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Monday, October 20, 2008

Randy Forbers Versus his crazy "MoveOn.Org" Opponent

RTD Comparision of the cndidates and I'll take congressman Randy Forbes any day for his past leadership, thougtful voting record and common sense approach in solving the issues that face the Commonwealth and the United States:
My Ballot
House 4th District

Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R)
Representative of Virginia's Fourth Congressional District

Andrea Miller (D)
Corporate Trainer

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Rep. J. Randy ForbesAndrea Miller
What is your position on the federal bailout to shore up the U.S. financial system?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: I’ve heard from thousands of constituents who are both scared and outraged at the financial crisis facing our nation and the subsequent response by legislators in Washington. Taxpayers are worried about their retirement accounts, business investments, and college savings. At the same time, they are outraged that taxpayers have been asked to shoulder the cost of irresponsible actions of businesses and government. People know things need to change. I voted against the $700 billion bailout and have posted a list of solutions on my website, These are solutions that restore the flow of credit, protect our citizens’ life savings, and help determine the root causes of this crisis to reform Wall Street and Washington and prevent us from being here again.
Andrea Miller: I am against the bailout for the U.S. financial system because it did not provide enough regulations to prevent the same situation from occuring again. Further the merger of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch is a recipe for additional disaster since we are again joining speculative banking with asset banking. Can we learn nothing from history? The entire reason that Glass-Steagall exists was to prevent the collapse of the banking industry that we experienced in 1929-30 from ever happening again. Additionally, the golden parachute(s) provided to the executives of the bailout companies allowed them to loot the money from their shareholders and leave the shareholders and taxpayers holding the bag.

Do you support a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq? If so, when?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: I support the withdrawal of troops from Iraq that mirrors a stability in the region that protects national security and our troops on the ground. The recent successes of the surge have moved us significantly closer to such a withdrawal and can be directly attributed to our men and women in uniform and their families. As Ranking Member of the Readiness Subcommittee, I worked to provide our troops with the equipment they needed to make these successes possible. Before 2000, our Army had inadequate body armor; today, there are more than 1 million sets. Where the Army once had 1,300 Up-Armored Humvees, there are now more than 18,000. I’ve supported increased GI benefits, time with families, veterans benefits, and pay for our troops. This support – coupled with my insistence that the Iraqis pay for their own reconstruction efforts - directly contributes to our successes in Iraq and Afghanistan and places our troops on a path to an earlier return home.

Andrea Miller: Yes, I support a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. We are currently spending $10 million per month of borrowed money. The withdrawal timetable must be as immediate as possible. How do you end an irresponsible war? You stop fighting. When do you end an irresponsible act? As quickly as possible.

One of the first orders of business must be cancelling all the contracts with Halliburton, KBR and the other war profiteers. Next the war profiteers must be prosecuted and the American taxpayers must have their money returned (estimated $150 billion)....The American embassy in Iraq should be turned over to the Iraqis; we cannot afford to pay the $1 billion annual costs of maintaining the embassy.
Should President Bush’s tax cuts be made permanent? Why or why not?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: Especially at a time when our nation is facing a struggling economy, increasing energy costs, rising tuition bills, and increasing food prices, making our current tax cuts permanent will put more money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans and will restore needed predictability in our economy. I have cosponsored legislation that would permanently enact the child tax credit, marriage penalty relief, college tuition deduction, state and local sales tax deduction, teacher expense deduction, and would repeal the estate tax. Additionally, I have been awarded the “Hero of the Taxpayer Award” for my support of a simplified and streamlined tax code that will restore permanent predictability in our tax laws and avoid the stop-and-start tax policies that make family and business financial planning difficult. We must reform our complicated system of taxation that is currently more than 50,000 pages of tax code laws and regulations.

Andrea Miller: The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should be repealed immediately. Trickle-down economics has not worked since nothing has trickled down except bad debt. The entire concept behind taxes is that those who have achieved the most contribute some of it to maintain infrastructure. If the wealthiest pay no taxes and the entire tax burden must be born by those with little wealth, we see the results today. The rich (prior to the Wall St. meltdown) got richer and our infrastructure collapsed a little more each year.

