democrats endorse Jeff Frederick to stay on as RPV Chairman

(cartoon published in Staunton News Leader)

Posted by MAXIMUS

Jeff Frederick's bid to retain the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Virginia has been enthusiastically endorsed by Democratic Blogger Not Larry Sabato. Link here:

Do we really want Jeff Frederick to continue as RPV Chairman when he refuses to distance himself from Democratic supporters like Not Larry Sabato who have been working in lock step defeat Conservatives like Bob Marshall, Ken Cuccinelli, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Jim Gilmore?

Make no mistake, Dems love them some J-FRED.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

For the most part, Bloggers in VA have a mutual respect for one another, however at times this notion can change on a dime. This concept generally extends from Conservative Bloggers amongst themselves to Liberal Bloggers amongst themselves to other blogs mixed in.

We all read each others smack. At times we comment on posts, at times we don't. Sometimes the comments are moderated, sometimes they are not. Sometimes Blog operators act like Palpatine and strangle contrary yet logical and respectul arguments against their Posts from appearing in the commentse section they actively "moderate." This is censorship. This is how Tim Boyer operates his Blog.

For all you who read this blog, I want you to know this: Tim Boyer has a blog up. What kind of blog is it? I'm not really sure. He doesn't appear to be a true conservative because he can't seem to find more than one conservative candidate that he'll support in all of Virginia in any given election cycle.

It's as if Boyer picks more than ONE candidate to support at any given time, he'll forget how to walk. Same story, different person--when provided with more than two simultaneous situations (or candidates to support), their brain simply isn't large enough to absorb it all so parts of it selectively shut down else it will blow up.

Tim Boyer has a post up critiquing the Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee for NOT allowing an "INDEPENDENT" investigation to be conducted into the charges against Jeff Frederick. Republicans, and Conservatives in particular, are disciples of the written word. Boyer is a complete unvarnished idiot for parroting this concept straight out of Jeff Frederick's talking points. Why?

The Plan of Organization (PO) for the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) only allows for the State Central Committee (SCC) itself to dispose of a Chairman with 3/4 vote of the members. Within the PO, there is no provision for an independent investigation to be conducted by anyone other than RPV.

Any strict constructionist of the RPV PO realizes that the purview of disposing of a Chairman rests strictly with the SCC itself. For Boyer to suggest otherwise reminds me of liberal federal judges who suddenly "read" or "fleetingly observe" certain rights in our own Constitution that aren't actually written in there. In his recent Post, Boyer is actually saying that an Independent Investigation should be conducted against RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. He is suggesting that the elected members of SCC abrogate their duties under the PO while yielding those duties to an unaccountable, unelected body. Apparently, Tim Boyer "sees" something written into the RPV POV that allows this action---even when no other strict constructionists of the RPV PO agree with his reading.

Tim Boyer is just like those liberal Federal Judges in that only he "sees" written procedures or remedies that seemingly authorize certain procedures in the RPV PO to deal with situations of his choosing when in fact these procedures or remedies aren't written into the RPV PO at all. That my friends defines a Liberal who is not living by the rule of law but rather wants to invent remedies not authorized under the RPV PO.

Welcome to the arena Tim Boyer. Hope you brought your B game cause I doubt you ever made an A in your life.

The Silencng of Opposition - The beginning

Watch this sentimenet grow and grow as people feel the right not to be critized or held accountable for their actions ..definition of a malicious blogger? Someone that disagrees with the government or prints a wrongdoing. From The Daily Recorder :

In her final State of the City address, Salisbury Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman warned residents of what she sees as a great danger to the city: malicious bloggers......Tilghman said in her address Thursday that over the last five years, the presence of a small group of suspicious, mean-spirited people focused on the negative has grown, endangering the city's vitality....Tilghman says some people are avoiding serving their city because it's not worth chancing the scorn of bloggers. But Tilghman says they need to stand up for the city.

Bloggers have endangered the cities Vitality? hehehehheeee wow, that's funny. The thing-skinned people have spoken so you better not make them feel bad or hurt their feelings...

Link Here:

Senator Ken Stolle's 2009 General Assembly Wrap Up

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March 15, 2009 Newsletter

The General Assembly ended the 2009 Session on time by passing a $77 Billion budget. Despite some federal assistance, layoffs and deep cuts to core services were necessary to balance the budget.

