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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DNC Chairman (and part time VA Governor) Tim Kaine declares Virginia Budget Deficit Over

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The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (and the part time Governor of Virginia) Tim Kaine is cutting the Virginia Budget by billions. Gov. Kaine declares that the Virginia budget situation is so bad he is forced to:

1.) lay off honest, hard working law enforcement officers;
2.) cut funding for public education;
3.) let criminals convicted of felonies out of jail early;
4.) cut funding for mentally disabled children who have nowhere else to go

If the budget situation calls for pairing of the core services of government, why is Gov. Kaine using scarce tax dollars to transport folks on buses to an inauguration ceremony? True Virginia budget priorities, like law enforcement and education, are being thrown under the bus in order to subsidize freeloaders to ride on the bus to an inauguration? Is this economic justice of the Democratic National Committee or a Virginia Governor gone punch drunk with misguided power? Kaine must have declared the Virginia Budget deficit to be resolved.

Here is the story from today's Richmond Times Dispatch:

State pays for buses to N. Va. Metro

By Peter Bacque

Published: January 19, 2009

Virginia will pick up the cost for inauguration goers to ride buses free to Northern Virginia Metro stations Tuesday.

The state will pay eight Northern Virginia public transit agencies to run 300 buses on 45 routes that serve Metro stations, pedestrian access points and park-and-ride lots, according to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

The free service will operate from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m., though some operators may run later depending on demand.

The one-day special bus service will cost about $975,000, said state Transportation Secretary Pierce Homer. "We are seeking full reimbursement from Congress and the administration for these expenses," he said.

The money for the service will come from state economic contingency funds.

Inaugural visitors can catch buses into Metro stations as far south as Prince William County and from as far west as Loudoun County, said Jennifer Pickett with Rail and Public Transportation.

The park-and-ride lot nearest to Richmond on Interstate 95 is near Exit 158, the Prince William County Parkway exit, she said.

Officials expect enormous crowds flocking to President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration -- and enormous traffic tie-ups. Estimates run from 2 million to 5 million people jamming into Washington on Tuesday.

"Highway congestion is going to be significant," Pickett said. "We've been clear on that."

To avert massive traffic jams, state officials have been going all out to persuade people to use public transportation rather than drive themselves.

However, public transit has its own limitations. "Can we move 2 million people to the [Capitol] Mall? Absolutely not," said Washington Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein. Metro trains can handle a little more than 100,000 riders an hour in the best case, Farbstein said, and Tuesday "won't be the best-case scenario."

"This is clearly unprecedented," said Martha Mitchell Meade with the AAA Mid-Atlantic travel group. "So common sense tells us that there are going to be some people, who want to see the event, who can't get there because the numbers are just so huge."

Beginning at 3 a.m. Tuesday, personal vehicles will not be allowed to enter Washington from Virginia. Police cars and electronic signs will mark the closure of I-95, Interstate 66 and the Dulles Toll Road into Washington at the Capital Beltway.

Only authorized vehicles -- emergency vehicles, buses, taxis and for-hire limos and car services -- will be able to drive north on Interstate 395 and east on I-66 inside the Beltway, which is Interstate 495. All other traffic heading to Washington on I-95 and I-66 will be diverted to the Beltway.

"We're going to do everything we can to keep things moving smoothly," Pickett said.

State police reported light to normal traffic conditions along the Interstate 95 corridor Monday afternoon from Richmond to Washington.
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Anonymous said...

Kaine, if you recall, also used Richmond City funds to bus anti-gun folks for the Million Mom March when he was Mayor.

Alter of Freedom said...

I am curious. Does not the reasoning provided by Kaine and his supporters that the State had to spend this money for busing about the same equivalent of "Just go shopping" that they so opposed and ridiculed Bush over.

Sacrifice you say? Yeah, you should have watched the thing on TV like the rest of the country and not used free buses for your own trip into to DC at the cost of VA taxpayers.

You have to love Kaine pulling on the heartstrings though. You know "education, the special needs programs, law enforcement" if there are not other things in the busget that can be cut.

Kaines cuts to higher education (Colleges/Universities) are a joke. Why do we spend tax payer dollars at those levels to offer the same programs at different Universities, then build more space that the State must underright and insure (risk management) and then have all of them compete against one another for the opportunity to enroll Virginians. There is something really wrong with our priorities, when so much of the budget is in infrastructure for Colleges and Universities and not our transportation systems at large.