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Monday, December 8, 2008

Bush Looks Back

From the National Review,

'Bush Looks Back: An Oval Office conversation with the outgoing president,' by Byron York and Rich Lowry: 'Conservatives will rebound,' President Bush said during an Oval Office interview Friday, but only with 'new blood,' 'new ideas,' and a 'new wave' of leadership. In a candid exchange during an hour-long session with National Review editors and writers, the president conceded that his eight years in office have sometimes been tough for conservatives, but said his philosophy of 'compassionate conservatism' is still the guiding belief of a majority of Americans. 'Somebody said, 'Oh, that's the end of the conservative movement,' the president told us. 'Really? How about '64? Was that the end of the conservative movement? No. Do we need to be reinvigorated with new blood, new ideas? Absolutely...and there will be a new wave of people.'

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