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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BREAKING...DOES GOVERNOR TIM KAINE INTEND TO BREAK VIRGINIA partisan fundraising during upcoming GA session illegal?

Posted by MAXIMUS

From an Editorial in the Roanoke Times (of all places???)

Editorial: Kaine should have abstained as host

"His involvement in a fundraiser during the General Assembly session appears to be prohibited.
According to a Washington Post blog entry, Virginia Republicans are crying foul because Gov. Tim Kaine is one of the hosts of an inaugural fundraising party for the Virginia Democratic Party.
They say Kaine's role conflicts with a state prohibition against legislators and executive officials raising contributions during the General Assembly session. The unnamed leaders on Tim Crain's Virginia Politics blog appear to have a point. Democratic officials told Crain that Kaine's role doesn't break the law. They say it's no different than attending the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraiser, which also occurs during the session.

There's a difference, though, between attending an event that is a fundraiser and hosting a fundraiser. Republicans, for their part, have made several attempts to explicitly outlaw any party fundraiser during the session. They say it makes no sense to ban individual fundraising during the session but allow parties to hit up donors who may be affected by legislation under consideration -- another good point.

Kaine could have easily avoided any problems by simply attending the event, leaving official hosting duties to Sen. Jim Webb and Sen.-elect Mark Warner, neither of whom is covered by the prohibition.

Kaine can make amends in several ways. He could push for several reforms of the existing sensible prohibition against fundraising during the General Assembly session.

First, he could go along with Republican efforts to bring party fundraising under the prohibition.

Second, he could propose extending the prohibition to include special sessions.
Last year, lawmakers raised more than $2 million in contributions during a special session on transportation -- that accomplished little else.

Finally, Kaine could push to ensure that donations given in the weeks prior to the session must be made public prior to the session's conclusion.

These reforms would make a sensible ban on seeking political contributions while the General Assembly is in session actually mean something." link here:

OUCH....When libs attack other libs, they always land the body blows.

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FoodforThought said...

Is this not the very reason that Moran needed to leave in order to raise money for his run. Just asking.