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Monday, December 1, 2008

One Conservative Bright Spot in Congress - The Cantor/McCarthy Team

This is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy conservative outlook Rep. Eric Cantor, who I personally respect and like as a person as well as a politician (not always the same thing) has tapped and great partner in California Rep. Kevin O. McCarthy as his cheif deputy. This should be a formidable force to deal with going into a very tough sessions for Republican (and more importantly conservatives)next year. From

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House, has tapped California Rep. Kevin O. McCarthy as his top deputy, cementing an already fruitful partnership between two rising stars in the party.....The selection gives Cantor a politically astute ally at the leadership table as he seeks to translate six years of potential into a real power base within the House GOP. The move, which will be announced Monday, also solidifies McCarthy as the next Eric Cantor.....Many view this pair as the next face of the GOP in the House. They combined last year to help raise millions of dollars for Republican candidates in most of the toughest races — with mixed results......The challenges ahead are clear as this duo works with other leaders to resurrect a party that many have left for dead.....Externally, Cantor and McCarthy must help a reduced minority navigate the House floor over the next two years, deciding when to cooperate with President-elect Barack Obama and when to fight.....Internally, the duo represents a younger, more aggressive branch of the GOP that has chafed occasionally under Ohio Rep. John A. Boehner, the reigning Republican leader who expanded his grip on the party brass after a second-straight electoral landslide under his stewardship of the conference....In an interview last week, Cantor said, “We have to demonstrate a willingness to work with the incoming Obama administration and Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi [D-Calif]." Yet Cantor also vowed to “serve as the honest opposition.”....The obstacles for this up-and-coming group of GOP leaders cannot be underestimated. With a crumbling economy and expanded Democratic majorities in both chambers, Cantor knows Republicans will need to cooperate with Democrats on the most critical pieces of legislation rather than just remain a party of “No.”...But he and McCarthy also see plenty of opportunities for the GOP to redefine itself as the party of limited government. On the policy front, Cantor would like to see Republicans question regulatory barricades, like the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting rules, that impede the free market, in his opinion....Congressional Republicans will at least be freed to define their conference without the burden of an unpopular GOP president who dragged them down over the past two election cycles....“We’re not going to be in the position of carrying water that our members may not want to carry,” Cantor said. “Now, it will be about the Democrats' ability to run the trains on time.”....Cantor’s Southern gentility and slight Richmond, Va., drawl belie an always-on-the-go East Coast ambition that makes him perfectly at home among pillars of the financial industry in New York and Los Angeles — where he raises millions for his party.....In McCarthy, Cantor gets a savvy, equally energetic political operative with the ability to immerse himself in the details of election law or the party’s platform. And just like Cantor, McCarthy’s laid-back demeanor masks an ambition and competitiveness that allowed him to win a coveted leadership post after just his second year in the House.....Obviously, I’m very impressed with his ability to combine what is happening policywise with the politics of it,” Cantor said.

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Alter of Freedom said...

Yeah. The Party establishment rewards Eric Cantor who sold us fiscal conservatives down the river with is bailout votes. Look I do not challenge Cantor's views on national security or even his pro-Isreal positions, but when he goes on cable and talks about economics he looks like a baffon and many people quickly come to the reality that he his out of his depth on economics. I much rather like that young (R)Congressman from Wisconsin who recently has been getting some play on CNBC. Many of us in the 7th held our nose this cycle, not that there was any real challenge from the other side but slowly Cantor is moving away from most people (Republicans) that is in Chesterfield. Most rather like Randy Forbes better representing the other part of Chesterfield.