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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family Reunions, Riverboat casinos, Obama and you Part 1

So over the Labor Day weekend I went back to Iowa for a family reunion and that means a lot of food, drink and riverboat gambling and it got me thinking about how penny slot machines have a lot in common with this year’s presidential election (namely Obama’s policies for America.) For those of you that have never been in a riverboat casino - depending if it’s actually a boat or not – it is just not the same glitz and glamour of say Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. None the less, it is a serious place to play slot machines, smoke cigarettes (regardless if you are currently using a oxygen machine) and spend your social security check to pass the time. I made the mistake of yelling out when my wife actually won something and was met with the stern stares of rebuke from what had to be retired librarians for showing any sign that we were having fun, regardless if we won or loss. First rule of riverboat casinos – these are not places to have fun so stop your smiling, cheering or joking and just put your money in, push the button (you don’t even pull the lever any longer) and shut up. (Similar to the left’s approach to handling challenges to the theories evolution and global warming.) And while I’m on the subject, I think I was the only one on those boats that even tipped the cocktail / free soda waitresses.....that has to be the worst waitress job this side of IHOP.

But I digress; back to the point is those penny slot machines and Obama. So they have these slot machines that look like video games with funny leprechauns or mimicking game shows like “Shop til’ you Drop” or “Wheel of Fortune” and are fun because they do everything but remind you that you are gambling your money away for the chance that you might win. They talk to you, the pictures move around like on T.V. and if you get a certain configuration of “special” pictures you get to play an extra “bonus” game for the chance to win special bonus points that obviously equate to more pennies when you cash out. Here is the rub of the penny slot machine, most everyone can stand to loose a penny and play a fun game with the chance to win more pennies that you’ll probably in turn put into the slot machine because you might win a lot of pennies and what can you buy for one cent anyway…no harm no foul…and the pay off might exceed the pay in. But since the penny slots, with all it bells and whistles, keeps urging you to play more pennies for even greater rewards that MAY come, you find yourself putting in more and more pennies because you want a bigger payoff. Games constantly urge you to play the maximum amount of coinage and cover the maximum number of pay lines just to be safe (say .20 per line x 30 lines = 600 pennies or $6.00 a turn.) Now, fewer people can afford to play a $6.00 slot machine for very long on an average salary given that they also have to pay bills and eat food, so if they want to play the slots they either begin to eat less food, not pay bills or borrow money from friends and family that have extra

This is what brings us to the policies of Barrack Obama and the consequences of an Obama Presidency. Barrack Obama is a gifted speaker, a shiny icon for those disenfranchised with the struggles of daily life and their personal situation within that life and they see Obama as there chance or “jackpot” and a better life through getting the riches that he and his campaign are promising them. But like the casino and the slot machines these promises will cost us far more than we have readily available to pay and will, in reality, only be a mere fraction of the jackpot that so many thought was within their reach. Government programs rarely are enacted as promised (just study social security, welfare and the public schools as an example) and more often than not cost us far more, once in place, than we would have given at the outset. Higher taxes on American citizens and businesses, forced government programs that promote social agendas not accepted by the majority and bigger government may appear to solve our problems in the sort term, but in reality they limit our freedoms and put us in the predicament of having to constantly to pay (through higher and higher taxes). The way to continue the greatness that is our country is to lower taxes, putting more cash in the pockets of everyone, so they can help those in need. (America IS the most generous nation in the world in helping those less fortunate.) The best way to avoid the penny slots of life is to save the pennies for the future and not look at all the ways you can spend them on shiny chances at a big payoff. The Obama campaign is that slot machine and will cost us far more than we can pay no matter how exciting their game seems to be.

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