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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hack into e-mail, go to jail...Surprise the guy is the son of a DEM state representative

From WBIR in Knoxville:

The FBI is stepping up its investigation into the possibility that a University of Tennessee student hacked into the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin....A person who identified himself as a witness tells 10 News that agents with the FBI served a federal search warrant at the Fort Sanders residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning. Kernell lives in the Commons apartment complex at 1115 Highland Ave.....David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis......A Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed there has been "investigatory activity" in Knoxville regarding the Palin case, but she said there are no publicly available search warrants, and no charges have been filed......A separate law enforcement source confirmed to 10 News that a search warrant was served on Kernell's apartment....According to the witness, several agents arrived at The Commons of Knoxville around midnight. ...They presented their badges upon entering Kernell's apartment, where several students were having a party, and took down their names......The witness tells us they asked him and those who did not live in the unit to go outside. He believes the investigators took about 1.5 to 2 hours taking pictures of everything inside the apartment. ...Witnesses say Kernell and his friends fled the apartment when the FBI agents arrived......Kernell's three roommates were also subpoenaed, and must testify this week in Chattanooga, according to the witness.....Knoxville blogger and WBIR contributor Terry Frank has posted what she says are images from Kernell's Facebook page....Numerous web sites say someone going by the name "Rubico" has admitted to hacking Palin's email. According to, "Rubico" made the claim in an internet posting. This person said it was easy to access Palin's yahoo account by using information like her zip code and birthdate. Various people on the internet have quickly associated Rubico with David Kernell.....Previous Story...The son of state Rep. Mike Kernell has been contacted by authorities in connection with a probe into the hacking of personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Kernell confirmed on Thursday. ....Kernell, a Memphis Democrat, said his 20-year-old son David had been contacted by authorities investigating the hacking of Palin's personal email account. .....The FBI and the Secret Service started a formal investigation on Wednesday into the hacking. .....

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J. Tyler Ballance said...

Here we have a case of Sarah Palin, who while Governor of Alaska, admits to using illegal wire-tapping and acting as a voyeur to spy on her sister and brother-in-law. Then, someone hacks her Yahoo account, and she is suddenly interested in privacy rights.

The "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say, is that the REASON the Yahoo accounts that Palin and her staff used were so sensitive, was because Palin was using Yahoo as a back-channel to conduct State business and thereby avoid mandatory record keeping/disclosure requirements.

This case should raise a red flag for those on BOTH sides of the political aisle. Politicians are more than happy to sick the federal spying networks on the citizens, but they are breaking existing laws themselves by hiding official business in order to duck audit and disclosure requirements. If we citizens do that sort of thing, we are fined and jailed.

Apparently, Palin is getting a free pass. The question remains, who else is doing this back-channel stuff to hide official business from People?

Anonymous said...

Thats BS Tyler. It does not matter what is in the emails as a matter of federal law now does it. The fact is he broke into a secured account regardless of the material within the account.

So I guess the folks working for Chuck Schumer in the Senate race committee that hacked into Micheal Steele'sm, then Lt Gov of MD running for one of the Senate seats of MD had staff associated with Schumer hack his personal credit information and then use his social security number to have a credit report sent to them at another address in an attempt to find something that they could use to undermine his bid for the Senate.

This was no different. If this were Republicans doing it to Obama you would be claiming it was a "hate" crime because he is black and the purposes would be to undermine his campaign. Why am I not surpised.

As to the back channel people hiding stuff. Look no further than Barney Frank and Chris Todd as they presided over Finance and Banking committees that did everything they could to benefit from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while the taxpayer gets stuck with the tab.

No whose getting a free pass?

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Two wrongs don't make it right and this kid should go to jail period. We need to stop arguing symantics about and start prosecuting. The assertion that Palin was using her hotmail to circumvent audit/disclosure requirements is unfounded and has no evidence proving such things so stick to the fact...I'm surprised at you rhetoric recently JTB you seem to becoming a little less balanced and a little more attacking without stating a solution.....