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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Republican Party and the New Whigs of the 21st Century?

Below is a letter written by a man I respect a great deal, Dr. K. Bakeer Al-Mateen, a true conservative and a great man of principle. I'll let the letter speak for itself but this is what we need if we are to ever 1. explain why the conservative movement needs to overtake the Republican party once again for the sake of America and 2.) the need for ethical and inttelligent representation of the benefits of the conservative movement and Republican party to all incomes, races and creeds and then follow through with those basic tenants as we once again pratice what we preach..

The Republican Party and the New Whigs of the 21st Century?
I was chosen out of a crowd of 25,000 people. His only request was to take my picture to show the students in the government class he teaches at Meodowbrook High School in Chesterfield County. Why, because I was one of 11 African-Americans (if you believe the Richmond Free Press count) who attended a Sarah Palin rally at the Richmond International Raceway in October. Of course I refused to have my picture taken. But I did agree to speak to his students in person. I wanted to explain why Americans of African heritage are best suited to speak on behalf of and to be critical of today’s Republican Party.
During one of the lectures I attended, the teacher discussed the role of third parties in national politics. He said third parties are “issue oriented” with little hope for their candidates to win national office. In the presentation that followed, I explained that this was true in part of third parties in the 1850s. The difference was that one particular third party won. The party was the Republican Party. The issue was slavery.
Democrats and Whigs were the dominant political parties at that time. Southern Democrats favored slavery while the Whigs and some northern Democrats maintained moderate positions. Whigs reached across the aisle to compromise with the Democrats to contain the practice in order to gain support for their other legislative agenda items. However, disaffected members of both parties and abolitionists groups merged to form the Republican Party. They took the uncompromising position that slavery was immoral and must be abolished.
As a result, the Republicans were propelled to majority status by the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln and subsequent secession of the Southern states. Aside from the obvious immorality of slavery, the ramifications of its abolition on the Southern economy and state sovereignty were the leading causes of the sectional conflict. But it was the liberation from human bondage outlined in Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation that lifted the stalemate in the war and rallied the Union to victory. Although there is no single issue like slavery today that has both moral and economic implications, there is a combination of challenges that the Party must confront just as boldly to ensure the success of liberty. Among these are the rise of socialism, abortion on demand and racism.
The movement toward a socialistic centrally controlled economy advocated by the Democrats and conceded to by moderate Republicans is as contrary to economic freedom as was the slave based economy of the South. Command economies require economically dependent populations to maintain control over consumers and suppliers of goods and services. Any attempt by Republicans to lift this financial dependency, relieve the tax burden on private citizens and businesses and to help people transition to self sufficiency is mischaracterized by Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media as insensitive, selfish and cruel.
A philosophical discussion of when human life begins is said to be “above the pay grade” of today’s liberal Democrat politicians. However, there is no question as to when life exists and when it ends. An unborn child has no Constitutional rights despite clear evidence of being human and very much alive. It is worthy of the inalienable right to life endowed by its Creator. Abortion unjustly extinguishes that life.
The Republican Party grew to be a dominant force in America by taking bold stances to protect the ideals embodied in our founding documents. We are the party that first introduced legislation in support of women’s suffrage, to secure civil and voting rights for all Americans, restrict child labor, to create the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency. We introduced the concept of affirmative action as an initial step to begin the slow undoing of effects of generations of discrimination against African-Americans.
Ronald Reagan challenged Americans to “act worthy of ourselves” in lifting the malaise of Watergate and the economic challenges of the1970s. His faith in the heroism of average Americans inspired a national pride that peaked by the end of his presidency. That pride now wanes under liberal Democrat assault and Republican somnolence. It is time for Republicans to act worthy of ourselves, to speak in a unified voice and challenge our leaders to act in a manner consistent with our principles or be replaced.
We must offer a new Contract with America that is bold in its defense of life, liberty, economic freedom and equal opportunity. This new contract must stand against ALL forms of racism no matter where it presents its cowardly head. We must unleash the shackles of dependency and poverty in a way that values human life and dignity.
We must concede no territory to the oppressive regimes of today’s Democrat Party that seeks to divide the country economically, regionally, racially, by gender and sexual orientation. Their party’s approach to “caring” by promoting and expanding the welfare state maintains an economic system whose impact on the African-American family rivals that of slavery, Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan in its body count of lost souls.
Republicans must be bold and daring in this challenge to secure the multigenerational changes needed to reverse this course and achieve the ultimate victory in this second and final emancipation. We must do this now or face extinction like the Whigs of old and concede defeat in this great and noble cause for freedom, justice and equality.

- K. Bakeer Al-Mateen