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Friday, October 31, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Let's stipulate that some things just go together, to wit: Reverand Jeremiah Wright and Barack H. Obama. Liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi and liberal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

Tom Perriello and George Soros.

To truly understand the NEW YORK value and belief system that George Soros is using to finance Tom Perriello's Congressional Campaign in Virginia's 5th Congressional District, you have to know what support from Soros entails. You have to know the true extent of the pay back that Soros expects from the candidates races he funds:

This is the belief and value system that New Yorker George Soros expects from Tom Perriello. Is this the belief system that Viginia's 5th Congressional District wants representing them in Washington D.C.?

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