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Monday, September 15, 2008

Is McCain being more Bi-partisan than Obama a Good Thing?

I think it shows McCain is more willingly to work with all sides to get things done, but this campaign seems to becoming more about which side is right.....I tend to like the fact that McCain is shown to be more bi-partisan to actually get things accoplished....shows that he is using his long as he doesn't go TOO far(ehich he has in the past.) From the Washington Times:

'Sen. John McCain's record of working with Democrats easily outstrips Sen. Barack Obama's efforts with Republicans, according to an analysis by The Washington Times of their legislative records. Whether looking at bills they have led on or bills they have signed onto, Mr. McCain has reached across the aisle far more frequently and with more members than Mr. Obama since the latter came to the Senate in 2005. ....'In fact, by several measures, Mr. McCain has been more likely to team up with Democrats than with members of his own party. Democrats made up 55 percent of his political partners over the last two Congresses, including on the tough issues of campaign finance and global warming. For Mr. Obama, Republicans were only 13 percent of his co-sponsors during his time in the Senate, and he had his biggest bipartisan successes on noncontroversial measures, such as issuing a postage stamp in honor of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.'

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