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Thursday, October 30, 2008

TOM PERIELLO OUTED.....carpetbagger asks New Yorkers to harass 5th District Virginia Voters

Posted by MAXIMUS

Just when you thought 5th District Democrat Congressional Candidate Tom Perriello was a good ole' boy, here comes an email that "OUTS" him and his campaign as being addicted to grassroots campaign support from New York City.

Tom Perriello ask New Yorkers to be call residents of Virginia's 5th District...meaning Obama's New York surrogates will be harassing voters in the 5th for days...leading up to election day.

In an email sent to fellow New Yorkers today, Tom Perriello supporter Emily Weiss asked New York City liberals to come to her home to conduct a phone bank from Brooklyn NY--all under the watchful coordination of Perriello's Charlottesville staff. In fact, Perriello's staff are are advocating that “as many Tom-supporting VA-05-dwellers as possible get harassed by the Obama campaign during the last four days of the race.”

According to the email, telling these New Yorkers that you support Tom Perriello will guarantee these 5th District voters at least four phone calls from the Obama Campaign over the next few days.

Tom Perrielllo supporters should call him and the coordinator of this project, Ashleigh Crocker, and ask to be taken off the harassment list that Perriello has sent to Obama. Call them at (434) 971-1344 and demand to be taken off the list.

Now, here is the email proof. The Contemporary Conservative has obtained an exclusive email that documents Perriello's deep and dubious ties to New York, behold:

"October 30: Phone Banking From NYC to Win Virginia"

"Virginia is one of the top priorities this election. This Thursday there will be a phone banking effort in Cobble Hill to get out the vote for Congressional candidate Tom Perriello and for Barack Obama.

Tom Perriello, running for Congress in the VA-5 district against Republican Virgil Goode, may be a particularly important person for us to get into Congress because of his excellent diplomatic record. After 8 years of Bush's failed foreign policy, we need some people with excellent diplomatic skills in government to help clean up the mess. Goode is stuck in the Bush/McCain thinking. By contrast, Perriello has a record of diplomatic success in difficult regions. Back when Sierra Leone was one of the world's most violent hot spots, Tom worked with child soldiers, amputees, and local pro-democracy groups, and played a significant role in the peace and reconciliation process that ended twelve years of violence there. He then became Special Advisor and spokesperson for the International Prosecutor during the showdown that forced Liberian dictator Charles Taylor (who was also responsible for the violence in Sierra Leone) from power without firing a shot. THAT is the kind of diplomatic skill America needs after years of Bush/McCain blunders. After this success, Tom served as a national security analyst for the Century Foundation. He has worked inside Darfur and twice in Afghanistan, so he knows about the hot spots of today. This is the kind of leadership we need in Congress! He is raising record amounts of money to defeat the incumbent Republican. For me, this is a critical pick up opportunity.

Emily Weiss is setting up a phone bank to help Tom Perriello and Barack Obama in Virginia. Here is her email:

I hope you will be able to join me for a virtual phone-banking party for Tom (and Obama) this Thursday evening, October 30, between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m.
I know it's short notice, but as you may have noticed the election is coming up pretty soon, and Tom's race has gotten very close, and apparently on Friday at midnight the Obama campaign is going to freeze their get-out-the-vote universe, so up until then our calls are Very Important because we can identify voters who are leaning towards Tom and catapult them into the Obama campaign's GOTV universe, and once that happens the Obama people will call those people four more times before Election Day to make sure they don't forget to vote.

Thus, in order to make sure that as many Tom-supporting VA-05-dwellers as possible get harassed by the Obama campaign during the last four days of the race, if you show up at my apartment sometime between 6:00 and 8:30 on Thursday evening I will give you a user name, a password, a script, some talking points about all of Tom's great policies (I'll even send them to you early if you want to prep), some Halloween candy, and some beverages to keep your phone voice smoothly modulated. I live at 401 Henry St. #3, between Warren and Baltic in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn (near the F/G at Bergen St., the 4/5/2/3 at Borough Hall, and the R/M at Court St.).

