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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Senator Ken Stolle prevents Democratic Bail Out Plan for Criminals on Interest payments

Posted by MAXIMUS

Senator Ken Stolle Stops Virginia Democrats from giving criminals Get-Out-of-Interest-Free card.....prevents a Washington Style bail out plan for undeserving folks--who happen to be convicted criminals.

The Senate Democrats in Virginia may hold a slim majority (21-19), but the edge on knowledge of the law and procedure clearly goes to the Republican leadership. Recently Senator Stolle won the fight over electing competent judges. TODAY, Democrats in the Virginia Senate tried to pass another pro-criminal bill by supporting Senator Marsh’s SB 844.

Senate Bill 844, if passed, would have given an incarcerated defendant a waiver on accrual of interest on all of their criminal or traffic fines or costs. An interest Bailout for Crooks in Virginia? You bet. Washington style bailouts for the undeserving have crept into the mindset of the Democratic majority in the Virginia State Senate. Current law provides for the interest waiver only for the case for which the defendant is incarcerated. Link to the bill here:

Marsh’s bill, supported by all of the Democrats in the Courts Committee, essentially would have given jailed criminals a get-out-of-interest-free card. While law-abiding taxpayers have to live within their means and meet their responsibilities, Marsh and the Democrats wanted to make it easier on the criminals who can’t afford to pay interest because they broke the law.

Thanks to Stolle, this unfair bill initially failed on the floor today (19-20 vote). However, the Democrats, who realized how damaging their vote could be come election time, reconsidered the bill later in today’s floor session and then ALL Democrats voted against it (except Yvonne Miller). Nevertheless, we all know what their original intent was. NO VIRGINIA BAIL OUT PLAN FOR CRIMINALS!!!

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