In December Governor Kaine announced that Virginia was facing a $2.9 Billion shortfall. Just two months later, revenue projections indicated that the shortfall had grown to $3.7 Billion.

A slumping economy and dismal tax collections across America hit Virginia equally as hard. Cuts across the board left no area of government unharmed. K-12 Education, Higher Education and Public Safety combined for hundred of millions of dollars in cuts.

The federal stimulus plan approved by Congress last month sent $1.5 Billion to Virginia but left little discretion as to how the money could be applied. My Republican colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee and I have urged over the years that Virginia follow a key guiding principle in sound budgeting, which is that stimulus money should be spent only on one-time programs that will truly improve our economy and not be used for re-occurring expenses. This year’s federal stimulus package should be handled no differently.

In budgeting matters above all else, Virginia's long-term fiscal integrity should be our priority. What was spared this year will most certainly be on the chopping block next year. While we showed considerable fiscal restraint in 2009, we will have to work harder in 2010 in anticipation of a bleaker financial outlook. We have an obligation to the taxpayers in the spirit of good government to continue to make tough decisions that Government living within its means.

With the Session over and that I have headed back home to Virginia Beach, I encourage you to continue to give me your input on the issues that you care about most. You can reach me in the district office by phone at (757) 486-5700 or by email at With warm and personal regards, I remain

Very truly yours,

Ken Stolle


Key Provisions of the Approved Budget*

Taxes and Budgeting
—Uses $1.5 billion in federal stimulus money to restore many of the cuts to core services such as education, health care and public safety that Gov. Timothy M. Kaine made in December.
—Changes the remittance schedule for retailers with $1 million or more in monthly taxable sales from a calendar month to one that begins the 16th of each month, which will result in a one-time yield estimated at $98 million when it begins in 2010.

Public Education
—Restores funding for school support staff such as janitors, secretaries and school nurses, but requests that the state Board of Education review staffing standards for teaching and support staff.
—Restores money for school construction projects and operating costs.

Higher Education
—Provides $126.7 million in federal funds to offset reductions at the state's public colleges and universities, which is intended to keep tuition increases minimal.
—Increases student financial aid by 8.5 percent at a cost of $10 million.

Public Safety
—Fully restores the state's share of funding to sheriffs, local police departments and all constitutional officers in cities and counties.
—Uses states funds and federal stimulus money to provide $2 million for Virginia's two Internet Crimes Against Children task forces.
—Authorizes a behavioral corrections program that allows judges to suspend a portion of an inmate's sentence if he or she completes a two-year substance abuse program. Only nonviolent, lower risk offenders are eligible.
—Creates a legislative committee to study steps to control the growing prison population, particularly through early release and electronic monitoring programs.

Health and Human Resources
—Restores about $150 million in cuts to the Medicaid program.
—Restores 200 eliminated waivers to help families pay to care for mentally disabled family members at home or in the community as opposed to in a state hospital, and adds 200 more.
—Maintains funding for community health centers and free clinics.
—Restores money to continue operating the Southeastern Virginia Training Center in Chesapeake, the Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents in Staunton and the adolescent unit at Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institutes.
—Restores funding for the state's three poison control centers.

Capital Outlay
—Provides $749.1 million for construction projects on college campuses and others already authorized.

Economic Development
—Provides $12.5 million for the governor to use to recruit businesses to Virginia.
Provides $2.5 million to promote in-state tourism.

—Requires the Secretary of Transportation to provide details on projects funded through an estimated $800 million in federal stimulus money designated for highway and transit use.

*Click here for the 3/1/09 article entitled, “Key points of the approved Va. budget.”


Highlights of Bills Enacted During the 2009 Session*

—Expanded the death penalty to include those who assist in a murder but don’t do the actual killing and those who kill an on-duty fire marshal or auxiliary police officer.
—Smoking ban in Virginia restaurants and bars except for rooms with separate ventilation systems or outdoor patio areas.
—Ban on reading or sending text messages or e-mails while driving.
—The board of SPSA, the regional trash agency, would be appointed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and the state would require tighter controls on its finances.
—Would bar payday lenders from offering different types of loans in an effort to get around tough new restrictions placed on the short-term, high-interest loans last year.
—Courts could suspend the driver’s licenses of teens who miss 10 consecutive days of school.
—Would allow holders of concealed carry permits to take hidden guns into restaurants as long as they do not drink alcohol. Currently, guns are allowed in restaurants only if they are out in the open.
—Anti-blight measure would allow cities to offer tax abatement incentives to prod people to renovate or demolish vacant, boarded-up houses.
—Authorized the city of Chesapeake to proceed with emergency replacement of the Jordan Bridge.

