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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine on being DNC Chairman: "TAKING MY EYE TOO MUCH OFF THE BALL"

Posted by MAXIMUS

In today's Washington Post, Michael Shear is reporting that President Elect Barak H. Obama has tapped Old Virginy's Governor Tim Kaine to become the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. According to the article, Here's what Tim Kaine had to say about possibly accepting the DNC Chairmanship post a while back:

"I don't view that, frankly, as consistent with being governor, so I'm going to be governor," Kaine said at a Richmond news conference about the state's finances. "I would view it as taking my eye too much off the ball about things that need to happen here." ---Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, link here:

Will Gov. Kaine accept the $200,000.00 plus salary that comes with being DNC Chairman as he concurrently draws a paycheck as Governor of Virginia?


Cargosquid said...

I think that he now thinks that being Governor while being DNC Chair might be "taking my eye too much off the ball about things that need to happen here." in the DNC. Of course he's going to take that salary. He needs a job. He obviously is working at this one.....

Alter of Freedom said...

I think this has been in the hopper for months, especially after Biden got the nod as VP, but especially even more after Obama won.
I think they knew that Kaine experience in terms of a cabinet spot would come under fire the same way they went after fact not much difference there in executive experience ugh?
He'll take it and all the perks that come with it, but is he the right guy for the DNC? he never struck me as the kinda guy to do the strong arm fundraising.
He leaves a shortfall as yet addressed and he knows the other options are rather bleak for him politically.