What is your position on lifting the federal moratorium on drilling off Virginia’s coastline?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: To reach energy independence we need to pursue a comprehensive energy plan that increases domestic oil supply through drilling, expands conservation, and explores cost-effective alternative energy. I’ve voted to increase domestic oil supply 12 times in the past two years, including 4 times for environmentally-sound offshore drilling. If America fails to take advantage of our offshore resources we face the likelihood that other foreign nations like China will. I am emphatic in ensuring that Virginia receives a share of profits from drilling off our coastline that could be used to fund local schools, build roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure, and support our local community needs. I’ve also supported policies that increase conservation, like increasing CAFÉ standards for cars and trucks and have introduced the nationally acclaimed New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence, which addresses fuel efficiency, solar power, biofuels, and nuclear energy.

Andrea Miller: We should never drill off the Virginia coastline. Virginia is in the hurricane zone. The Virgnia Beach tourism industry and fishing industry cannot be placed in jeopardy. We also cannot afford to lose another food source. Furthermore drilling would not produce any oil for at least 10 years. The DEA has stated that offshore drilling would only lower gas prices 2 to 4 centers per gallon. The risk far outweighs the benefit.

In 2005 we saw the damage and devastation Katrina did to the oil rigs in the Gulf. What are your views on global warming?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: As regular consumers of our natural resources, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our environment. We need to seek a ‘double bottom line’ of what’s good for our environment and what’s good for our economy. We can do this by taking a scientific approach to reducing our environmental impact. Projects like the New Manhattan Project that I have introduced allow us to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our environment – increasing fuel efficiency, developing solar power and biofuels, and developing nuclear energy. These efforts will provide the ultimate protection to our environment. Through investments in scientific discovery, we can resolve the conflict between the environment and our economy and truly find a double bottom line to protect our economy and protect our environment.

Andrea Miller:
In order to survive we must have clean air and clean water and be able to grow food. I believe greenhouse gases have contributed to global warming and we must reverse the effect. I support clean, renewable fuels to generate power such as wind, solar and tidal. Since automobile emissions also contribute to global warming, I support alternatives to petrochemicals. In the 4th district we have the unique opportunity to become the home of the new multi-billion dollar bio-fuel industry. We can produce cellulosic ethanol from agricultural waste (peanut, tobacco, forestry, corn). We can also grow switchgrass and produce 11,500 gallons of ethanol per acre.

What are your views on abortion?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: I have never wavered in my support of policies that protect America’s unborn. Life is precious and it deserves our respect and protection. As a public servant, I feel that I have a special obligation to protect our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. As I did during my tenure in the Virginia Senate and House, I will continue to be a strong advocate for America’s unborn. Additionally, I have introduced legislation that bridges the political divide over embryonic stem cell research and prioritizes funding for research programs that use stem cells that are ethically obtained.

Andrea Miller: I am pro-choice. Not all people agree on when human life really begins. Roe vs. Wade guarantees that if a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy, she can do so in a safe, medical environment. Outlawing abortion will not stop the practice. It will merely send it underground and return us to the world of back alley quacks who prey on women who cannot afford (money or health) to have a child. Prior to Roe vs. Wade many women died or were accidentally sterilized due to botched back-alley abortions. We need to look at our intent....If we are unwilling to provide healthcare and childcare, why are we so desperately trying to force more women and their children into poverty. Many unmarried women choose to have their babies while many unmarried women under pressure from their husbands seek to terminate an unplanned and unaffordable pregnancy.

An estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants are in the U.S. What, if anything, should Congress do?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: Our nation was founded by immigrants and continues to be sustained and improved with new legal immigrant citizens. However, we are a nation of laws and our immigration policies should reflect a respect for the rules of our nation. Illegal immigration drives up the cost of health care at our hospitals, causes overcrowding in schools, drains public services, and strains our criminal justice system. We need to close immigration loopholes and enhance our national security by staffing and securing our borders. Equally important, we need to reject amnesty and instead rework our currently backlogged and ineffective legal immigration process so that our nation can welcome new citizens legally and safely.