*Click here for the 3/1/09 Virginian-Pilot article entitled, “Va.’s $77B budget spared major cuts, Assembly adjourns.”

Conservative Delegates Kirk Cox, Sam Nixon, and Speaker Howell support removal of Jeff Frederick

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In a letter dated March 13, 2009, House of Delegates Chief Whip Kirk Cox along with House Caucus Chairman Sam Nixon and Speaker of the House Bill Howell weighed in on the side of removing Jeff Frederick from the position of Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Bearing Drift broke the story here:

Here is the relevent clause:

"Recently, we have become aware of a grass-roots effort by many of you to remove the current party chairman. We agree with those advocating for a change in leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia."

See any names missing above? Let's just call it the Curious Case of House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith. Why so curious? Because after RPV evacuated itself of the eavesdropping drama, Morgan Griffith recently allowed Jeff Ryer to go on RPV payroll to help Jeff Frederick save his job as Party Chairman.

Who is Jeff Ryer? Here's a refresher segment from the WashPo:

"[Claudia Duck] Tucker, who had joined Matricardi and another legislative aide, Jeff Ryer, in listening to the second Democratic conference call, sought Wilkins's counsel after learning of the investigation [into the eavesdropping]." link here for the story:

Why is Griffith supporting Frederick when nobody else is? Why so Curious Morgan?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conservative Richmond Times Dispatch credits Bob McDonnell with Leadership

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Published: March 13, 2009
The Right Thing

Jeff Frederick seems eminently qualified to serve as chairman of the Republican Club at Sean Hannity Middle School. The delegate from Prince William serves as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia instead. There's the rub.

The state's Republicans have endured a rocky road. Although not all of their ailments can be attributed to the content and style of Frederick's leadership, the party's internal chaos complicates, and perhaps compromises, its recovery. The quality of his tenure was captured best when Frederick linked Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden in a statement he subsequently claimed was a quip. His comments drew a swift rebuke from John McCain. While individuals with tempered politics occasionally throw verbal bombs, rhetorical extremism often reflects extremism of the ideological kind.

Republicans in positions of responsibility early recognized the damage being done. Dissension has been in the air for many months. In recent weeks Republicans from across the spectrum openly have called for Frederick's dismissal. Bob McDonnell -- former attorney general and presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee -- has lent his name to the effort.

According to a headline in yesterday's Washington Post Fairfax section, "Fight Over GOP Chairman Could Bruise McDonnell." The story explained that by immersing himself in an internecine feud, McDonnell risks alienating elements of the party's base. We gladly differ. As they do in every campaign, Democrats will label the GOP ticket the most conservative ever, and out of Virginia's mainstream. The GOP has a tarnished brand, too, and Democrats will attach to McDonnell every irresponsible statement made by every irresponsible Republican. (Both parties play guilt by association, by the way.)

In seeking to install an adult as chairman of the RPV, McDonnell is displaying not only spine but his appealing temperament. He repudiates the excesses attributed to factionalists. If the central committee ousts Frederick, as it should, then McDonnell will have polished his image. If the committee fails to do its duty, then McDonnell still will have displayed his reasonable persona to the general public.

It is possible that the controversy will lead ideological adolescents to take their Nerf balls and go home, but McDonnell's stand helps him with the voters who decide Virginia elections. Political considerations are not the real reason McDonnell earns admiration, however. He earns it because he is doing the right thing.

Link here:

Prominent Conservative Blogger condems actions of Jeff Frederick

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Former RPV Communications Director Shaun Kenney, a rock ribbed conservative as any found in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has posted his concerns on the recent action taken by Jeff Frederick to lock out RPV State Central Executive Committee Members from meeting at the Richard D. Obenshain Center in Richmond. From Shaun Kenney:

I’ll admit it. I haven’t exactly been the biggest cheerleader of Jeff Frederick for many months. His style and manner are about as abrasive and direct as can be. When he swept out the old staff at RPV, I knew it to be a shortsighted and bone-crushing move. When the infrastructure
painstakingly built over the previous 18 months shared the fate of staff, that was a pretty clear sign that things were going to implode quickly. And it did.

