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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why haven't these questions been asked of Barrack Obama? Because the answers would send chills up and down your spine

From Questions the Media Needs to Ask and Senator Obama Needs to Answer

1. What precisely was the nature of Senator Obama’s relationship with convicted real estate developer Tony Resko? Why did he engage in a real estate deal with Rezko when he was under federal investigation? What “advice” did he give Obama about buying a house in Chicago?

2. Why has Obama proclaimed that he has been fighting alongside ACORN, a radical leftwing organization, his “entire career”?

3. What exactly has been Obama’s experience with ACORN?

4. What was the nature of the “training” Obama provided to ACORN activists in Chicago?

5. What exactly occurred during the “actions” that Obama organized as a community organizer? Did the “actions” involve intimidation by any of the participants Obama led?

6. Why did ACORN activists humiliate bankers into giving bad loans after Obama trained them?

7. Why did Obama seek ACORN’s endorsement in his state senate race?

8. What, if any, support did ACORN provide Obama in his 2004 Senate race?

9. Why was Obama silent on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform package in 2005?

10. Why did Obama say that sub-prime lending was a “good thing”?

11. Why did Obama support $500 million a year going to ACORN-like organizations in the housing bailout this past summer?

12. Why did the Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation direct millions to organizations such as ACORN while Obama was serving on the board of those foundations?

13. Why did Madeleine Talbot, one time fiery leader of Chicago ACORN, invite Obama to help train their organizers in the 1990s?

14. Why did Obama attend a fundraiser at George Soros’s home during his 2004 campaign?

15. Why didn’t Obama return campaign contributions from George Soros?

16. Why did Obama vote to raise taxes on people making as little as $42,000 per year?

17. Has Senator Obama or his campaign coordinated with St. Louis law enforcement authorities who are threatening criminal libel charges against critics of Obama who make statements that are found to by law enforcement officials to be “false”?

18. Are the Obama campaign’s “internet action alerts” directing supporters to overwhelm call-in radio show that are critical of Obama consistent with the fair and open campaign the Senator has pledged to run?

19. When did Senator Obama first meet domestic terrorist William Ayers? Did Obama know Ayres as a student at Columbia in the early 1980s?

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