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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tom Perriello..... NOT married to a woman???

Posted by MAXIMUS

Why is Tom Perriello NOT married to a woman? Can anyone explain this? While he was in New York City, can anyone name one woman (for verification purposes) that Tom Perriello actually dated?

For that matter, can anyone provide the name of a woman (for verification purposes) that Perriello has dated in Albemarle County/Greater Charlottesville area since he returned from New York City?

Did something change Tom Perriello when he was in New York? When they meet him, do women have an internal radar that goes off and tells them "Stay away from him, he is ..... not like other men?"

Why is it that Perriello's friends in New York appear to be predominately women, platonic girl-friends, who are now returning the favor by organizing political phone banks for him?

What was Perriello's position on defining marriage as being between one man and one woman in Virginia? Or did he NOT take a position on that because he was out of state at the time----possibly clubbing in SOHO? Does anyone know the answer?


Sarah P said...

Why is this any of YOUR business? Is it because you hate gays, or because the you think the people you're trying to influence hate gays? Either way, you're trash.

Anonymous said...

Its not about homosexuality. Its about integrity. Tom's campaign is being conducted in the same manner Obama courted voters in that district. By promising everything and not associating any responsibility or accountability for democrats in Congress the past two years involved in the financial crisis. He sings the praises of the House liberals to get a cash infusion into his campaign while they trash his opponent as being an out of touch hater. The question is exactly how "in touch" is Tom to the district given how short he has actaully resided there adn why was it that Tom was elevated to contest Virgil in the first place by the Democrats. If the district wants NOVA liberalism to work its way further down state then so be it, but nothing about the race has to do with homosexuality, but it does have something to do with integrity and being clear about the vision one has for the future. Tom has been everything but clear.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

Virgil Goode is my favorite Congressman among our Virginia delegation.

The reason I like Virgil so much is that he stands up, speaks his mind and does a great job in Congress on behalf of his District.

Virgil would not approve of this blatantly sleazy attack on Tom, especially the innuendo about his personal life. "Max" if you pulled this sort of crap in front of Virgil, Virgil would kick your dishonorable ass.

Virgil Goode can stand toe-to-toe with anyone and win re-election based on the issues and his proven record.

The last thing Virgil Goode would want is some misguided xenophobic supporter spreading salacious lies about his opponent and posting such garbage under a pseudonym.

Virgil is a stand-up guy and he will beat that New Yorker, Tom Perriello like a drum on election day, but he will win on the issues and based on Virgil's record of service to the People in his District.

Just an aside, there are millions of Men who do not "date" women. Some are Priests, some are celibate for other reasons and some have medical issues. Some just can't find a woman who isn't a "diva wannabe" or the guy can't afford the high maintenance American woman of today. Others would prefer a good hunting dog or a bass boat to a woman. In short, there are a plethora of reasons.

Ten years ago, I thought Congressman Barney Frank was a disgrace because he is openly homosexual. However, after observing, via CSPAN, his conduct of numerous hearings, I see him as a highly capable Congressman who is the epitome of politeness and decorum in his official duties. While many of us do not share his politics or have much in common with him, it is apparent that he has conscientiously served his District, in spite of his orientation. So, perhaps someone like Frank has shown that one's orientation is not a barrier to providing good representation in Congress.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from VA, I'm from CA. But i went to yale w Tom Perriello -- who i didn't even know was running for congress, much less having won. for the record, he is definitely not gay, not that it's any of your business. Yale is quite possibly the most gay-friendly Ivy, if not one of the most gay friendly schools in the country. Tom was known for being QUITE clear throughout all 4 years of his affection and attraction to women... I saw it first hand.

Anonymous said...

He's in love with me. And I'm still in school. That's why he's not married. We met in New York. I broke his heart. It's a loong story.

Anonymous said...

Not that I know the guy, but I bet he's very busy with his career and just hasn't had the fortune to meet the one yet. He's Roman Catholic and if the right person hasn't come into his life isn't going to just up and get married for how it looks. Shame on you for your assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom is definitely into women. I also went to Yale Law with him and witnessed it firsthand. He dated a couple of my friends, in fact. He's far and away one of the most ethical and good-hearted people I've ever met...but definitely a flirt, too! He's just not met the right woman yet; in large part due to his complete lack of free time, what with being a U.S. Congressman and all!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you one thing. If he had been gay, I would have called him and asked him on a date but alas, he is not.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't "date." He flirts with (and tries to get up the skirts of) any girl that has tits and a pulse. Spent most of his time in the 111th hitting on the female staffers. Definitely prefers quantity over quality. The "faith-based" thing is purely an act.

To a previous poster: Ethical? Absolutely not.