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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rebuilding the Conservative Movement and Thought

What the conservative movement now needs to do is once again show the people ( as we did in 1979/1980 and again in 1994) that we live center to right lives in the United States and that we need to vote in accordance with how we live. The rebirth of the Contemporary Conservative movement needs is to start from the ground up and rebuild the itself by using these 10 things as a guide along with the core beliefs we still hold dear:

1. Education - Educate young people on the long term benefits of fiscal conservative policy in more detail than bullet points and sound bites… today can disseminate loads of information quickly and in a detailed manner due to Internet browsing skills and we must give them all the information they need to make decisions quickly. On the opposite side of the coin we must educate on the long term fallacy of socialistic policy and how no economy can sustain itself, in the long term, under a non free enterprise system.
2. New Blood - We need new blood – In the Republican Party especially and also in the conservative movement we need a dedicated effort to get the under 40’s and more importantly under 30’s involved in campaigning and running for office. Also minority outreach, our belief system comes from minds of abolitionists, making those whodisenfranchised self reliant and that racial equality stregthens our country. We need to return to those basic principles to show minorities that the conservative movement contains those deep rooted beliefs that minority communities hold dear and that the "nanny" state of socialist governements actually hurts the people they profess to help by keeping them in a constant state of need.
3. Ethics - Cut those politicians that do wrong off and send them packing with no second changes and no defense-we need a clean slate of principled politicians that can debate the issues without any side problems.
4. Resources - Use all resources available to us more effectively to get our message out there to the masses – Movies, Radio, T.V, Internet, interactive media need to be used more effectively and more proactively 365 days a year, every year.
5. Fiscal Conservatism – Fiscal Conservatism needs to lead the way in the rebuilding of the conservative movement. We need to show people that lower taxes, tax incentives for small businesses, the advocacy of lower governmental spending practices and a lower federal debt; the benefits of smaller government, less federal spending, fewer earmarks and entitlement programs, and lower general taxes on all Americans.
6. Self Definition – We conservative need to less identify ourselves as Republicans and more stringently identify ourselves as conservatives. Then as a voting block separate from party affiliation we can dictate policy that will best benefit America. As with racial identify or gender identity we can not afford to be taken for granted by the party we most closely relate to but we need to show the value we hold as a voting block ad them be proactive I the policies we deem necessary.
7. We care too - Stress the belief that conservatives care about the ills of society and work to fix those problems but do not feel it falls to a government body to resolve them but all of us to resolve it. Stress the belief that conservatism and empathy complement each other, particularly in opposition to common conservative party platform planks such as advocating laissez-faire economic policies. A conservative should see the social problems of the United States, such as health care or immigration, as issues that are better solved through cooperation with private companies, charities and religious institutions rather than directly through government departments….we are not heartless, but believe private enterprise (non-governmental) is better equipped to tacked the ever changing needs of the worlds social problems.
8. Big Government is Bad Government - We must also stress that with everything government gives you, they in turn (by either by design, nature or purpose) will take something away such as freedoms or rights. Citizen’s rights and the constitution should be paramount in the sustaining democracy of America and should not be susceptible to a changing administration of current philosophy; we should always stress that the constitution is not a “living” documents but contains the core tenants of this country’s foundation.
9.A Strong Defense Helps Peace in an non-peaceful World - A strong national defense should always be a key to our foreign policy and protects our democracy and should be used to protect fledgling democracies around the world as well our way of life.
10. 2nd Amendment protects us from ourselves - The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not negotiable and should be sacred in that it protects our citizens from a government that over steps its power and influence, the second amendment should never be modified as long as such possession does not threaten national security(the importance of the second amendment should be taught as a measure to fight off governmental tyranny and not as a hunting or protection of home invasion measure)
The 10 things should be combined with the below tradition conservative views to empower Americans and re-establish the conservative movement:

Checking change on tradition
A strong national defense
Economic allocative efficiency (as opposed to popular equity)
Stronger law enforcement and anti-crime laws, including the death penalty
Parents, rather than school teachers, educating children about sex
Choice in education
Private medical care and retirement plans
Weakening or cancellation of failed social support programs
Prohibition or limitation of abortion (partial-birth abortion ban)
Support enforcement of current laws regarding immigration
Support tightening of border security
Respect for our military... past and present
Low taxes for everyone
Opening foreign markets to U.S. products
Less power for the federal government and more for local and state governments


Alter of Freedom said...

Grassroots conservatism has to be jumpstarted at the local level through recruiting young, new blood for the Party top leverage in the future.

Chesterfield County has been a stronghold for conservative views and yet either we have failed to get out to vote during off cycles or we have allowed ourselves to be persuaded away from our core beliefs resulting in (2) Independent Supervisors being elected in 2007 from the strongest conservative areas of the County.

If you analyze the data from Tuesday and compare it to Webb/Allen race you will find thata majority of the precincts in Chesterfield simply flipped % points. For example, Evergreen (312)an increase of 4% for Dems and -4% for GOP, same with Tomahawk (310) +2%Dems/-2%GOP. Both with higher ballots cast in 2008 versus 2006 as well.Wagstaff, Winfress, Skinquarter same % returns as 2006 with more ballots cast as well. This are but a few examples of strong areas not reflected on the current Board of Supervisors. The Midlothian district had blowout numbers in a number of precints, exception being Greenfield where it was 2% and most were in at 60/40 GOP range and yet Midlothian as a quasi-Democrat/Independent Supervisor.

We need to take the direction of where we would like to see the Party go and apply it to the local level, then to the General Assembly seats, then to the Governors race , then to the Congressional delegation and beyond. Economics may certainly work top/down but activism and politics works bottom/up if it is to survive any period of time.

That said, the endeavor to return control should based on timing begin with a push for McDonnell in 2009 and in doing so work to introduce young blood to constituents for potential runs at 2010/2011. Folks supporting the GOP Governor candidate for example in the 5th should Goode end up in the end losing that seat should aslo we working simultanouesly to return the 5th back to the GOP in 2010. There has to be an alignment in the planning and stratedy and we must stop looking at these races as single entities moving forward. It has to be a collective and sustain effort through coalitions forcing the debate.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Amen! I knew I like this guy for a reason....

James said...

It can start with you two. Jody I think you are on one end of the County and John at AOF is in Midlothian and both of you are in different Congressional districts as well but can impact Chesterfield by joining in a drive to take back the BOCS in 2011. That should be a smaller turnout year given no Congressional seats will be up that year and the Republicans if brought to the polls could sweep back control of the Board. My only problem has been with the entrenched CCRC and how they will go about putting the right candidates up; this could force inspiring potential candidates to go Independent. There is still the conception that the CCRC suffers from too much good ole boy politics. The Matoaca and Midlothian districts appear ready to support Republicans and that desire based on the results from the SBOE for Chesterfield needs to be fed by the CCRC if possible.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about the State GOP that Jeff Frederick could not even deliver Prince William County to McCain on Tuesday. This is the guy chairing the GOP?
Should the GOP not have at the helm a real conservative (fiscal) from "downstate" who can consolidate and expand the base. I realize they think that NOVA is the battleground, but not with the message being presenting by Frederick. Look at well Wolf did in Fairfax- that should be the model of running a campaign in NOVA not Fredericks divisive Raising Kaine-like tactics.

Alter of Freedom said...

James- appreciate the confidence. We certainly have our work cut out for us thats for sure; there is way too much apathy at the local level political spectrum.


The biggest thing we can use to rally folks is this Regional Transportation Authority proposition that many on the Board wish to impose on the County. This is a pure taxing and feeing authority that will result in increasing taxes and hiking fees associated with inspections, registrations and even a "congestion" fee levied on citizens all under the guise to support road funding, let alone the increase in gas taxes, sales taxes and the like.

How's about we start with reducing the size of government, contract out those services that can be effectively handled by the private sector (and increase jobs to boot), analyze school system expenditures to make the budget more effectively implemented and reevaluate the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which has a model of projections to fund that this economy will not support in the coming years. We need to prioritize what remaining funding is left from the 2004 Bond Referendum and shelve any further construction of governmental buildings that will solely be used for government purposes.Look at the CIP for a list of such plans, like libraries, courtrooms, social servcies and adminstration buildings.
A better plan would be to use existing infrastructure from the private sector and lease space for departments than engage in costly capital projects during this economy. There is no reason why private entities and public departments cannot share existing commercial building space. Afterall, the Board zoned it in the first place and it does no one any good sitting vacant.

I just wish I would see a bit more transparency in terms of the planning behind how to repsond to these times. It looks as if the Board will be looking at the very least a significant shortfall FY2010. We should be bracing for that now and only funding essential projects.

It is my hope that Republicans, Art Warren and Dorothy Jaeckle step up and lead from the front from a position of fiscal conservatism. If they fail to do so, then they need to be challenged openly in the Primary system in 2011. That sounds harsh, but the reality is either represent our core beliefs in fiscally sound, small and responsible government or get out of the way.

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Right on! You're points are a long the lines of what I was thinking.