Andrea Miller: Congress must change our trade policies from free trade to fair trade. The massive influx of undocumented workers is coming from our southern border which says you must look at why only from the south and not the north. The difference between Canada and the southern border is our trade policy. By moving American jobs to foreign countries, we broke the back of unions and lowered the pay for American workers. By producing cheap goods in Mexico and South America at low wages with no safety or environmental concerns, we got inexpensive products and simultaneously destroyed local business, farms and markets. While $5/hour is a low wage, it is substantially higher than $5/day...If we adjust our trade policies so that we protect the environment and workers there will be less incentive to relocate out of the U.S. Companies that do relocate will pay a local living wage so the incentive will be to remain at home.

An estimated 47 million Americans lack health insurance. What, if anything, should Congress do?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: America needs a new health care future – one that places the decisions of patients and their doctors above health insurance companies and Washington bureaucrats. We need a health care system focused on preventative care, competition among health insurance companies and prescription drug companies, and access and affordability for all Americans from our youngest children to our elderly and including all those suffering from chronic illnesses. Covering America’s uninsured will reduce health care costs for all Americans. I have supported SCHIP to cover uninsured children, allowing individuals to purchase health insurance plans across state lines, and policies that keep health coverage in the hands of patients, not Washington bureaucrats. I have supported association health care for small business employees, introduced legislation to increase funding for medical research and development and have drafted a bill to protect individuals from predatory health insurance cancellations.

Andrea Miller: Congress should pass single payer universal healthcare immediately. By providing our citizens with health care (medical, dental, vision, pharmacy and mental health), people would psychologically be better able to deal with the massive debt we have incurred with the bailout. Additionally, this healthcare plan would now prevent families from losing their home because of catastrophic illness and an inability to pay healthcare bills.

What do you consider the No. 1 issue facing Virginia?

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: Virginians are facing shrinking retirement accounts and home equity, and rising energy and college tuition costs. We need to focus on creating long-term solutions that rebuild our economy – starting by strengthening the economic health of our families and everyday circumstances that shape our citizens’ personal economic outlook. These circumstances are the price of gas, the total in the savings account, the medical bill, the credit card balance, and the tax assessment. We need bipartisan partnerships to bring new industry and job growth to Virginia’s Fourth District, continue the growth of Fort Lee and other economic generators, reduce the tax burdens on the middle class, reform government spending, strengthen small businesses, and encourage savings and financial literacy. We need to work hand-in-hand to place consumer safeguards in our mortgage lending and banking industries, take bold action on energy and gas prices, and increase access and affordability of health care.

Andrea Miller: The economy in the form of foreclosures, job loss, lack of health care and fual costs. As companies move overseas or cannot find credit for cashflow, jobs are lost. When families lose jobs, first health care then eventually homes are lost. The real solution to the Wall Street mess was to help stabilize foreclosures so that the mortgage portfolios would retain more of their value. To stop the foreclosures, people must be able to work. Infrastructure jobs and green energy jobs are the solution to our 21st century economic problems, not bailouts.


Alter of Freedom said...

Great information here Jody. Forbes unfortunately does not represent me, but it will not stop me from contributing to his campaign.

Look and examine the talking points articulated by Miller regarding the positions. She is not taking any positions herself that are not endorsed fully by her Party. What you will get is more of the same in Congress now on the liberal side.

I love the part about how BOA should not have been able to buy ML.LOL. I guess she completely dispells the whole idea of free markets realting to public companies. The rationale for denial is very telling in terms of why she would not approve of such a merger.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

True true... also if you go down the list these are the talking points from the Obama campaign (its like she lifted them of his website) its real comforting to know she'd be a free thinker once in office (yes that is sarcasm.) I'll stick with Randy, he's tested, an independent thinker and problem solvedr and has integrity coming out his ears...he really is a true statesman for virgnia....oh, and he's a nice guy to boot. I doubt he becomes a casuality of Obamamania but we must stay viligant