The verbal miscues from Chairman Frederick were enough to make a communications guy roll his eyes. The mistreatment of RPV staff was another. But RPV State Central doesn’t exactly mesh in the same way. You can’t fire them, and frankly some of the folks there are a
treasure trove of old names and ideas. Distance them, and you ultimately gut the institutional memory of a relatively young institution. That’s why this behavior just shocks me to the core. Today was a tough day for Camp Frederick to be sure, but when RPV’s Executive Committee asks for a meeting… do you ... [Lock them out]

Readers here will notice that I haven’t said much on this other to report facts. Delegate Bob Marshall and Virginia AG candidate and current Senator Ken Cuccinelli have both adroitly navigated the shoals in calling for an open airing of the charges leveled by State Central Committee. What’s baffling me is how the battle lines are being drawn up.

On one side, you have the entire Virginia Congressional delegation, the Virginia Senate GOP leadership, virtually the entire House of Delegates, and 75% [80% now] of the State Central Committee lined up against Frederick. On the other side, you have House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith practically alone and fanatic in helping Jeff Frederick — to the point of lending Griffith aide Jeff Ryer as an RPV Political Director — you have a host of Northern Virginia conservatives (most of whom I count as friends), an RPV staff being either muffled or fired in quick succession, and a flurry of online activity at RPV Network banning anti-Frederick supporters.

At first, the battle cry from Frederick supporters was “show us the charges!” Well… those are out now, and practically by request. So much for an internal party squabble. Second, Frederick supporters asked for incontravertable proof. Got that. Next, Frederick boosters asked for the charges to be fairly assessed. That’s fair… but how can that be done when Executive Committee can’t meet?

We all know what happened later tonight. Executive Committee simply took their meeting to the nearest restaurant in an air of bewilderment and disbelief. Nothing was resolved, nothing was fixed.

Now the national blogosphere is sitting up and taking notice. RedState just released this pretty hard-hitting piece, and didn’t spare the feelings either: " The GOP will be successful, but not if Jeff Frederick, the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman, has his way. Frederick, an overly
ambitious “me first” politician, who wooed conservatives with such smaltzy stunts as proposing to his wife at a super secret Council for National Policy meeting, has done what no one thought possible — he has driven the Republican Party of Virginia further off the road. This is, mind
you, thesame Jeff Frederick who blew up the GOP’s chance to make a deal taking controlof the legislature by Twittering about it before the deal was done.

His talent for bad press doesn’t end there. He claims he is giving up his seat in the legislature to better focus on building the GOP up in Virginia, but is leading an effort to draft his wife to take his spot. Likewise, and more to the point, he has launched a series of automated phone calls to Republicans in Virginia attacking the only Republican running for Governor — Bob McDonnell. We have a copy of the call, which you can listen to here.

In the call, a Frederick supporter blasts both Bob McDonnell and his own First Vice Chairman, Mike Thomas, for launching a coup against him. Frederick calls them “elites,” when in fact Frederick has placed himself into a personally elite status of running the Jeff Frederick Party of Virginia, putting his own ambitions ahead of every one else in the party. We should note that,
unsurprisingly, Frederick denies any knowledge of the call. In other news, the James River Bridge is for sale.

Now when RedState takes aim, someone is gonna get hit.

I have long held the position that while Jeff Frederick’s politics are spot-on, he and I strongly disagree with the direction of the Republican Party of Virginia and where it should be headed. So strongly did I disagree, I hammered out a battle plan for its recovery. Many folks raved about it at the RPV Advance. I’ve shared quite a bit of insight on the memo, and have helped a series of unit committees, campaigns, and organizations execute on some of the details.

But one of the requirements for its execution is trust.

At this point, Frederick is going to have to do something Herculean to restore trust with the State Central Committee, not to mention the elected officials and grassroots volunteers of every philosophical persuasion — moderate, conservative, libertarian — who have several strong reservations about Frederick’s ability to lead and maintain. Will he? Can he?

An opportunity passed by tonight to do so. The longer this saga prolongs, the more damage is done to the idea that conservatives can lead the Virgina Republican Party. One last thought, and it is the thought with which I concluded my memo:

"If we cannot right our own ship, the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia have no business entrusting Virginia Republicans with public office." --Shaun Kenney.
I’ll stand by the commentary above.

