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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FREE names Delegate Sam Nixon Best Legislator for Virginia Business

Posted by MAXIMUS

The Virginia business community is again coming home to their natural political allies, the Republican Party. Delegate Sam Nixon is no doubt leading the charge to make that alliance a sustainable and natural alliance as it should be.

Out of all 50 states, Virginia is often ranked as the best state in which to business. Virginia business leaders who are looking to grow their entities are looking to leaders in the Virginia House of Delegates like Sam Nixon for the formulation of policy and legislative solutions to accomplish their objectives. Whether the issues are Job Growth, Increased Employment, or perhaps one day Curbing Frivolous Lawsuits, folks in the Virginia business community are looking to have Delegate Nixon carry their legislation because of his legislative prowess.

Delegate Sam Nixon is a work horse, not a show horse--to say he is reserved is an understatement. However, when it comes to legislative effectiveness, he is unequaled in helping Virginia businesses grow and prosper by developing the legislative solutions that benefit all principals such as workers, shareholders, and owners --even during challenging economic times.

From yesterday's Richmond Times Dispatch, "The Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Education, Virginia FREE, has awarded Del. Samuel A. "Sam" Nixon, Jr., R-Chesterfield, with the highest cumulative business rating among all the members of the House of Delegates." link to the story here:

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