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Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet Virginia's Presidential Electors

Posted by MAXIMUS

When Virginian's vote for President this November, the vast majority of folks will cast a ballot for either John S. McCain (and Sarah Palin) or Barack Hussein Obama (and Joe Biden) and that's it. That's who voters THINK they are voting for.

The reality is that if McCain carries Virginia, a slate of 13 Republican Presidential Electors will be invited to the Governor's mansion after the election so that each one may individually and officially cast one elector vote for John McCain. Virginia has 13 Electoral Votes--Eleven of the Presidential Electors were elected at their respective 2008 Congressional District GOP Conventions and the other two were elected at the 2008 Republican State Convention. The Democratic Party in Virginia elects their Presidential Electors in the same manner....if Obama wins Virginia this fall, then the Democrat Electors will be invited to the Governor's mansion to cast their votes for Obama.

While Virginian's THINK they are voting for either McCain or Obama this fall, the reality is that they are voting for the Presidential Elector to go and cast a Elector vote for their respective party nominee immediately after the election. So, in essence, voters in Virginia are voting for their Presidential Elector to carry out their will at the Presidential Elector Ballot Box. Though the name of the Presidential Electors (Democrat or Republican) does not appear on the ballot, these 26 folks are the ones who will turn Virginia Blue or Red on election day 2008. Here they are the Republican and Democrat Presidential Electors for the 2008 Presidential election in Commonwealth of Virginia: (from the Virginia State Board of Elections website at

Do you know who you are actually voting for on election day? Here they are, meet your Virginia Presidential Electors:

November 4, 2008 General Election

REPUBLICAN PARTY Electors for John McCain, President, Sarah Palin, Vice President

1st District Janet A. Jackson, Remington, VA
2nd District David E. Nygaard, Virginia Beach, VA
3rd District Arthur Lee Talley, Jr., Portsmouth, VA
4th District Wayne Junius Ozmore, Jr., Chester, VA
5th District George A. Sterling, Hardy, VA
6th District Richard Allen Claybrook, Jr., Broadway, VA
7th District Linwood M. Cobb III, Henrico, VA
8th District R. Christian Hoff, Arllington, VA
9th District Sydney Strother Smith III, Abingdon, VA
10th District Barbara “Bobbie” Greene Kilberg, McLean, VA
11th District William Wickham Hanks, Fairfax, VA
At Large Thomas E. Foley, Saluda, VA
At Large James K. “Jay” O’Brien, Jr., Clifton, VA

DEMOCRATIC PARTY Electors for Barack Obama, President, Joe Biden, Vice President

1st District Christia V. Rey, Williamsburg, VA
2nd District Sandra W. Brandt, Virginia Beach, VA
3rd District Betty L. Squire, Richmond, VA
4th District Susan Johnston Rowland, Chesapeake, VA
5th District Marc L. Finney, Lawrenceville, VA
6th District Dorothy S. Blackwell, Lexington, VA
7th District James Harold Allen Boyd, Culpeper, VA
8th District Marian A. Van Landingham, Alexandria, VA
9th District Robert Edgar Childress, Jr., Rosedale, VA
10th District Rolland D. Winter, Leesburg, VA
11th District Janet A. Carver, Springfield, VA
At Large Michael Jon Khandelwal, Norfolk, VA
At Large Sophie Ann Salley, Richmond, VA

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