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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America Huckabee has some astute Obama Observations

From One News Now:

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee believes Barack Obama is far too astute a politician to fall into the trap of implementing a far-left agenda in the early stages of his presidency -- and may even lay low until a second term before turning the country in a leftward direction......Huckabee's latest book is called Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America. The former Arkansas governor shares the hope of many conservatives that Obama will create a huge backlash by moving too quickly in the first year or so of his presidency to implement a left-wing agenda, similar to the approach Bill Clinton took when he assumed office in 1993...."Now if [Obama] goes in and does some really crazy things like pushes for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, and pushes for more liberalized abortion laws, and pushes a Fairness Doctrine or the restriction of Second Amendment rights, he will be doing the Republican Party a great favor, and all of us can only hope that he'll do that," he notes....But Huckabee admits he is afraid Obama is going to wait. "[T]he greatest fear is that he would lay low during an entire first term, govern more to the center, and then get [elected to] a second term with two more congressional election cycles behind him in which Democrats might pick up gains, and then turn the wheel sharply to the left," he says. "And there wouldn't be a whole lot [that] Republicans could do about it."....In the first year or two of Obama's presidency, Huckabee believes the 44th president could make far more of his liberal supporters angry than scare conservatives.

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1 comment:

Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

My hope is that the 44th President takes on the pressing issues, like the economy, unemployment and the war.

This attention to less-significant (read: not insignificant, but distractions nonetheless) issues while our country's reputation and economy went up in flames is why the American people sought leadership in place of politics.

Why can't we think about the immediate, rather than Left-vs.-Right issues? Wedge issues do not define a candidate or policy. The Oval Office is a job, not a destination.

A month ago, we went from "Woo-hee, I'm da president!!!" to an intellectual who is putting whom he feels are the best people to address the many crises our country faces. By the end of this year, our President-Elect will have held more press conferences than President Bush's son, George W. Bush, did in the last eight years.

We just upgraded and you're reposting political strategy. Please note that while your porridge is rather warm, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE.

Leaders prioritize. Politicians bicker.