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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The root of America's economic problems - Sin

From One News Net:

Christian financial expert says America's current financial liquidity problem can't be solved by a government bailout or the policy of a new elected official, but only if people take responsibility for their sin....Chuck Bentley is the CEO of Crown Financial Ministries and host of the "Money Life" radio program. He says the $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill signed into law by President Bush contained "the good, the bad, and the ugly."...
Bentley likes the controversial provision that gives the Treasury secretary funding to remove the bad mortgage assets off the books of banks, as well as the tax relief for small business owners that was added to the legislation....But Bentley says he still would not have voted for the bill because it contains an "outrageous" amount of pork and raises the federal debt limit to $11.3 trillion...."I think it's abhorrent," he states bluntly. "It's putrid that our legislators would try to throw that pork into this bill....I think we do need the good parts of it -- but the bad parts are politicizing the issue. They're not 'sweeteners.' They're feathers in the cap of politicians, [and] I think it's actually unpatriotic."..Bentley believes the country's current financial woes can be attributed to the sin of greed and the failure of Americans to acknowledge that sin and repent of it before God.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts on how to fix America.

First thing is to reduce government. Say 1 – 2 % per year until we hit the 20% mark. Lets not shock anyone too much.

Second - Lets get back manufacturing in the country. Our government can help with that. Make an environment conducive to Manu fating of durable goods. Look at China, a world superpower from it’s manufacturing capability. Just try to buy something not made in China. Corporate geed and the US government is responsible for the lose of this important base for our economy. With the lose of so many jobs it may be time to produce something and get people working. Americans can provide a good steady base of productive, skilled, and dedicated workers.

Third - immigration. You don’t leave the door to your house open for everybody to walk in and help him or herself just because you have a nicer house. You house would be destroyed, people knock when they want to come in and as you greet them you decide if you want them to come in. Illegal aliens need to be removed from the country in accordance with existing laws. I bet there are plenty of willing people from other countries that would be more than willing to come here the lawful way and fulfill jobs vacated from illegal aliens. Go after business hiring illegal more aggressively. It goes into a lot of different scenarios from here including amnesty programs and children born on US soil but If you’re here illegally, register take your chances or get the F out.

Fourth – Let the housing market alone. Let the prices fall to where are going to fall. Houses are over priced. Government does not want this because property taxes (which are bullshit anyway) provide an abundant amount of money for them to waste. Yes it will be a tough pill to swallow knowing that you paid 400 K for a house that now has a value of 300 K and a 400 K mortgage. I guess that’s where you are going to live for a while, but think of the young adults starting out in the world with some getting married and having children. Now they will be able to afford a house to live in. Owning a home is a great way to stabilize communities, lower crime, and generate taxes (for them to waste).

Education – The more highly educated you are the better off you will be. All local, State and Federal governments should invest heavily in education. Testing requirements across the country are continually being reduced producing a poorly educated population. A highly educated public produces a more efficient government. Maybe that’s what they fear. The US government can do more for its citizens to help with the cost of education, but it is for citizens of the US not anyone else.

I’ll be back with more rants.