Mutinies are one thing; insurrections are an entirely different matter. Even if it were true that these actions were a “palace coup” designed to drive out conservatives (I firmly disagree with that analysis), at some point in time the French Army can’t hold Dien Bein Phu, much less Algeirs.

At some point, Jeff Frederick is going to realize that he can’t bring the ship home in something half made up. At which point, Frederick has some decisions to make. Hopefully he’ll do so with grace."

Link to Shaun's post here:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jeff Frederick has locked the doors on RPV's Executive Committee...bars them from meeting tonight at RPV HDQ

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On March 13, 2009, the Executive Committee Members (ECM) of the Republican Party of Virginia were scheduled to hold a meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Richard D. Obenshain Center, aka RPV Headquarters, located on Grace Street in Richmond, VA.

The ECM provided advance written notice to RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick to be in attendance along with the following RPV Officers: Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, and the newly appointed RPV Finance Chairman.

At approximately 7:00 p.m. on the evening of March 13, 2009, the ECM showed up at RPV Hdq. to convene the scheduled meeting. Upon arrival, they found the doors locked and the lights off. Sources inside of RPV indicate that Chairman Jeff Frederick ordered the requested Officers not to take part in the meeting and to not be physically present at RPV Hdq. at 7:00 p.m. on the evening of Friday 13, 2009. Further, sources inside of RPV indicate that Chairman Jeff Frederick ordered that the entrance doors to be locked so that the ECM would be unable to meet to discuss the financial improprieties as outlined in the Bill of Particulars which serves as the source instrument for the removal of a sitting RPV Chairman pursuant to their governing Plan of Organization. For a refresher, link here for that Bill of particulars:

In addition to being unable to explain why one of his companies received money as a vendor of RPV without the agreed upon knowledge and disclosure to the RPV State Central Committee, Chairman Frederick must now explain why he locked out ECM members from meeting at RPV Hdq while concurrently ordering the CFO, ED, and the new Finance Chairman not to attend the meeting. This is yet another example of Frederick projecting a knee jerk reaction to unfavorable news....such as the resignation request letter that Frederick received earlier today Congressmen Whitman, Forbes, Goodlatte, Cantor, and Wolf. Katie Bar the Doors indeed!

BREAKING...RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick asked to resign by ALL of Virginia's Republican Congressmen

Posted by MAXIMUS

H/T to the Bearing Drift Blog:

March 12,2009

The Honorable Jeff Frederick
Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia
115 E. Grace StreetRichmond, VA 23219

Dear Jeff:

For the good of the Republican Party of Virginia we write today asking that you step aside as chairman in light of the recent call from three-fourths of the State Central Committee seeking your resignation. Clearly it is the sentiment of the grassroots membership of the Party to move in another direction.

With November’s elections rapidly approaching, it is essential that our party be unified as we work to regain control of the governor’s mansion and retain control ofthe House of Delegates. No one will benefit from a protracted battle over the leadership of RPV. It is in that spirit that we ask you to step down.


Frank Wolf,
Robert Goodlatte,
Eric Cantor,
Randy Forbes,
Robert Wittman

Jeff Frederick, the Officious Charlatan of Virginia

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The charges against RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick as damning. They finally unmask Frederick an Officious Charlatan whose adept at using his mousy hands to dip into the cookie jar of online donations made to RPV. Who are these donations from? The Conservative Virginia grassroots activists that believed in him. Instead of raising your taxes, Frederick has found another way to empty the wallets of donors (who also happen to be Virginia taxpayers). Link here for the charges:

Frederick intentionally sought to profit from the volunteer office of RPV Chairman. The charges indicated that Jeff Frederick took advantage of the very trust that the grassroots activists invested in him as they elected him Chairman of the Virginia GOP. Frederick states the charges are false? The gig is up.

Frederick was asked to go nicely and quietly. Virginia's Narcissistic Officious Charlatan has chosen a different path. So be it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeff Frederick Drives Past the Grassy Knoll

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Jeff Frederick argues that his pending removal on April 4, 2009, is about petty issues. The ten points outlined in the below article from Virginia AP write Bob Lewis suggest serious financial improprieties with a Frederick affiliated company pocketing a percentage of RPV loot on the
D-L ........Frederick thinks this is petty???? WOW, this is damning for Jeff Frederick. We need a competent conservative to head RPV, NOW!!