If you are planning to come by, please write back to this email to let me know so that I can make sure to have Ashleigh Crocker, the Perriello campaign's lovely Volunteer Coordinator, set you up with a username and password and so that I can print out some nice materials for you ahead of time. You can also call me at 347-205-7200 if you have any questions or anything.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Further, to enforce that Perriello has been out of touch and away from living in Virginia's 5th District, records reveal that Tom Perriello did not pay any personal property taxes on any vehicles in Albemarle County, VA (where his Virginia address of record is located) during the following years: 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Perriello decided to pay personal property taxes on his vehicle in 2008 to coincide with his new found interest in running for Congress in Virginia's 5th Congressional District.

To quote Billy Joel, Perriello was definitely in a "New York State of Mind" for much of this past decade. Let's all welcome Tom Perriello to the 5th District of Virginia.

One last question, what do you call a grown man who isn't married, doesn't have children, and who is now openly "cruising" for election support in New York City? What's he trying to create here? SOHO on Charlottesville?


grumps said...

All you hateful crackers are going to eat a big bag of shit this election, and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Notice the language. I though it was us conservatives who always get portrayed as the excluders, haters, racists and the like and yet it is always it seems the other side resorting to such tact. It amazes me so much how screwed the lenses are of people. Afterall it was Dems who played the race card and dirty politics against Clinton in the primary and not the GOP. Now the same folks that won that battle have turned their sights on Palin. Free speech and free blogging can be equated often with hate speech and hate blogging it seems.
In terms of Tom, well the strategy worked for Sen. Clinton in NY when she ran for her first term didn't it?

Suze said...

Hate speech?

Tell me what this is meant to imply:

"One last question, what do you call a grown man who isn't married, doesn't have children, and who is now openly "cruising" for election support in New York City? What's he trying to create here? SOHO on Charlottesville?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Humanitarian?

I agree there is no time to Hate.
It is easy to get emotionally excited over this election. Yes we can come together. LOVE, do unto others, Creator's story or Man's story CAN be the same story. Feel, keep the good feelings, exhale the negitive, accept Humility and Humanity.

Josh said...

It is absolutely fair game to complain about out-of-staters calling up Virginians about this race. Very strange, though, to end this rational note with an unsubtle suggestion that Tom Periello is somehow must be gay because he's in his 30s and is unmarried. And if you've been to Soho in the last twenty years, you'd see pretty quickly that it ain't much of a gay hangout, anyway. If you're going to hate, at least get your facts straight. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your comments that Perriello has been "outed" and is "cruising" as an unmarried man appeal to the basest of peoples' prejudices and is exactly the kind of excrement that has contributed to the Democratic wave this year. People are tired of this kind of nonsense when they are faced with layoffs, plummeting 401(k)s, and no health care. Perriello has focused on these issues, and thankfully is likely to be certified as the Representative of the 5th District.

Anonymous said...

Despite your desperate smears, Tom Perriello, who was born and bred in Virginia's 5th district beat Virgil Goode, the incumbent GOP congressman.

Yes, Perriello lived 2 years of his adult life in NY and the friends he made their supported his campaign.

But did you know that Virgil Goode, the man he beat, raised 3 and half times more in special access PAC dollars than Perriello? Did you know that NY-based financial institutions supported Goode's campaign?

Does that mean that Goode is somehow not a good representative? Does taking a contributuion from friend he made while living in NY somehow disqualify him as a Congressman?

Give me a break! It doesn't matter in either case.

Perriello won.

As for your insinuations on Perriello's sexual orientation, who the hell cares?

You know, I read today something that Portia de Rossi said today that made a lot of sense. She is a lesbian and response to the notion that homosexuality is somehow a choice, she said this in the current issue of Newsweek she said, "I was raised by two heterosexuals. I was surrounded by heterosexuals. Just everywhere I looked: heterosexuals. They did not influence me."

You and others like you need to join the 21st century. The rest of us would welcome you there.

johnny said...

virgil goode is a bigot and can, along with any of his supporters, eat my shit any day of the year. just let me know.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that little Tom Periello, who was born and raised here, not is some New York ditch as Virgil Goode would have you believe, WON THIS ELECTION!

The only negativity I saw or had to listen to on robocalls was from Mr. Goode or from Mr. McCain or the pathetic and slightly "touched" Sarah Palin.

