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Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's make or break time for Palin tonight

I like her grit, that she was a citizen that wanted to change her town and then state but tonight is make or break time for the GOP VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin and I have no doubt she'll come out of this debate looking like the best VP pick since James Garfield picked Chester Alan Arthur to be his running mate...Let's be honest she is debating Biden and although Biden is a very smart man and knows his stuff he is prone to serious gaffes and "foot - in the nouth disease....we also have a serious eye out for inpropriety on the behalf of the moderator since everyone now knows she is biased toward the Obama campaign. From the AP:

Americans of both political parties waited nervously for Thursday's hotly-anticipated debate between their picks for vice-president, seen as a crucial test for Republican Sarah Palin and no sure bet for Democrat Joe Biden. ...Concerns about Palin's readiness to take the national stage have mounted in recent days following interviews in which the first-time Alaska governor has sometimes been lost for words when faced with tough questioning....But Democrats are also in suspense, worrying that Biden, a 35-year veteran of the Senate, could lose points by patronizing Palin or appearing to condescend....Palin burst onto the national scene when John McCain picked her as his running mate in late August, energizing conservative Republicans with her positions on abortion and gun rights and her background as a moose-hunting, deeply Christian mother of five from the northern frontier....Her speech brought the house down at the Republican convention at the beginning of September, but some Republicans now fear a fiasco as she squares off against Delaware senator Biden in their sole clash ahead of the November 4 presidential election....Biden has been called uncontrollably verbose and a "gaffe machine," and was even asked in a Democratic primary debate if he could control those qualities with "the discipline you need on the world stage."...He also faces the prospect of being eclipsed in Thursday's showdown by Palin's star power...."Biden is in a difficult situation," said James Pfiffner, professor of public policy at Virginia's George Mason University...."He is someone who knows an awful lot about foreign policy... but the star of this show is clearly Governor Palin," he said on the eve of the debate....In recent days Palin has faced widespread ridicule for the few interviews she has granted since joining the Republican ticket, including for citing Alaska's proximity to Canada and Russia as giving her foreign policy experience....At least two renowned conservative columnists -- keen to back Palin when she was announced as McCain's running mate -- are in open revolt and calling her unqualified for the job....Writing in the conservative National Review, columnist Kathleen Parker said Palin should step down, while Dallas Morning News editorial columnist Rod Dreher wrote that he is no longer backing McCain and Palin....Some political analysts and experts said Palin was facing her most crucial test just 34 days before Americans head to voting booths


Anonymous said...

We for too long have always associated elites solely with the Democrats and while proportionately that is true, we do have some in the Republican Party and the older George Will gets the more he moves more towards that of the Ron Pauls in the Party and those others prove their allegiance more toward Washington insidership than the do Party ideals. It is rather appauling to me that they attack Palin in the manner in which they have and from the lense of elitism smacks an attempt of peeing on the tree to marking the turf of Washington.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

All Biden has to do to win is smile and say, "It is time for a CHANGE!"

America have become so sick of the Republicans, that the GOP could have run a Moses-Jesus ticket and still get slaughtered at the polls on November 4th.

As for Palin, she personifies the intersection of arrogance and ignorance. She hasn't the tools or the credibility to make the case for the Republican side, even in good economic times.

The McCain-Pain ticket is, DOA.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Both comments above have some credibility but I wouldn't count Palin out just yet. What are the qualifications to be POTUS anyway?? Be citizen, care about your country and do your best to make good sound decisions with those things in mind… I don’t think there is a college degree program to turn out POTUS’s......I think we should start a lottery similar to Jury duty and each take a turn in Congress and then from that pool vote on a President so we all have our turn. The average of the idiots and smarties among us would even out to the approximation of good decision making. All American’s want what is best for our country it is the details in executing that ideal that gives us all heartburn…the debate about Left or Right really boils down to semantics in a lot of places if we continually work for the best interest of out country........I think this election is showing that it's not the "what" that is important anymore but the "how" and if you don't like the other guys how then you seemingly have license to crucify that person beyond what is usually deemed "appropriate" because after all it is politics. The more bi-partisanship is preached the more divisiveness is practiced and that is sad. Sarah Palin has not deserved or earned the treatment she has received thus far in this election and sadly…she is an American and that alone qualifies her to be The President of the USA.