Published: March 12, 2009
AP Political Writer

Allegations over state Republican chairman Jeff Frederick’s stewardship of party finances dominate 10 claims at the heart of an effort to oust him.

The first claim in the complaint obtained by The Associated Press alleges that Frederick’s own company processed online donations to the Republican Party of Virginia and, for several weeks, retained 7 percent of the money while he assured members of the party executive committee that his firm was not a party vendor.

The second charge is related, alleging he did not fully comply with an executive committee directive last fall to disclose all of the state party’s pending and existing contracts with vendors.
In a statement by the party today, Frederick called those and other charges “false and without merit.” He declined to comment on the individual allegations.

“It is disappointing that some have chosen to eschew discretion and make an internal Party matter an issue for public consumption,” wrote Frederick, 33, who was elected party chief in May and has been under fire from party leaders for the past three months. Frederick faces a vote by the party’s central committee to remove him on April 4.

Among those who have called in writing for his dismissal in the past week are 58 of the 77 members of the central committee who vote on the matter, all six members of the state Senate’s GOP leadership, and Bob McDonnell, who is unchallenged as the Republican nominee for governor this fall.

Other charges claim that Frederick:

—Spent party money for unbudgeted purposes without consent from either the central committee or the executive committee;

—Gave central committee members little or no time to review the proposed 2009 budget in December, failed to complete either a show-of-hands or roll-call vote by the committee on the budget, then declared it passed without a complete vote count.

—Damaged the party in last fall’s elections by refusing to “coordinate activities, including campaign messages, with Republican nominees for public office.” Democrats won three GOP House seats, the second of Virginia’s two Senate seats, and carried the state in a presidential race for the first time in 44 years.

—Failed to tell the executive committee of a possible security breach of party data on computer servers and not promptly investigating the matter after he was asked to.

Frederick last week dismissed the actions against him as a power play by the party’s elite, claimed strong backing from members and pledged to finish his four-year term in 2012. Last month, he announced he would not seek a fourth term to his House of Delegates seat from Prince William to focus full-time on the party post.

In today’s statement, Frederick said he will respond in writing soon to the 10 charges.
“I will continue to work against the efforts of a few to overturn the verdict of the thousands of grass roots volunteers and activists who participated in the 2008 Virginia Republican Convention,” he wrote.

To remove Frederick, three-fourths of the central committee members attending the April 4 meeting will have to vote for it. If all 77 members are present, a minimum of 58 must vote for his removal. Link to the story here:


Posted by MAXIMUS

For the past several weeks, MULTIPLE SOURCES have relayed to me that a site called "RPV Network" has been working to energize support for Jeff Frederick in the coming bid to force his outster as RPV Chairman. That effort has resulted in a dismal failure and members leaving in disgust the network that was founded to build a solid grassroots communication community. The statement of purpose for the RPV Network is: " To let them (members) share information concerning events, campaigns and issues in order to build a stronger more unified party going into the future. O.P. Ditch, the founder, has made a mockery of that statement with his recent actions.

What the founders of the RPV Network are now doing is dividing the party and becoming little but a tool that shows how little real grassroots support Jeff Frederick has. Mr. Ditch has allowed a group on the RPV Network to form that calls themselves "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" and allowed inflammatory language to be used in the description of purpose for that group.

Mr. Ditch has allowed the group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to send out a mass email out to every member, that's each and every member of the RPV NETWORK. This action is unprecedented and something no other group on the RPV NETWORK has ever been given permission to do. The RPV NETWORK is allowing "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to recruit for the specific purpose of supporting FREDERICK.

When some other members of the RPV NETWORK felt there should be a group for the NON SUPPORTERS OF JEFF FREDERICK, Mr. Ditch, the creator of the RPV NETWORK, first allowed it and then suddenly deleted the group altogether. Mr. Ditch shut off the opportunity for people to make a visible choice using an official resource that is sanctioned by RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick.

That is what it is. However, something interesting was discovered in the process: the depth of lack of support for Jeff Frederick to remain as chairman of RPV is revealed by the sheer lack of "RPV NETWORK" members that have signed up NOT to support Frederick.

Frederick's supporters on the RPV Network have gotten fewer than 8% of RPV NETWORK members to actually sign up to ask for Jeff to stay in the position of Chairman.