I called the Republican party two days before the election and told them they were disgusting human beings for calling Obama a terrorist and Tom Periello a "New York Lawyer." I told them I hoped the voters would oust the negative, racist, southern pigs that have dominated this area for too long.

I got the answer I wanted. I am so proud of the 5th district. I just moved back to Roanoke after a 20-year hiatus and I have to say Virginia, you made me proud. Go Blue :)

Anonymous said...

Now isn't Mr. Goode under investigation by the FBI at the moment for some contributions from the same defense contracting company that was so generous to Duke Cunningham out there in California? Wasn't there ever so much money that flowed into Mr. Goode's campaign from that company, and didn't Mr. Goode do a lot to help them locate a big facility in Martinsburg. Did that have anything to do with all those contributions from every executive in the company and the wife of every executive in the company? Or did I get that wrong? Seems those were the most significant contributors to his campaign, from out there in California...So let's not sit so high on our horse when criticizing Congressman Periello for finding help where he could in his campaign. Tom will do a good job for a few years and then it will be time to turn him out before he gets in too deep. Virgil's problem was he stayed around until things began to smell bad. That's why it is always best to vote against the incumbant before the power we give them goes to their head and rots their heart.

Anonymous said...

So here's a thought for all you conservatives out there.

What was it, exactly, that George Bush conserved, I mean since he was such a conservative and all. Did he conserve our national treasure? Or did he spend more money than any president in history? Did he make the government smaller? Or did he create the largest government we have ever had? And what about all those contractors that got hired to do jobs that government employees used to do less expensively? I mean if George Bush was such a conservative and all, how is it that we are now living through the biggest financial disaster since Herbert Hoover gave us the Great Depression? Aren't the conservatives supposed to be fiscally responsible? Not like those tax and spend democrats like Clinton who left office with a surplus in the trillions that George Bush ran through like a drunken sailor. Or what about all those bail outs? Aren't those fiscally conservative republicans supposed to protect the public from spendthrift politicians and their pals from plundering the treasury? I mean 300 plus billions for Citibank AFTER they let go 53,000 who got the money? Plenty there for some really juicy year end bonuses on top of those multi million dollar salleries... Sort of like Robin Hood in reverse, ya know? Think about it... all us little wage earner guys who still have to pay taxes bailing out the rich cigar chomping wall street bankers who haven't paid taxes since they moved their home offices to Dubai (like Halliburton did). That's wellfare for the rich, isn't it? Or corporate wellfare paid for by the little taxpaying peons... I mean it reminds me of techno feudalism where there are a very few super rich guys with cigars and champagne and then all the rest of us wage slaves keeping them rich by bailing them out even when they get way too greedy and game their own stock market and cause a melt down...And let me ask you conservative guys (I am an old time socialist my self, red flag and all)just what did we get for all the money George Bush spent? Two unwinnable wars and a Great Depression. And you guys wonder why you lost the election? What are you smokin? Not Havana!Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha Periello won Goode lost now go back into your caves you inbred right-wing knuckle-draggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's clear enough from the above that liberals have plenty of hate. Liberal kids grow up learning to hate conservatives, poor whites, religious people other than Jews, and just about any group that doesn't share their agenda. Why must it be hatred or nothing? Why can't I 'mildly dislike' gays who flout their lifestyle or be 'somewhat irritated' when Chinese students drape the flag of Communist China over the balcony during the Olympics? Are there no degrees of disapproval? I think this practice will go on until conservatives learn to walk through it, not go around it, so to speak. Conservative spokesmen spend too much time pleading innocent and not enough time deliberately offending liberals. Deliberately offending someone is a way of looking them in the eye and saying "I don't give a damn what you think and I don't acknowledge your right to set the rules." Have YOU offended a feminist today? If not, get to it! It's your patriotic duty.

Tim Rees said...

To the anonymous who posted on January 12th - how do you like your national debt now?! Obama has spent more in 6 months than all 43 Presidents before him - COMBINED!! Does us all a favor and shut your mouth, do your homework, and quit voting like a drone....Conservatives think, Liberals don't - plain and simple.