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Friday, October 31, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Exclusive to the Contemporary Conservative. Recent research has uncovered even deeper and more questionable financial ties between New York lawyer, Tom Perriello and radical New York political activists.

It is an undisputed fact that Tom Perriello has created and received income from several non-profit organizations. Three of the organizations he co-founded- Avaaz Foundation, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and Res Publica- are all listed on Perriello’s financial disclosure form filed in October 2007. These organizations received significant sums of money from Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network (OSI). Liberal New Yorker, George Soros, is the founder and current chairman of OSI.

The OSI granted $150,000 to Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good in 2005 and 2006. Perriello listed on his financial disclosure form that he received $29,600 from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was denounced by the Catholic League in October 2008 for its association with George Soros. The Denver Archbishop, Charles Chaput even said that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was doing a disservice to the Catholic Church.

In 2007, Personal Democracy reported that OSI granted $150,000 to Res Publica for the creation of the Avaaz Foundation. The Avaaz Foundation was co-founded by Res Publica and According to a 2004 Washington Post article, Soros pledged millions to so that it could easily spread its liberal agenda. In 2006, Perriello received $24,000 from Avaaz and $21,167 from Res Publica. He received $40,500 from in 2007.

In 2007, Faith In Public Life, which received $150,000 from OSI in 2005 and again in 2006, became the host to Faithful America, which was co-founded by Perriello.

Res Publica assisted the Center for American Progress in holding a meeting for religious activists in 2004. According to OSI’s website, it gave CAP $3,550,000 in 2006.

George Soros funded many of Perriello’s organizations in 2006 and 2007. George Soros and his family donated directly to Perriello’s congressional campaign. Eli Pariser, the Executive Director of donated to Perriello’s campaign as well as John Podesta, who heads Center for American Progress. Both Pariser and Podesta have served on the board of Res Publica.

George Soros funds abortion providers. He also supports reducing U.S. sovereignty. He has given thousands of dollars to Perriello’s organizations. He and his associates have given to Perriello’s campaign. These connections further highlight Tom Perriello’s connection to liberal New York agendas.

Congressman Goode has a long history of service to the Fifth District of Virginia. We need people focused on Fifth District values --- not New York values. More posts to come....stand by.

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Bradley S. Rees said...

Hi. I'm Bradley S. Rees, and I'm just starting a run for the Republican nomination, with every intention of winning the 5th District seat from Perriello in 2010. If you can, please contact me at ReesMMX at gmail dot com with sources and any further information you might have on Tom. My real opposition research hasn't gotten off the ground yet, so I need all the help I can get.