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Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain/Palin Rally for small business

I Attended a rally for small business today at Old Dominion Insulation with speakers Steve Forbes, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore and Rudy Giuliani. The segregates for John McCain got the crowd fired up to work hard in these final days of the campaign to get MCCain/Palin elected. Taxes on small businesses and the damaging effects Obama’s plan would have on the growth of small business was the key subject with both Steve Forbes and Rudy Giuliani taking the Democrat nominee to task. The keys were that taxes levied on small business are based on gross revenue (before costs, payroll etc.) that even those the bottom 38% in America don’t even pay taxes they will get a tax cut (in the form of a check or “credit”) and finally the socialistic nature of “spreading the wealth around” is so against the nature of Democracy, Free enterprise and the American way and that every man, Women and Child old enough to dream of ever owning a business, should reject an Obama Presidency from that alone.

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Alter of Freedom said...

Sorry we did not catch up there. The State GOP should run videos of the gnetleman from Virginia Beach who spoke about his business in future spots, especially after people suffer the pains of an Obama administration if that happens. Can you say; Governor McDonnell??