The bullies running the site have cut off communication with anyone who does not support Jeff and are allowing those who do support him to hide behind a screen so no one can know who they are or if they really even exist. Who knows if they aren't inflating the numbers by adding unknown people. WHAT and WHY are they hiding ?

It is time for the group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" to be cut off from any link to the RPV since this group is clearly not the grassroots group they profess in their pledge. The group "WE SUPPORT JEFF FREDERICK" should not be allowed to use the RPV logo nor be linked to from the official VA GOP site.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BREAKING...Jeff Frederick asked to step down by Conservative Senators Obenshain and Newman

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March 6, 2009

RPV State Central Committee
c/o The Honorable Michael E. Thomas
901 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Mike:

We write on behalf of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus to express our support for the recent actions taken by members of the State Central Committee in relation to Chairman Jeff Frederick. An overwhelming majority of our Caucus has expressed grave concern over the state of affairs at the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) in recent months and has lost confidence in Delegate Frederick’s leadership.

While we recognize the recently circulated petition is a State Central Committee matter, we stand in full support of your effort. Our Caucus has engaged in conversations with other elected Republican leaders in recent months as it became clear that Delegate Frederick’s lack of judgment was hurting our Party. Each time, we have decided that it is not our role as elected officials to pick the Chairman of RPV. We are gratified to see this movement initiating from the “grassroots.”

Our members recognize the importance of this year’s elections – both statewide and local. As a slim minority party in the Senate, it is critical to our Caucus that we retain the Lieutenant Governor’s office, retain control of the House of Delegates, and regain the Governor’s mansion. We are confident in the ability of our ticket this year to succeed, but their job would be made easier with a functional state party behind them. Heading into such an important year, it is critical that our state party have the full confidence of our candidates, our elected officials, and our grassroots. Like you, we are convinced that the only way to ensure this is a change in leadership at RPV.

Accordingly, we support and appreciate your efforts in this regard and stand ready to assist as needed.



Mark D. Obenshain, Senate Republican Whip
Stephen D. Newman, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman
Frank Wagner, Senate Republican Whip
Walter A. Stosch, Senate Republican Leader Emeritus
Thomas K. Norment, Sr., Senate Republican Leader
Kenneth W. Stolle, Senate Republican Leader Tempore

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New Ideas for a New Virginia - Bill Bolling proves yet again he is the right choice for Lt. Gov.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has put a new video on his website that outlines why he is the best choice to be our Lt. Gov for another four years. The below press release from the Bolling campaign lays it out in detail but it boils down to that Bill Bolling has done a great job for Virgnia and has real ideas to continue his work when he is re elected as the next Lt. Gov.

March 9, 2009

Contact: Randy Marcus
Cell: 804-814-7117

-Video highlights Lieutenant Governor’s background, record of bipartisan results and new ideas to address the challenges facing Virginia-

RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling today released a web video called “New Ideas for a Better Virginia”. The video highlights Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s background, record of bipartisan results and vision for the future, focusing on realistic and workable solutions to the challenges facing Virginia.

“Virginia is a great place to live, work and raise a family,” Lieutenant Governor Bolling said. “However, we face some serious challenges in Virginia today.

“We must do more to create jobs and get our economy growing again. We must make certain that every child in Virginia has the opportunity for a first class, world class education so they can compete in the global marketplace of the 21st century. And we must find realistic, workable solutions to our transportation challenges and get traffic moving again so that our economy can flourish and we can improve the quality of life of our people.

“Bob McDonnell and I have the experience to lead Virginia into the future, and we have a record of working on a bipartisan basis to get things done in Richmond. That’s the kind of leadership the people of Virginia are looking for, and that’s the kind of leadership we need to build a better Virginia.”

Please click here to view the “New Ideas” video.

The video highlights Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s humble beginnings. Bolling grew up in Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia. The son of a coal miner, he was the first in his family to graduate from college. He and his wife Jean Ann moved to Hanover County in 1981, where they started a family and became involved in the community. Bolling still teaches an adult Sunday School class at his local church.

During his 10 years in the State Senate, Bolling was a bipartisan leader on important health care and environmental issues. Bolling served as Chairman of the General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care, the Commission on the Future of Virginia’s Environment and the Chesapeake Bay Commission. Bolling was the chief sponsor of legislation to create a Children’s Health Insurance program in Virginia, and he led the fight to reduce the amount of garbage being imported to Virginia from other states.
The video also highlights Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s bipartisan legislation that allowed more flexibility for the Governor’s Economic Opportunity Fund to provide incentives to recruit new jobs to economically depressed regions of Virginia. As a result of this legislation new businesses and jobs are being recruited to many parts of rural Virginia.

