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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Senator Steve Martin's annual BBQ

I braved the rain today and attended Senator Steve Martin's annual BBQ with special guest Senator Ken Cuccinelli, who is running for Attorney General next year, and fun was had by all; not to mention some great BBQ. Besides Senator Martin and Senator Cuccinelli, other notables in attendance were CCRC Chairman Donald Williams, Chesterfield County School Board member David Wyman, Beckie Cox who ran for Treasurer last November in Pulaski County and is a strong conservative voice needed in Southwest Virgina and many more friends and supporters of Senator Martin. Senator Steve Martin, the State Senator for the 11th District of Virginia, is reaching iconic status in the General Assembly and is a prime example of the kind of conservative leadership we need in our state. The Senator's unswerving voting record on conservative matters is well documented and should serve as a template for those wanting to represent their constituents in a consistent conservative manner. Another state senator in attendance was Senator Ken Cuccinelli who has proven to be another strong conservative voice in the General Assembly and is now vying to represent the state as the next Attorney General of Virgina. Senator Cuccinelli has led the fight to limit government from unfairly seizing private property, toughened laws to keep violent sexual predators off Virgina's streets, passed laws cracking down on gang violence and has been a leader, along with Senator Martin, to lower taxes and eradicate wasteful spending by our state representatives in the General Assembly. Senator Cuccinelli is the candidate we need to pick up the mantle of our current AG Bob McDonnell, an impressive leader and a nice guy to boot....I predict that he will win the AG spot and be yet another great conservative Attorney General for the state of Virgina


Alter of Freedom said...

Ken will be in an intense battle for AG. He narrowly won his seat back in NOVA and came under the attacks of personal destruction by blogging communities like Raising Kaine. They attack him on a daily basis and were almost successful in ousting him. I fully expect this to intensify in the run for AG and could impact his numbers in the greater NOVA area. Ken will need the "downstaters" as RK calls us to pull him over the top.

Clay said...


I agree we need strong conservative voice in South West Virginia but I am not so sure that Ms. Cox is the one. Dating Senator Martin does not make one a strong conservative voice in Southwest Virginia.

Greg K said...

Senator Cuccinelli can count on support from Southwest Virginia, both in the race for the nomination and in his campaign for Attorney General.

A strong conservative voice is from within; from the willingness to serve based on the deeply rooted values and principles one has. The fighting 9th has many strong conservative women, and Ms. Cox is one of them as she is promoting our candidates and advancing the party. We are pleased to have her as the Chair of the party in Pulaski County.