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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck Barack

Have you ever disagreed with someone so strongly, yet want them to do well for the greater good? That's is the way I feel this morning as we head into the inauguration of Barack Obama as our next President. Reading various the blogs, and conservative leaning articles I find it odd that so many want Obama to fail so miserably. Where is the respect for the office of President? What about the general welfare of our country?
We conservative and Republicans need to heed warning from what we learned during the last eight years of the Bush Administration...namely, if the sitting President fails we all fail, opposing views are necessarily right versus wrong but different means to an end and we can should always influence instead of condemn, if we want change we can believe in. These next four years will provide ample opportunity so show those that disagree with us, and those we disagree with, WHY conservative values and policies work in the long run.....These next four years will provide ample opportunity for the GOP (and our own RPV) to get our own house in order and to get back to our core principles that we have strayed from over the last decade...These next four years will provide ample opportunity to cultivate new and exciting candidates that will espouse new ideas and excite the rank and file....These next four years will provide ample opportunity, opportunity, opportunity, opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. Enough with the sad faces, morning protests, vile and anger....we need to see the next four years as the greatest opportunity to show why conservatism works, influence those in power to use it's principles and to make us the force we should be...we should celebrate this oppportunity not morn a past that became compromised at best, made us stray from real conservative principles to back a people that didn't hold those principles as dearly as we do.


Anonymous said...

Spelling his name correctly would be a great start to showing him respect. President Barack Obama.

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