As Lieutenant Governor, Bolling started the 100 Ideas for the Future of Virginia initiative, which was designed to reach out to community leaders, business leaders, political leaders and regular citizens to discuss the challenges facing Virginia and find realistic, workable solutions to these challenges. In 2007 Bolling held more than 50 Town Hall Idearaisers across Virginia to solicit New Ideas For A Better Virginia. These ideas will serve as the foundation for his reelection campaign.

“This campaign will be about which candidate has a record of results and the right vision for the future of Virginia, and which candidate is prepared to provide the leadership that is necessary to find realistic and workable solutions to the challenges we face. I look forward to sharing my positive vision for the future of Virginia with the voters, and asking their support of my re-election campaign,” Lieutenant Governor Bolling said.

Randy Marcus
Chief of Staff
Office of Lieutenant Governor Bolling

Monday, March 9, 2009

Six Republican Delegates endorse Rusty McGuire for Delegate

Posted by MAXIMUS

Hanover - Today, Rusty McGuire, Candidate for the Republican nomination for the 55th House of Delegates District located in Hanover County, announced he has received the endorsements of six Republican Delegates: Bill Janis, Manoli Loupassi, Todd Gilbert, Ben Cline, Scott Lingamfelter, and David Albo.

Emphasizing McGuire’s experience as a soldier, prosecutor, and Assistant Attorney General; these Republican leaders are calling on the citizens of the 55th House District to elect a representative with the experience, integrity and ability to join them at the forefront of the Republican cause for years to come.

Delegate Bill Janis (R – 56th, Chairman, Homeland Security Sub-Committee), speaking on his years of interaction with McGuire followed by saying, "Throughout my eight years of service in the General Assembly, I have worked with Rusty McGuire on a variety of legislative initiatives to honor and benefit our military veterans, protect children from Internet sexual predators, assist victims of domestic violence, and provide innovative strategies to enhance law enforcement and public safety. Rusty is a uniquely talented, visionary and dynamic advocate for the "common good," and his relentless efforts, energy, and enthusiasm have already significantly contributed to the safety and security of the Commonwealth. Now more than ever, we need dedicated and hardworking public servants like Rusty McGuire in the Virginia House of Delegates.”

Delegate Manoli Loupassi (R – 68th, Former President of the Richmond City Council, Former Chairman of City of Richmond’s Public Safety Commission) said, “I first met Rusty when we served as prosecutors for the City of Richmond in the late 1990’s. His passion for protecting families and educating law enforcement made the streets of Richmond safer. It was no surprise that Super Lawyers featured his career in 2007 as the first Virginia prosecutor to earn such recognition. I look forward to working with Rusty on the collective interests of Hanover and the Richmond Metro area in the General Assembly. Rusty’s maturity, experience, and tenacity is exactly what Hanover needs.”

Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter, Colonel, US Army (Ret.) (R – 31st ) said, "I am delighted to endorse the candidacy of Rusty McGuire. A VMI graduate with a love for his nation and state, Rusty has lived a life of public service that includes 20 years as a US Army soldier. As a Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, citizens can rest assured that Rusty will stand firm on protecting families from violent crime. A man deeply committed to his own family, Rusty will be an effective and passionate spokesman for families of his community. That's the kind of service Hanover County deserves and needs in the General Assembly."

Virginia currently has two prosecutors serving in the House of Delegates. They are both Republicans and they are both endorsing Rusty McGuire; C. Todd Gilbert, (R – 15th and prosecutor in Frederick County) and Ben Cline (R- 24th and prosecutor in Rockingham County.)

McGuire also has the support of the Chairman of the Courts of Justice Committee. David Albo (R – 42nd, Chairman, Courts of Justice) who is a former prosecutor in Fairfax County.

In response to these endorsements, McGuire said, “I am humbled to be supported by some of the finest Republican leaders in the House of Delegates. I will continue Delegate Hargrove’s legacy by joining these men to stand strong for our conservative principles in the coming years. I want to help Republicans in the House of Delegates lead the charge to bring back common-sense to our state government.”