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Friday, September 5, 2008




J. Tyler Ballance said...

It would be good to hear constructive comments as to why some of the GOP propagandists are proclaiming Palin's anointment, without any objective review of her egregious behavior in office.

Perhaps there is focus group data that convinced McCain to make this monumental blunder, but many good Republicans are not stomaching the coronation of "Tammy Faye" Palin, at all.

Some of us are especially disgusted by her "Wooten Gate" scandal. It showed that McCain's team didn't review her very well, but the worst part of this sleazy event is that it shows perky Palin's true colors.

She abused her power as Governor in an attempt to harm her ex brother-in-law. Then in a Nixonian maneuver, lied that she had not had anything to do with the malicious acts. There are witnesses and even tapes of phone calls of her minions, calling at the behest of Palin, pressuring the Commissioner to fire Wooten.

One blogger is trying to repackage this as a non-issue, because someone managed to cut a soundbite from a Trooper Wooten interview so it appears that in spite of everything, Wooten thinks Palin being on the ticket is, "...good for Alaska." Probably because it will get her 3,000 miles from him.

Back when I worked in Alaska, the first bit of advice I got, was to steer clear of the power brokers. Just like a small town out in the middle of nowhere, survival in Alaska depends upon not getting those with power pissed at you.

Other blog posts on "Wooten Gate" have failed to mention that the Commissioner who refused to can Wooten was, in fact, fired because he simply refused to do Palin's bidding and fire her ex brother-in-law.

Since Trooper Wooten is still depending on Alaska politicians to keep him in his job, he will, of course, say only that which is seen as politically expedient. Alaska politics is a lot like the treachery we normally associate with the old Soviet Union.

Anyone who has endured a divorce and had other family members make stuff up about either the mother or father, knows how disgusting this episode was. Palin's behavior was that of a corrupt political boss of the 1920s, out to settle a score, rather than the perky, trophy veep portrayed by the 2008 McCain campaign.

Readers should go to YouTube and search Wooten Gate and see for themselves.

McCain's use of gimmickry in his choice of VP, insults the citizens of America. It is as if he is intentionally trying to lose this election and thumb his nose at the GOP base at the same time.

My disappointment has been perhaps exacerbated because I know that Mitt Romney would have been a great asset to the ticket, both as a campaigner, and a huge financial draw, who could have raised over $10 million per day, but most important, Mitt could have stepped in if something happened to McCain, and would have been a great President. If "Tammy Faye" Palin gets into the Presidency, every chicken-shit power on the planet will be making a go at what will be seen as a weakened United States.

We will be better off with Obama than with that corrupt tart, Palin. We will be better off with Barr, or even Nader, than to have Palin, who has proved that she will abuse any power bestowed upon her by the voters.

Palin is not suitable to remain as Governor, much less to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Some seem wedded to the idea that having a woman on the ticket clinches this election. However, the American voters sometimes surprise everyone by seeing through a phony, like Palin. If, as the campaign progresses, her actions in office are examined and held to the same standard of any Man who has held similar office, the citizens will be repulsed by her unethical behavior and abuse of power; an abuse specifically designed to use the power of the state to harm an honorable and long serving State Trooper.

Among Republicans who long to reign-in the power of government, especially of the Executive Branch, Sarah "Tammy Faye" Palin's presence on the ticket, is seen as marching off in the wrong direction. Many of us are not joining that march.

Anonymous said...

To a single point made in the previous post; Mitt Romney would not have drawn the donations and contributions to the campaign as Sarh Palin has. In fact, Romney struggled to raise money in the Primary with the base of the GOP and was funding his campaign through loans he made to his campaign.

If you look at the electoral map, the states like Michigan that people believe that Romney could have helped in he can still do and plans to eventhough he is not on the ticket. Romney would not have delivered VA, PA, or CO. Palin put those back as very competetive.

I find it ironic that those who support the liberals find it rather easy to address Wooten-gate in the manner in which they do but always choose for decades to give their own a pass like William Jefferson down south or heck even Teddy Kennnedy.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

Back when Mitt was running in a crowded field his typical fund raising blitz team produced $2.5 million per day.

As the VP, with a nationwide focus, it would be a snap for him to draw four times as much or more.

Anonymous posters are cowards, who lack the courage of their convictions and typically puke forth irrelevancies. Do some research and have the courage to stand by what you write, you cowards.

Our forefathers wrote under pseudonyms and anonymously, but they feared for their lives from a brutal regime. While many fear the current government, that is no reason to post unfounded nonsense to attack good men like, Mitt Romney.

Romney would have easily brought in Michigan, Ohio and with the wildly enthusiastic support of Bill Bolling, Virginia was locked in, too.

Now with the sleazy Palin controversy, this campaign will likely go down in defeat.

Here in Virginia, the citizens are repulsed by the Governor Palin abused her power to try and get her ex brother-in-law fired. Virginians can put up with a lot, but arrogant, misuse of power by an elected official, brings calls for the people to, "...get a rope!"

Lee Talley said...

Mr. Ballance.
I do belive Virginia will welcome Gov Palin with open arms on the 18th here in Hampton Roads and will vote for her and Senator McCain in the fall. Now you on the other hand have shown yourself to be unable to support the nominees our Party puts forth in many of our races. Perhaps its you who should re-consider your own claims of being Republican or even conservative. I'm sure Sen. Obama and the Democrats would appreciate your open support. WE in the Republican Party of Virginia disparage disloyalty above all else. You as a Republican are pledged to be loyal to our candidates. Sounds to me you have a integrity problem of the highest order. However, worry not! The Democrats have no problem with someone who's honor and word are so easily tossed aside!

Feel free to respond as you wish or here's my personal email: