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Monday, September 29, 2008

Virginia Congressional Delegation rejects Socialism

Posted by MAXIMUS

Here is how the Virginia Congressional Delegation voted for the Socialist Bail Out Bill today in Washington DC:

Voting for the bill: (5)

Rep. Eric I. Cantor, R-7th
Rep. James P. Moran, D-8th
Rep. Rick Boucher, D-9th Rep.
Frank R. Wolf, R-10th
Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, R-11th

Voting against the bill (6)

Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-1st
Rep. Thelma Drake, R-2nd
Rep. Robert C. Scott, D-3rd
Rep. J. Randy Forbes, R-4th
Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R-5th
Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte, R-6th

Thank you to a majority of the Virginia Congressional Delegation (including one Democrat) for sticking up for Democratic principals. If this damn Wall Street Bail Out, check that--CORPORATE SOCIALIST RELIEF PACKAGE, was so necessary to get the economy moving again, why isn't Congress instead focused on developing a plan to capture and invest the $700 Billion annually that we expend on foreign sources of energy (oil imports). If the Liberal Democrat controlled Congress, and the Liberal Bush/Cheney Administration can step up for socialization of the markets, why the hell can't they stand up for a plan, a simple plan to get America off of foreign oil? Why can't they when we have the resources here to power our own vehicles with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Wind Power? The plug in vehicles will be on the market in about a year and we can make this happen. When a hybrid vehicle runs off of CNG and plug in power, then we can finally give the Saudis and Venezuela the middle finger. This would cut our dependence on foreign oil and we would be INVESTING $700 Billion dollars into the American economy instead of giving it to Terrorist States like Saudi Arabia. There is a free market solution to this problem, instead of a $700 Billion give away to the Pirates who got us into this mess, why the hell not pump $700 Billion of free market money back into our Economy on a yearly basis by coming up with an energy plan that keeps American Dollars in America?

Keep up the good work Congressmen Rob Whitman, Thelma Drake, Bobby Scott, Randy Forbes, Virgil Goode, and Bob Goodlatte. Don't let America down, I know you won't...generations of us (born and unborn) are depending on you to get this right. You have wisely voted down a consumable socialist relief package that was designed by the elite for the elite that bears no tangible re-investment plan for the United States. Instead, please fashion a sustained package of long term relief that keeps $700 Billion of our energy dollars here at home each year through harnessing American ingenuity and know how as it relates to energy production and delivery. That would be doing something. We have the domestic resources in CNG and Wind that will act as a bridge until other energy sources are developed through technological innovation in the coming years. We are begging you, do your jobs FOR THE ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not just the ones who bankroll re-elections. Again, thank you for voting down this beast!!

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