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Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama camp already lowering expectations on debates

From the Washington Times: Sen. Barack Obama will hunker down nearly all week to prepare for the most crucial 90 minutes of his political life - the first presidential debate - and has chosen a famous Washington lawyer who defended the would-be assassin of President Reagan to play Sen. John McCain in preparations. ......Aware of how high the stakes are, top Obama advisers Sunday sought to lower expectations for the debate, which will focus on foreign policy. ...."John McCain has boasted throughout the campaign about his decades of Washington foreign-policy experience and what an advantage that would be for him," senior adviser Robert Gibbs said. "This debate offers him major home-court advantage and anything short of a game-changing event will be a key missed opportunity for him.".....Political pundits say that if Mr. Obama can hold his own on foreign policy, voters may look past his little experience on the topic as a first-term senator. He delivers nearly all of his speeches using a teleprompter, and he had several uneven performances in debates during the Democratic primaries......Mr. Obama will hole up in Tampa, Fla., where veteran lawyer Greg Craig will play the role of Mr. McCain in practice sessions. Mr. Craig was a member of President Clinton's defense team during Senate impeachment proceedings after the president lied about his sexual affair with a White House intern.

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Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how the process works with regard to preparation of these debates. It tells you alot about a guy who has been in the Senate and has to "bone up" on all of this just for the purposes of a debate. Maybe had Obama actually been in Congress working the past nineteen months it would not be needed as much.
Maybe he should just ask Joe Biden to step in for him. Now that would be a great debate I think.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

True, true...What's funny is when they "rehearse" they get some one Palinish or McCainish (an old guy, a woman an African American)like that even matters in the long run of ABOUT the issues and move forward......I swear the world has forgotten about substance and just goes for the spectacle in everything now!

Alter of Freedom said...

What does it say to you Jody that there is little or no debate coverage of the Senate race here in Virginia. I mean this is for a Senate seat, not some School Board position. I gues if you can't view the debate on a podcast or something your out of luck. Doesn't Virginia voters deserve more than one debate to be acrries on TV I think given the serious nature of the times.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

It says two things: 1.) the nedia think Warner has this elction wrapped up so there is no need to televise and 2. the media does not want to give Gilmore a chance on television against Warner because when you go down the list of issues facing Virgnia and the US havinf Jim Gilmore in one of the Senate seats is a lot more comforting than Mark Warner. The sad thing is once they televise a debate between the two the clear winner would be Jime Gilmore and the MSM does not like that prospect since they have never given Gilmore the respect he deserves. I heard a great quote the other day, A vote Gilmore is a vote for McCain, a vote for Warner is a vote for essence it does not good to have McCain in the Ovak Office if we have Warner as a Senator (and don't forget Webb is already there) because we'll help to block everything we want the McCain/Palin administration to do for America.