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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FALSE ALARM in the Virginia State Senate

Posted by MAXIMUS

FALSE ALARM.....reports are that at the last minute, a certain Democrat State Senator Physician from Hampton Roads backed out of voting to change the Partisan makeup in the State Senate.....DEVELOPING


Lee Talley said...

Well as you can see on Not Larry Sabato we know who is responsible for screwing this up!

Anonymous said...

NLS jumped the gun once again,

The info was public on the 6th before noon.

Mason said...

Representatives from the Senate Republican Caucus informed several members of our House Caucus today about what they characterized as an imminent power-sharing agreement. In addition, it was indicated to members of our Caucus, myself included, that this information was already known and was public.

I suggested to Chairman Frederick that he get the word out, minus the details. Jeff did not post anything other than an unnamed D was looking at leaving their caucus and power sharing negotiations were underway.

There is no reason to believe that Delegate Frederick's posting on Twitter, which happened several hours into the day's activities in the Senate, affected the outcome. Perhaps, it was the visit by the wavering democrat with the Governor of the Democratic National Committee. Regardless it is clear that the partisan makeup of the Virginia Senate is tenuous. Morgan Griffith

Lee Talley said...

Regardless of who's fault this is... Why do we have to have a chairman that can't keep from stepping into piles of dogcrap!

Loudoun Insider said...

It looks like Maximus has been muzzled! Where's the mousetrap graphic? It would be so appropriate at this moment!