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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Bearing Drift reports that Barack Hussein Obama was conceived out of wedlock. Link here:

Wedding of Barack Obama’s parents - Feb. 2nd, 1961
Birth of Barack Hussein Obama - August 4, 1961
Hussein's Mother was 18

Liberal bloggers at Dailykos and Virginia's own Anonymous is a Woman are having a field day with the recent disclosure that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant, yet they forget that in the early 1960's the baby daddy of Barack Hussein Obama (Jr.) had an out of wedlock relationship with a female teenager that resulted in the birth of Baby Hussein--the ONE who has become the knower of all things, healer of all wounds, occasional Greek God, and international Pied Piper to liberal blindfolded mice the world over. Today, Liberals across America must be feeling lucky that Obama's then unwed teenage mom was pro-life.


Alter of Freedom said...

Which is why Obama came out calling for children to be hands off. He is smart enough to know the blowback effect of such rhetoric. He was born 8/04/61 and reports have shown his mother was in a relationship in the early winter of 1960 when she was 18 (she was born 11/29/42).

Let them continue with the attacks at Raising Kaine and Daily Kos. It only does more to turn people off in middle America. If this keeps up for another week or so, I will bet Obama does not win a single Red State here in the South including Virginia.

The independents I have spoken with and conservative Democrats are getting behind McCain/Palin in large part b/c the hypocrisy of those on the left that say they want to change politics and yet embark on such attacks against a 17 year old for actually wanting to keep her child....Yeah folks now that is a real attack on family values; argueing that she should abort the child.

Afterall; it was Obama who talked about how he did not want his daughters "suffering (paying) for the mistakes of an unwanted pregnancy" at a rally in the Spring. That speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Plus Obama's father was still married to his wife back home in Kenya when he married Obama's mother. When he took off and left Obama and his mother, he went back to his wife in Kenya and had 2 more children with her. That's right, Obama has 2 older half-siblings and 2 younger half-siblings -- all four of those have the same father AND mother.

Edgar said...

Does the difference really need to be pointed out?

The difference between being the one who was conceived out of wedlock (i.e. had no power over it) vs. Sarah Palin, who had all the control in the world over conceiving her first son out of wedlock, and her daughter, who she apparently didn't raise very well, is what we call "night and day."

I can hardly blame Barack "Muslin middle name" Obama for being conceived out of wedlock.

Does the same go for the mother and grandmother of illegitimate children?

I think not.

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely correct Edgar. Which is why the surrogates of Barack Obama in the attacks on a married couple of twenty years are doing his bidding while he ducks for cover with "children are off limits"

Anonymous said...

Who is Hussein? Saddam is dead, you guys need to update your website. FYI