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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brian Moran has a Larry Craig Problem

Posted by MAXIMUS

This was brought to my attention by an admirer of Creigh Deeds for Governor.... What happens when you lock Brian Moran, the ACLU, and Senator Larry Craig in a bathroom stall? A noxious mix of elected officials and advocacy groups who support lessening the criminal penalties on "alternative" sex in public restrooms.

Roanoke’s Wasena Park [Summer 1999]: Although it had been traditional there to use the "indecency" arrested in that sting were charged with soliciting the felonies of the "crimes against nature" statute, which is a felony itself. Ten of the men netted in that sting pleaded guilty for conditional sentences in order to challenge the law in court (see PlanetOut News of June 10, 1999). In November, a three-judge panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals quite brusquely rejected their claim, in essence denying they had any standing to challenge the law. That court announced January 22 that its full bench will not review that decision, in part because the three judges had been unanimous. The men’s attorney Sam Garrison said he’ll file an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, but that court is by no means bound to take it up.

"A new strategy to tackle the Crimes Against Nature law. In addition to sodomy law reform bills in the House and Senate, proposed respectively by [Delegate Brian] Moran and Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria), Arlington Del. Karen Darner (D) has filed a bill to reduce the penalty for sodomy to a misdemeanor." Link here:

"I think the public policy of the Commonwealth should not criminalize behavior between consenting individuals" ---Brian Moran
link here:

Delegate Brian Moran (D-Alexandria), the sponsor of the Virginia bill to decriminalize oral and anal sex acts between consenting adults was rejected by the state House Courts of Justice Committee on January 19, 2001, by a vote of 13 to 9.

Solicitation to commit sodomy is a charge commonly brought by police against men cruising other men for sex in public places. Virginia. Del. Brian Moran (D-Alexandria) said, "We have to continue to work on those issues. Well keep bringing them up." Link Here:

Will Virginian's support Brian Moran for Governor when he supports lessening criminal penalties for participants of gay bathroom sex parties in public parks? Do your children use these bathrooms?

During the 2000 legislative session of the Virginia Genaral Assembly, State Senator Creigh Deeds, Delegate Brian Moran's opponent for the Democratic nomination for Governor, "voted twice—once in committee and once on the House floor—against killing Virginia’s "crimes against nature" statute (section 18.2-361).....Defenders of the law claim enforcement is restricted to the nuisance of sex in parks." link here:

Brian Moran has a powerful ally on his side in support of position (aside from Senator Larry Craig). It's the ACLU, link here:

Moran's position on the issue: "What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom." What courage from a Gubernatorial Aspirant in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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